Need your help healing!

As most people who read my blog would know, I have been contemplating switching to my Druid come MoP.

This are two major factors to the decision – I have a viable O/S and account wide achievements and mounts etc.

The issue being, I would like to be able to heal, but given I have never healed before how do you get into it? How do you start learning the skills, at what point do you know you can heal well?

I tried healing on my priest in lowbie dungeons and in the end switched her back to damage because it was just too hard for me – no mana = no heals and I felt useless for it.

My Druid however already has a pretty good boomy set which at worst case I could switch to resto, and of course I am going to read everything I can about doing it..but I need suggestions about how to go about actually getting started 🙂

It isn’t like you have a rotation like dps does, and it’s not like you only have to keep mobs hitting you…if healers screw it – people die and I don’t want to have that happen…..

Maybe I am just not healing material….lol

Learning to Play :)

Recently our guild has had someone come back from a small hiatus and let me tell you, he makes me want to prove him wrong 😀

He has been with the guild for a while, but since hubby and I have been online we have only seen him for the last week approximately. Anyway, he is a ret pally and thinks he is WoW’s gift to DPS. Don’t think I am downplaying him, he is very good at it as well. But he makes smart arsy comments about mages sucking….and well…since he is on top of the dps charts a fair bit I just want to make sure I throw him down as much as I can 🙂

I have known since I was in Inexorable that I move too much. I run 10 yards instead of 1 and I spend too much time trying to get out of the fire etc. I have been slowly trying to get myself out of the habit and I found last night I think one of the reasons is because I am not confident in my ability to judge distance.

A perfect example tonight, the hunter in our raid got put into an iceblock thing on Maloriak – now silly me..runs over to the hunter….why?? I am ranged….with 40 yards….you know…stand still and shoot at it… the next time I made sure I stood there and shot at the tomb…that was much easier and a buttload less waste of time 😀

The entire raid tonight I was telling myself not to move, and you know what – I swear – my dps on the charts went up almost 4k…Yup…I was barely hitting 10k on some fights that required movement – but tonight….i was almost hitting 15k; and mainly sitting around the 14.5k. I am not referring to the overall spiking of max dps.

I was pretty ecstatic with my effort – it may not be brilliant and especially given it was my first night really pushing myself to stand still, it was a better result than I could have hoped for! Of course the cream on top was that the ret pally wasn’t always on top 🙂