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I am sort of missing in action at the moment as I am just having so many issues going on in my RL I can’t spare the time or the motivation to blog.  Although I have a fair few posts I could write about all the things happening at the moment, I just can’t find the energy.

Life sometimes beats you down so much that you can barely find the will to stand, we have all experienced it at some point.  We all deal with (or not as the case may be) it differently and have very different coping starts.  However I am way beyond the ability to cope with everything at the moment.

I still love blogging, and I love my WoW, I love my readers and my commenters and everything the blogosphere has brought into my life this year, but unfortunately it does not solve the real life issues that crop up and so my focus is now on other aspects of my life. What is pathetically horrible is that all it boils down to is my inability to find a job.  I am not unemployed at the moment, but I am not in a job that suits – aside from me travelling for just over 2.5 hours to get to work each way, I am working with my parents which brings a whole swag of issues, plus the huge pay cut I took doing it to help out when my mum had her nervous breakdown thinking – stupidly as it turns out – that I could get another job with a snap of the fingers, I spend most days bored out of my mind because I complete things 3 times faster than my mum does.

Anyone who has been job hunting or constantly rejected knows how horrible it can feel, and after 18 months of not even having one interview and redesigning my resume over 5 times, I am in a very bad mental place where I cannot hope to even be a good blogger – not that I was ever good per se.  I do not want my feelings to spill over into my wow life and so I will still be reading your posts and looking up blogs, but you will not likely see me comment much because I just don’t have the capacity right now.  Job hunting in NSW as well as VIC is going to take its toll on me and I cannot think of anything worse than making harsh or snippy comments and risking friendships because I am grumpy.

I am not sure when I will be back blogging again, it may never happen, but for those who want to add me and chat in game Dragonray 1445  is my battle tag.  I am still in game fairly often so more than happy to have a chinwag with people.

Quick update

I have been extremely busy this last week, so haven’t really had a chance to update or indeed even play very much.

So I was appalled when I finally caught up on some wow news to find out the shattering was/is/had happened!! OMG I MISSED IT!!!

So I hastily jumped online late last night when i got home decided to just have a fly around the new areas – some of them – and start on my pilgrim’s bounty stuff before the weekend kills my chances of getting my damn turkey pet :) GOBBLE GOBBLE!!

I have to say I was a completely confused by orgrimmar…I LOVE the changes – but I was so lost :) It was exciting to be in the same world but not in the same world :)

I got most of my achievements done, I just need to do the instance, find some rogues and…I can’t remember i think I have one more…can’t remember what though. I have to do the dailies every day because I was stupid and didn’t realize the turkey shooter only had one use…yeah I just wasn’t paying attention, so I am hoping like hell I get enough of them before the end of the festival..I kept taking the clothes as rewards….<—-RTARD!!!

I have to actually do some work now, so I will post again later :D

Hyacinth macaw and renaming my waterboy :D

Trying to get my rep back up from the Bloodsail Admiral title, and i decided to farm myself the Hyacinth macaw.  I go out to STV every few weeks and farm for a little while.  I would say I have farmed for maybe 9 hours in total down there, and that’s probably more than.  But I scored my Macaw today!!

Then after deciding to see if a rename worked, I changed by water elemental to Nereid, which is a water elemental spirit, in Greek Mythology they often accompany Poseidon and are associated with the Aegan Sea :D

To change his name :

/run PetRename(“Goose”)

Obviously change Goose to whatever name you actually want to use.  This is also a permanent change and cannot be altered later :D  Here he is with his wonderful new name :D  Better than just “Water elemental” if you ask me!!!

Shared Topic: Home is where ur rump rests :D

With the advent of Cataclysm and its attendant pre-expansion patches, Azeroth is (as has been said thousands of times) undergoing a dramatic change. Over the last few weeks it’s got me thinking, and the result is a topic suggestion:

What does ‘home’ mean in your book? Do you have a particular home in Azeroth – a place you feel you belong, that you know like the back of your hand, or that you feel more comfortable in than anywhere else? Would this be different for different characters or different factions, or is there just a place that really resonates with you? Do you think Cataclysm will prompt you to find new and different turf, or will you be heading back there first thing to see what might have changed? If it is destroyed, how do you think that will affect your experience of the game, or your characters’ lives? Or do you think the whole idea of having a home doesn’t even really apply to a game?

And here’s mine, sneaking in just before the end of the week: http://eightpaws.wordpress.com/2010/11/ … -desolace/

I have lef tthis topic to the last minute and have re-written it over 15 times.  I just can’t find one spot that i call home on any of my characters.  I think one of the pitfalls of having played this game since vanilla is that everywhere is home in my eyes.  I have done the Loremaster achievement and the exploration achievement, which also adds to my knowledge of the lands…
I can’t call affinity with one area anymore.  I have been through most places so much on so many toons.  SO what I am attempting to say, is that I feel at home in Azeorth.  I will be honest and say I am not a fan of Northrend, it has not given me the joy the other areas has, so I will be very glad to see the back end of it, killing the Lich Kind Aside of course :D
I know this post is short and sweet, but I just couldn’t really pick one spot, I had to pick them all!!

Tree Bark jacket

I have vague recollection of hearing about this now that I am thinking about it, but honestly….I have never ever come across it :D

Awesome :D

FINALLY!!! Hallowed Event done :D

I have been running that silly horseman event every day and doing the trick or treat thing as often as possible to get my “hallowed helm”  it was the last thing I needed for my meta achievement for the hallowed events.

I am now only two yearly events off getting my drake…here’s hoping they leave it in for another year.

I have a few bits under the childrens’ week and some under winter veil to get completed.  Mainly all the PVP ones…which I hate…I really dislike that there are PVP requirments for the meta achievements.  I hate PVP, well no i don’t hate it…I suck more than you can imagine at pvp.  You know those matches where you head in and there is always one person you kill 800 times….it’s probably me :D  I do them for fun and just to have a play – but to have to actually suceed in there is something I am not good at…..

I noticed the pilgrims bounty stuff is on next week, I missed out on it last year so will complete as many of them as I can…free pet for that as well :)  Can’t complain !!

Have also discovered the awesomeness which is champion seals…you get them now when you open the money bags from the exalted argent tournie quests, so that is bringing me much closer to obtainign all the things I need to obtain…I just have to keep battling at it….I will probably be doing them well into cataclysm as well….Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I get exalted with the sunreavers and start doing those quests as well which will bump up my stash…Sucks to change factions coz you lose all the rep with them :(  CRY!!

Hero of Zandalar

This is a backdated post :)

I forgot to mention I finally got my Zandalar rep to exalted!  I really would like ot farm ZG for the mounts, but I have no one who wants ot help me and I can’t do it alone sadly…

is it just me?

OK, so patch night sucked fo rme, I only finally managed to get online last night.

I had to reinstall my game twice and download a whole bunch of crud to effect that as well.  For some reason it did not like me at all.

So after finally getting into the game and playing with my toons and ooohing and ahhing over all the changes I was amused by trade chat and all the arguments going on about gear, gems, dps etc.

I was amazed at how many people are up in arms over some changes and complaining about their DPS etc.  Seriously….wtf are you complaining about?  We are like 2 months away from a fucking huge, MAJOR, MASSIIVEEEEE, expansion…why are you even worried about dps or anything at this point.

It has been stated so many times that everything is tuned for when you are level 85….and since no one in the worlds is at level 85, except for the games developers – Shut the fuck up!!!  HONESTLY!!

Just chill out, play with your new spells and learn to play your class all over again, then, once you have hit level 85 start complaining.  Until then just relax and enjoy the game.  Wrath is over….The lich king’s time has passed.  Stop living in the past man!!!

Anyway that is my little rant :)

Gives me hope :D

I should really post about this to keep my faith in humanity alive.

Not that the people I am writing about are likely to read this post, however I was questing on my mage yesterday, doing my dailies in Jotenheim and noticed the Valk in the centre of that ring had quests for me.  I was under the impression I had completed them, but with not a moment to lose and 100g in the making, I decided to spam general for some help.

I asked a couple of times for some help and a DK by the name of Phamine whispered me.  He offered his assistance and came past to help me out.  The two of us had a little trouble with the kills but did manage to do the first one.  It was a very close call and I do remember a death on the first Champion.

I asked in General again for some help and a lovely priest called Dionysis whispered me, advising they had just come back to the game after 8 months off and would like to just heal and dps some stuff to get back into the hang of it.  So grabbed them as well.

We smashed through the rest of the quests and the DK advised he had some group quests as well.  So we offered to help with those.  Off to various parts of Icecrown we went – forgetting about phasing etc but we did the quests we got all his done as well.

I then had to kill Bloodbane – whilst the DK went off to hand in his quests and a shammy – I am sorry I can’t remember his name it was a very odd one, was lovely, came and helped we killed and all went well.  My DK friend came back just as we killed Bloodbane and he had just picked up the quest, so we killed him again.

My new friend Phamine and I were chatting for a little while about the game etc and added each other to friends lists.  It was just a really nice experience to quest with people who were not getting aggro at deaths or phasing etc.  We worked together and we got things done.  There was no swearing, name calling, or horrid chat :)  Was such a nice experience, I thought I would put it out there, to just remember that some people enjoy the game not for the prize loot at the end, but just to run with new people and make friends.  It was a very enjoyable in game experience :D

Shared Topic – Secret places :D

I really wanted to write on this topic as I have a few things that I enjoy in the game according to this original post :

I’ve written a post on how some small and unexpected things in WoW can delight you and be something you will remember forever. not the big questlines and NPCs blizzard makes sure nobody will miss or every guide makes sure to mention, but the more hidden places or special characters in the game that still offer something unique or entertaining to those that can find them. I would absolutely love to read about more such secret places or NPCs in wow, I have a feeling that there’s quite a few I’ve missed! :D this could be a very interesting topic more bloggers might enjoy(?)

For reference, my latest topic: http://raging-monkeys.blogspot.com/2010 … arans.html

i wouldn’t want to restrict the topic to NPCs only, but ask generally: what wow secrets have you discovered on your long journey through the world of warcraft? what unexpected, surprising or delightfully ‘pointless’ things have you chanced upon that add something special to the game for you?

A post or so later though it changed slightly to:

I think it’s important that the topic sets itself apart from general “places i like”-type of posts – but if it’s something like a ‘secret spot’ thats hard to get to in some way or really unknown because its located at the end of the world or something, then I sure think it fits. :)

So I am not entirely sure any of mine fit into the second category all that well, but in the spirit of the post in total, I have taken some images of the NPC’s and places that I really enjoy in the game.

I have to be honest, most are in BC and I had real trouble thinking of many in Northrend, maybe I just haven’t noticed them this time round…not sure, however due to the image intensity I have added it behind a cut for you :D  Enjoy.


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