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Week 12 is here!!!

This is the last week you have to impress the judges before we announce the grand final! Can you believe it!!!!  What an impressive 12 weeks!!! Here is your list – one last time!!  

Week 11 coming to a close :)

Yup, this post going out means you normally have 24 hours, but I will actually be in Sydney celebrating a baby shower, so you have a couple of extra days to get your outfits to me. But I will be home on sunday evening so I won’t be too lenient :p Judges it also means […]

Who took out Week 10???

Can you believe it we are into the last couple of weeks and the competition has been tough, really really tough, the points between the winners and the rest have been tiny – and in most cases less than one point all competition. So…in my usual brief and extraordinarily dull way, I am here to […]

Week 11 is happening now!

Oh yes, we are in the last two weeks of competition!! You have only two more outfits to design and wow the judges with!! Make them shine, sparkle, creep out, or in some other way impress their judging brains!!! You know where the countries are listed!! Go forth and conquer!!

Winner of Week 9!!!

I am beginning to think this person is bribing the judges with something…level 25 pets maybe???  or some form of in game gratuity – perhaps hard to find transmog items….I don’t know but they seem to have found the formula for winning the judges over??!?! No creepy video again this week guys, I am flat […]

ROYGBiV orange Winner

Oh My giddy aunt, it was me!! Here is Thela’s post about it! I won the orange month and I won the little cinder kitten!!!  Isn’t she adorable??  sooo cute and flamey :p Thanks so much Thela, I can honestly say Yellow may get the better of me, I am really struggling to come up […]

Week 10 starts

You know it..we only have 3 more weeks to go for contests, and then the final winner will be judged and announced. We are getting very close now guys!! Here is the list!

Week 9 Ends

So, Week 9 is at an end!!! I will be able to get the judging up faster this week (last week was horrific) so we should have a winner soon!! We only have a couple more weeks to go – this is going to be an epic fight to the death!! Yeah I want to […]

8th Winner of World mogging

This week is very very late, and I cannot apologise enough for that.  I have had a very hectic week and am working OT at the moment as well as being on late shift, so I have been pretty short of time. So with no video and limited time to gloat and build up the […]

Transmogging my own

So, I got sick and tired of never having enough space in my mages bags, since I came back in December, I have been running with under 10 bags slots free due to  my bank, void storage and bags all carrying transmog gear. Yup. All full…well not just transmog gear, tabards take up a huge […]