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My thoughts so far on MoP

I am currently sitting midway into level 87 and I will honestly say – hand on heart – I am sick of levelling already. It feels long.  Really long this time. I normally don’t mind questing, but I am finding it particularly frustrating this time around. My very quick reasons for this – is the maps […]

There’s a bear in there!

Today – there is nothing I can say.  NOTHING! I was inspired to run it on most of my toons until I finally won the roll Thank the Blizzard gods for account mounts is all I can say. I tried to get the original one I don’t know how many times, I am still annoyed […]

Just chilling out

My rogue is level 17 Highest level rogue by miles now. Still not sure if i enjoy it, although it has grown on me since hitting 15 and being able to run dungeons. The fact that I am top on dps helps. I won’t discuss any further the horrific LFD runs at that low level […]

Warrior love

I had my day off on Wednesday and so I spent some time giving my warrior some love Started off doing Ahune on all my toons – stupidly I was tanking on my pally when I signed up as healer and I didn’t even realise…DUH! After those 4 were done, I decided to run some […]

Thrown out…

I was in a LFD run yesterday on my hunter trying to get some levelling done on her, and for the first time since the LFD tool came into being, I was expelled from a group!! Two points – I was about to leave anyway and I managed to get a big old “F*** You” […]