Did I ever tell you about the run we did a few weeks ago because Ben’s nephew cracked the wobblies at his uncle for not running anything with him?  If I didn’t, I am sorry but it was pretty hilarious.  If I have sorry, you are going to sit through the story again.

Ben decided to pull a group of us together to run his nephew, Hayden (sp?) through Motherlode and sadly Michael was not up to doing another mythic.  No one else was responding and so, I stupidly offered to heal.  From my memory it was Me healing, Drew tanking, Ben, Hayden and poor Simon.

We did motherlode as it is easiest to get to and it was horrific. I didn’t have any mouseover macros set up, I had no experience healing as a druid and even less just healing in general.  Hayden kept pulling extra mobs on his way back to the group after dying and Ben kept telling him off until he quietly said “well, I haven’t ever been here before!” Oh. Oops. Sorry love. It was so hilarious. The entire run was just a mess of everyone pulling threat and extra mobs and me trying to heal through it with all buttons that look green!!!  Thankfully that ended early as the server decided to do a restart and we were all put out of our misery.

So if that wasn’t enough of a horrid experience I offered to heal again just recently because we wanted to do a run but Michael was again, unavailable.  Noticing a theme here?? What is our heals doing!??! I believe he was going for a run…I mean…come on… WoW > Exercise? LOL.

It was well worth it though because we got a pet out of it!! It was the entire reason we chose King’s rest; to get the pet – since I was going to heal we figured it wouldn’t be too hard on me.

I only managed to kill people a few times as I set up my mouseovers before we went in which was so much better.  I have so much respect for healers because I have no idea how you heal and move at the same time.  I died on the Tribe of Elder boss after we killed the first one, so Ben laid his hands on Drew at one point and they managed to kill the boss without me.

I couldn’t cast anything in the embalmer room because those stupid slimes targeted me the entire time. I was – once again – cursing about them violently.  They don’t target random – they target me. Only.  Like the last boss in Motherlode – it is me – every single time with the missile. Every time.   I have  no idea how to heal when I literally spend the entire time moving. OMG I was angry.  I really  do not understand how healers have the calmness of mind to do the job.  I think raid healing would be much easier because you are not the only person there but 5 mans. It is like a stress level I cannot deal with, the only time I felt ok was when Drew had all the aggro and was the only taking actual damage, but the second someone else took aggro it was OMGWTFHEALZ!!!!!!! Horrid. HORRID!!  I also refuse to create a healing set when I am still trying to get a tanking set and keep my balance set up to date.  Too hard. TOO HARD BLIZZARD!!!

So how do we get the pet?  In the last boss room of King’s Rest, there are 2 large sarcophagi at the back of the room (left and right) and a far distance apart.  You need to have two people ready to stand on the little triangle/ shape on the ground in front of the sarcophagi just after you pull the boss – one left and one right.   The triangle shape will have no interaction.  Once you pull the boss, you need to wait for some tiny little fairy lights to appear around the triangle on the ground.  When you see the lights the two people stand on their own side and you have to stand there until the sarcophagi starts to shake and rumble.  It took about a minute for it to happen with us. So just be patient and have your healer keep the tank alive whilst you wait.   You can then kill the boss once you have the rumbling sarcophagi happen.

You cannot do it on heroic or keystone. You have to go in on mythic 0 only!

Grats on the How to Keep a Mummy achievement! Look how cute he is!?!?!  JUST LOOK!!!!

Mythics…you confusing little buggers.

I don’t understand our mythic group, we have done so many many mythics and couldn’t complete them within time.  I am talking levels 2 & 3. Some we were so far over we should have just given up and others we missed by minutes only.

We were all starting to get a little disheartened, with the exception of Oui who has been running 6 and 7’s with other people for gear/keys and experience. So after completing a 3 I suggested we try and get a higher key done just to be able to get better loot for the week.  Ben had a 5 Motherlode. I cringed.

But we went and did it for the completion only, I wasn’t worried about the timer, Oui and the others definitely had other ideas. We chained pulled perfectly, we CC’d quickly, we burnt mobs down, skipped a few here and there.

We were controlled, calm and we didn’t die. It was almost a perfect run I would say.  Yup. I am calling it perfect.

We did the 5 in time!!  IN TIME!!!  Ben’s key got upgraded to a 6, Michael advised we were only a couple of minutes short of being able to do a 6 according to his add-on. That is promising.

I remember when the boss died I thought we had failed as it took about 5 seconds for the mythic screen to flash up for me and I was getting worried we had taken too long on the last boss.  HUZZUH!!  We were all pretty rapt with the win! We definitely needed it for morale.

Of course doing one made us all believe we could do more….so….we did. We killed a Motherlode 4, tried a Atal’dazar 5 and we would likely have had that one with a bit more practise. The poison mobs killed us a few times and were the only cause of our deaths but that was a minute of time by itself.  We did have a plan and it worked quite well, we wasted a few minutes trying a new route which will be epic next time we go in as we know which way we have to go now.

We then decided we could do another motherlode, smashed that, then we figured Underrot was possible because we know that place so well.  We had 3 deaths throughout which was nothing, but we were pretty close to the timer on this one.  The room you have to clear around the boss just takes so long even with grouping and chaining.


So we need to focus on getting through 5’s – I think that is our current safe ilevel.  I am excited by that. It means we can get a few more pieces and start pushing higher content – we may not meet the timer but if we can finish a 5 in time with time to spare we could in theory finish a 6 or 7 just outside the timer (if we can get a key) every couple of mythics.  That means better gear for higher mythics. o.O I love it!!

I just can’t believe how some mythics can go so pear shaped so quickly!  We have yet to max out our deaths at 53 though – we still hold the record for under Legion. We are mostly hitting mid 20’s for deaths and it is generally a boss mechanic that causes disaster.

Merektha (ToS) is the most difficult so far, it is a guaranteed wipe (if not multiple) on that one and I hate it. Sporecaller Zancha (UR) caused a few issues as well with us not clearing enough of the little mushrooms – none of us realised how deadly they are until we did a run without Ben and his self sacrificing. I think it will be much easier now we know the mechanic better. Unbound Abomination (UR) is a little touch and go as well but we have managed to do it every time.  The only boss I do not want to even attempt in Mythic is The Council of Tribes (KR) but I know we will have to eventually.

What are you guys finding challenging? What’s your highest mythic so far – gimme your tips!!!?

Mythic dungeon master?

So once we broke through the first barrier of mythics we basically never went back to a heroic. The only time has been for world quests so we can just burn through them quickly or to complete an achievement.

The upside is we managed to get the dungeon master achievement after some targeted runs.

Tol Dagor is such a confusing maze of a place, I have no idea how people find their ways through these dungeons for the first time.

The Sand Queen boss is a pain of a fight, with the worst bit being the drones giving the boss a buff so you have to kill them away from the tank. Great for a ranged class but crap when the rest of the group is melee.

Jes Howlis is fun, I like this fight but only the you have the ability to clear out the cells before the fight.

Knight Captain Valyri is a horrible fight, my most hated, having to move the barrels is painful and if you don’t you get covered in fire. I managed to move the barrels perfectly one attempt but did no DPS on the boss. I guess that is the point right? Someone sacrifices their DPS for the good of the group?

Overseer Korgus the last boss, it a fun fight as well. I like the mechanic of not being able to move too much (unless your tank pulls the boss before you are even up the last lot of stairs so you get stunned almost immediately and nearly die from the first lot of black on the ground). It certainly keeps you on your toes.

King’s rest. What can I say. Screw you to the pits of hell you rubbish instance. Specifically the The Council of Tribes (bastards).  What a horrible horrible fight. I can’t even talk about it without getting angry.  In fact it annoyed me enough I took a picture when we killed them.  This is not so bad a fight now having done it a few more times but it still a touch and go situation.

The Golden Serpent; the best tip we got for this (Thanks Nathan) was to start the boss at the top of the steps, dump our first and second batches of gold just there and then move the boss to below the steps for the next lot. It keeps the gold together for some amazing AOE and they die super fast.

Mchimba the Embalmer I don’t mind the boss fight, but the trash can go and get screwed. SCREWED!!  Every single time I do any damage I get the green puddles under me and no one else gets them. It doesn’t matter if I am in melee, middle or farthest away.  The only time I don’t get puddles is when I stand there and literally do nothing.  Everything I have read says it is supposed to be random, but I can guarantee you it isn’t. It makes me so angry, I swear every single time I am in that room and everyone just laughs at me. Which makes me even more angry.    Not much angers me in WoW.  Even Moryrt made comment during a run about how he never sees me angry when I play, except this room.

Finally, Dazar, The First King I had no idea the first time I did this, it seemed super complicated and confusing but the next couple of times I have run it seems like no problem at all. I would consider this much easier than any of the other bosses in this dungeon.

Shrine of storms we did heroic as it was the last one we needed for the dungeon achievement! What a place. So good in fact that I can barely remember it. There were fights, something about water, loads of trash….yeah it was good? I don’t remember disliking much about it?

I guess I need to go back to Shrine. First I want to open up Siege or Boralus.