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Wrathion’s next chapter!

I forgot to post about this until I noticed the images in my library were unattached to a post!! Bad blogger!!! I had been struggling for a little while in getting the PVP matches completed (No, I will not bore you with my tirade of anger at having to do PVP matches for a PVE […]

Just chilling like monkeys do

We went and did some PVP last night and attempted a bear run and failed by about 1 minute – wiping on that damn Hawk dude was what screwed us. We may try again tonight for my damn bear. We didn’t organise a DS run because we had hoped we would be running 25 man […]

I healed…yeah…me…healing!!?!?!?

I have been healing on my pally.  To be honest, it was mostly PVP, but then I have no idea why I decided to heal some heroics. Pain and suffering.  We wiped on a couple of bosses, mainly because I was an idiot, like the eye balls – I got stunned and died. Then on […]

PVP Killing machines!

Me and the hubby about to head into the field of battle!! I have managed to amass an alsmot complete set of PVP gear from honor points in a very short amount of time.  I still have a few things to buy, my pants being the last big perchase I need, and then boots and […]

ICC 10 man mount hunting

I have been wanting to get the last couple of my mount achievements done on my mage for quite some time, however very rarely do I actually see an ICC run going ahead. Last night though, we picked up a couple of friends and trundled off to ICC for some mount hunting! We did it […]

More PVP :)

So, we are doing some more PVP lately in a group of about 5 of us, I would love to get 10 together and do some rated bg’s.  But honestly I don’t know how it all works and I don’t have enough friends to fill a 10 man team at the same time! However my […]

PVPing again

We did some more PVP tonight and I was enjoying myself again The last one was Twin Peaks and it was horrible…Badan and Gankfest….my personal death machines basically spent the entire match killing me.  And i mean repeatedly.  I officially hate warriors and rogues – in that order. However that was just my bad luck, […]

PVP?? Really?

Regular readers of my blog, will know my feelings regarding PVP.  I think you are all nuts! However, when 2v2 teams came into the game, hubby and I created a team, and I was in a 3v3 and 5v5 with some then guildmates.  So, what are we talking…BC if memory serves me correctly?  We rocked that […]

Shared Topic: Single Realm

This week’s Blog Azeroth topic is from Frinka At Warcraft Street. If it were possible, would you want Blizzard to put all characters in a single realm/game world by realm type — PvP vs PvE vs RP? Why or why not? I am hoping I have understood this topic correctly, because I would love nothing […]