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Raiding mojo

I lost it…or misplaced it….or left it completely behind somewhere this week….not raiding for one week really kills any mojo I was building up. We did a combined run with a guild that is looking into merging or combining or something….they seemed ok, had a fascination with kitties and licking – I won’t go into […]

Getting my raid on!

It has been an epic few weeks with the guild! I had never really figured we would be raiding with their normal raid team, but here we are! We attempted Garrosh last Monday night, and we nearly had him, nearly had my achievement, but we just couldn’t quite get it with slightly lower that optimal […]

Get mounted!!

Yes!! That titles sounds wrong, but soooo right, I am going to leave it! I was home along the other night and attempted LFR which failed miserably, so was standing around when I got a message from my friend Aza to say I could tag along with their mount farming! HELL YES! I asked, hopefully, […]

Saturday Fluxxing

Yeah, we were not flexing, we were fluxing, we started with the last wing on Saturday – we wiped – a lot.  It was good. Yeah, I love wiping – it means I am raiding and doing what I love. The trash before Blackfuse was horrific – I was told when I first went back […]

How to freak out your raid leader!

I have made some significant improvements to my mage with regards to my build, and I noticed it in LFR where I mainly in the top 1 or 2 position with 200k (or anywhere from 180k+) DPS.  I have gone for a full haste build as my gear allowed me to stack the haste needed […]

Blowing my mind in dungeons!

Last week before shut down whilst I was on holidays and hubby was out for the evening, a couple of guildies decided to run some old content (they do this regularly chasing mounts) and I tagged along as I wanted to get some achievements, mounts would be awesome – don’t get me wrong – but […]

OLRG: Firelands

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be online at the right time to join in one of their runs. OLRG is run by Matty and they do random raids and just go and have some fun. I was pretty nervous about going as I only knew a couple of people in the raid and […]

Flexible frosties

We did our first flex raid on Saturday night and we did the first and second parts as we didn’t have our normal tanks online. I must see if I can get a bit of tanking experience in SoO for my tank so I can help out if needed. That’s for another time though.  Our […]

And we are off…again…

Another week, another massive spend in WoW for us.  We finally made our decision regarding our futures in game, which I am very happy about. I spoke to my old GM last night and told her that we had decided to go horde and not follow her to her new guild, however I am going […]

Shared topic: most memorable boss kill

Another topic suggested by me….seriously…are we flogging a dead horse or something???  Get onto it people!!!! I was mentioning to my friend I needed more Shared topics and she threw some at me  So although these are posted by me, they come from an ex-wow player  What was/is your most memorable boss kill? The one which […]