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Sweet weapon and general maintenance

I realised I had not handed in my Wrathion quest after picking up the Chimera of Fear, so I trundled off to do that and discovered things about our leader I think is awfully sexy :p cage match anyone?? But also, he may not be the best person to lead the Alliance…or is he??  I […]

Shared topic : head cannon

This weeks shared topic is brought to us by Akabeko at Red Cow Rise and it is a doozy!! Canon refers to the actual events and characters that exist in a fictional world. Headcanon refers to any situations or characters that are imagined by fans of said fictional world. Sometimes they are silly, like the […]

Just chilling out

My rogue is level 17 Highest level rogue by miles now. Still not sure if i enjoy it, although it has grown on me since hitting 15 and being able to run dungeons. The fact that I am top on dps helps. I won’t discuss any further the horrific LFD runs at that low level […]

Done and dusted

Onto the excitement, my Shammy got to 83 yesterday I am so happy for her. I am playing enhancement and enjoying it more than I thought I would to be honest! I am lucky to have a very gifted enh shammy that I married and he was giving me some great tips I have never […]

Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which […]

NEW Drake!!

Shame I can’t use it Ran heroic Occ on my pally and guess what I got out of my bag, what was even funnier was get was hubby got in his bag as well!! Yup – Blue drakes!! Mine has been placed in my bank next to the bronze drake I will one day learn […]

My pally and noob tanking :D

Since switching her alliance I have been trying to run some heroics on her, I just picked up my tier 9 chest piece and only 30 more badges to go and I can get the tier 9 helm to give me the 4 set bonus,  that MAY be enough to boost my gearscore enough to […]

My Pally is no longer an evil hordie :)

Yes I switched her, I will likely move my warrior horde side and make her my first ever male character, although I am not entirely sure about that yet :)   I might finish my hunter that is sitting on a US time server though – not sure yet Anyway – here is the new girl, […]

Protadin to the rescue!!

So I have been recently running heroics on my pally, and that is probably an exaggeration, it has been about 2 weeks since I have actually logged in, but prior to this little break due to Real life, I had just started running as a tank :)  I am basically trying to say, that I […]

3 levels in one night…

So I was levelling last night on my pally and got from 63 to 66 Was listening to some music and just following the dots on my questhelper  So only 2 more to go before I hit Northrend!!  YAY