Shared topic : your main as an NPC

Cymre has suggested another fun topic about your main being an NPC in game, where would it be, what would be its purpose.

I have left it late because I really had a tough time trying to decide on the 14,000,000 different ideas that popped into my head.

About the only thing I was certain of was being a draenai who shapeshifts into a dragon, with shades of blue and purple and lovely violet eyes, of course I can be a shapeshifter because I am a powerful Mage :p her name would be < Dragonray, delight dealer > 🙂

I wish I had some drawing skills 🙂 Similar to Valiona, but more friendly looking…and sparkly! Yes sparkly wings 🙂

I would like to be placed somewhere near Dolanaar where I can blend into the trees and walk among the forest, enjoying the scenery. I would like to sell collectible items with a preference for pets or mounts, but I wouldn’t mind selling patterns or recipes 🙂 To access them you need to get your rep up with me by bringing me critters and tamed animals from all over the worlds! Lol well maybe not that last bit – although deliciously evil, I wouldn’t want to be that cruel to potential buyers!

So if anyone wants to draw me feel free 🙂 hehe


I also wanted to add, that I have always admired the way Blizzard adds toons and memoranda into the game of people that have come and gone.  I would love to be recognized like that if anything should happen to me, given that WoW is such a large part of my life.

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