Sunday Share: Dark Legacy Comic

A must read for Wow lovers out there.  I found these guys ages ago from a link on wowinsider (I think)…and I have been reading them ever since.

I think this guy has a great sense of humor and I am so glad he is sharing it with us.

So, if you are looking for a funny comic strip – check it out here Dark Legacy Comic!!

Sharing Sunday

My friend has entered into world of blogging and This is a shameless plug for him!!

He is an amazing player and one of those freaks that can do and understand theorycrafting in the way that only some people can!

Please check it out 🙂

Shift in Emphasis

Sunday Share : Race to world first

I am yet to watch this myself, so I can’t relaly advise if it is good or not, but I am hoping to watch it sometime during my holidays 😀

From reports and reviews I have read – if you are into raiding, it is worth watching!

Sharing Sunday: Podcast CtR

I know it has been a while since I did one of these, I just haven’t had much involvement with my blog or the outside WoW community that is not my home or my guild.

So today though I have to share with you my recent find!

Convert to Raid!!

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Sharing Sunday: WoW Gems

WoW Gem Finder

This site has been my grail for the last few years, I have been using it since…well…I can’t even remember.  You select what stats you want or what gem colours and voila a list of all the gems you can use.

I could not survive without this site and if you are trying to find the best gems and don’t know about this one…add it to your bookmarks and I can guarantee you will be back!

Sunday Share: Achievements

Sometimes I need help with achievements, how to get them done, what ones I can do, what I have yet to do. Yes, wowhead has comments etc, but I like how

lays out their site. I enjoy wading through the achievements and deciding which ones I can do – or need to do.

It seems to be pretty regularly updated as well, which is nice to see.

If you are an achievement junky like myself – what sites do you visit?

Sunday Share: WoWjuju

I have been visiting WoWjuju since I can remember – it is my lifeline to all things reputation.

I would be devastated if this site ever goes offline or disappears.  There is a handy little button on the side that says “reputation calculator” and OMG – You are a genius for this!  You do the usual character look up and then select which faction you want to know about.

The information there is amazing.  Quests, hand ins, loots, who to see, where to go, want to to do…”Do you want fries with that?”.  I am an achievement chaser as most of you know and this site makes it more bearable to chase reputations.

They have great news updates as well and all the other things you expect on a wow site, but the reputation calculator is my love and I visit that site at least weekly, more if I am actively chasing a reputation.

If you are into reputations gains and getting more achievements – make sure you drop past.  It is well worth the time and you will not regret it!


Sunday Share: Guildox

My hubby pointed out this site to me the other day – Guildox – as one that he uses religiously and I have now jumped on the bandwagon.

there are plenty of sites out there that deal with BiS pieces, and I have used so many different ones, but I think Guildox has the easiest interface and user friendliness of them all.

When you head to guildox, make sure to click on loot rank at the top, then select your class and spec on the right hand side in the yellow box.

I set all my filters to remove heroic raids and pvp stuff and then voila – a clear concise list of what gear I need to get, enchants, reforging and gems all in the one place.

Whilst raiding this is handy as I can just keep it open and flick through the slots as gear drops and determine their relevance for me without wasting too much time. Especially since, I can if needed, steal loot from spirit wearers – I want to ensure it is worth it 😀

Check it out anyway!!