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Shared Topic: Questing with alts

I am leaving this until the last minute I know, but, you know…so many things to write about!!!  So this week, I bring you another topic to discuss which is also our first topic to have gone fortnightly!!!  Yes, the executive decision was made to give the blogosphere a chance to get back into the […]

Shared Topic: Fav raids/Dungeons

Amer brings us this topic this week, and works quite well off the back of the previous topic about boss kills: Likely, its a simple topic that everyone can join. What really was your favorite raid or dungeon so far since classic to end game? explain why? screenshots share too maybe? What your thoughts about […]

Shared topic: most memorable boss kill

Another topic suggested by me….seriously…are we flogging a dead horse or something???  Get onto it people!!!! I was mentioning to my friend I needed more Shared topics and she threw some at me  So although these are posted by me, they come from an ex-wow player  What was/is your most memorable boss kill? The one which […]

Shared Topic – Throwback expansion

Shared Topic this week is brought to you by Amerence (we seem to be taking it in turns!! – bring some more ideas people!!!) I know we heard the word “Throwback” many times around the net, but as part of World of warcraft expansions. I want to know what is the best expansion in game […]

Shared Topic: Garrison Professions

This week I suggested another topic : I noticed – or could not find – any topics relating to the information about WOD!! I don’t understand!! So with that in mind, here is one of my first questions: With you being able to build a third profession area – what are you likely to choose? […]

Shared Topic : Background Music

Amerence brings us today’s topic: Hi guys, I know that the World of Warcraft game has its own music to play either we are in the caverns, the city, battlegrounds even in raids or pretty much anywhere. The background music loops and plays wherever you go.. but I know some of you prefer to mute […]

Shared Topic: – Australia day transmog

So, yes, another lame topic from me for blog Azeroth – but I swear this is what gave me the idea for the Mog the world in 80 days idea!  You have to remember guys, I came back after 12 months and BA seemed to have stopped doing shared topics, so I was really just […]

Shared Topic: Warcraft books/comics

So, I wanted to know if I am the only one reading the warcraft books/comics or if there are others out there for the shared topic this week from Blog Azeroth. I managed to get my hands on almost every single book and comic (including short stories) for Warcraft and I have only just started […]

Shared topic – Mountable Mounts

This topic was brought to you by, me!!  YAY!!  [ insert ping back ]. One of the things I have noticed since my return is the huge amount of mounts available now through rep gains. I am still working on a couple, but it has made me wonder which mounts you guys are loving or […]

BA Shared Topic – Oaths

Shared Topic this week from Matty: What vows would your character say, intend, or break, and to what allegiance? Would it be to class/race/specialization, deity, or ruler? This is quite a challenging Blog Azeroth topic, however, I know you are all up to it because you are amazing writers. I found this one a hard […]