IF you build it, they will come…and be jealous!

Just a quickie post with awful pictures of my Xmas present being built!  It couldn’t be more awesome! I got a megablocks Warcraft set of Arthas and Sindragosa 🙂 I spent some of boxing day morning putting this together, so here are some piccies of that effort !   It only took me about 30… Read More IF you build it, they will come…and be jealous!

So close but so far away

I was having a chat with hubby last night, it seems we are not likely going to get a 25 man ICC off the ground before MoP hits, and I am sad.  I only need a few achievements in there, not even heroics.  So I am going to have to spend today as much as possible… Read More So close but so far away

Heroic ICC 25 man

No, I did not get my mount, it was harder than anticipated 🙂 We headed in on Sunday evening and we killed everything in heroic mode, but missed the non heroic achievements – not all, but some.  I already had most of them done in heroic mode except for Professor Purtricide, but I had to… Read More Heroic ICC 25 man

ICC 10 man mount hunting

I have been wanting to get the last couple of my mount achievements done on my mage for quite some time, however very rarely do I actually see an ICC run going ahead. Last night though, we picked up a couple of friends and trundled off to ICC for some mount hunting! We did it… Read More ICC 10 man mount hunting

DS raiding Hiatus

Our guild lost one of our tanks during the week and although not a major issue now given I am quite a capable tank, it has helped make the decision to place DS raiding on the back burner. Between now and MoP we intend to raid wednesday nights doing older content – ICC 10 and… Read More DS raiding Hiatus


My old guild finally killed Arthas for anyone who is interested  Grats to them!! I have been keeping in contact with a couple of people from the guild, and I do miss them so much, but I am still very bitter about what happened with it all, so I haven’t really wanted to talk about… Read More Kingslayers

dps on the up

Just to prove what can happen when I am paying attention and all my cooldowns are used and everything works as intended (ie i dont have to move just after using said cooldowns etc 😀 I have been checking out my Wordoflogs after most fights, and have noticed that my ingame measure (skada) is fucked… Read More dps on the up

Dirty Dirty Kingslayers

Last night was raid night, second for me and first for hubby.  We went into ICC 25 man, did professor putricide on hard mode, and yep, it’s bloody hard, however we got him to approx 43% so it was almost there, we ended up just doing him in normal mode.  Hubby was doing some decent… Read More Dirty Dirty Kingslayers

That is not what I expected :)

So, to cut a long story short,  I got into a raiding guild on Caelestrasz….back to the fail server, but with a guild that has me as nervous as a school girl behind the bleachers….do they even have bleachers anymore?..more to the point do school girls even get nervous anymore ?? Especially since they are… Read More That is not what I expected 🙂

The Lich king….again

I have a feeling this is going to be a semi constant post 😀 We had an interesting night on him tongiht, we have got phase 1 down – and the transition into phase 2 working quite well, we actually even managed phase 2 better than our previous attempts. We were gettingt he first raging… Read More The Lich king….again

Arthas is a grumpy twat!

So last night was awesome!! My first night wiping on Lk, I made a fair few mistakes, but I won’t next time because now I get phase1 & 2 a lot more 🙂 We are not handling the transition into phase 3 well, but I think that is because of the raging spirits – yes… Read More Arthas is a grumpy twat!

The Lich King!

My first time seeing the fight!!! AWESOME!!!! Very difficult to handle to be honest 🙂 But I think once you get the phases understood not so hard…. I am excited about this!! Long post incoming, but need to get to the train station :p Will expand later 😀

Sindragosa killed

I missed the raid last night due to some personal stuff going on, however I note that the guild got her down last night on their second attempt. Enough people obviously were paying attention and not getting drawn into the pretty lights on their bars to make sure they moved. They went and played on… Read More Sindragosa killed

Sindragosa still won’t die

I think I have it figured out, you can’t actually kill Sindy can you? It’s all a big joke, she is immortal or indestructible or something? There are no guilds that have actually killed her, it is all a big play by Blizzard to make people think she HAS been killed!! All the blogs I… Read More Sindragosa still won’t die

So close on Sindragosa…

You know when you have one of those dreams and you feel like you are stuck in jelly or underwater where you are moving slowly and something big horrible and ugly is chasing you….that was tonight for me…. We got Sindy to 8% on one attempt and quite a few below 15%, but it was… Read More So close on Sindragosa…

Works hard for the money

Was a fucking tough night tonight, no matter what we did we just couldn’t get it happening we spent 1.5 hours wiping on professor, wiping wiping wiping….just things going wrong all the time…it was tough, tough tough….. we did get dreamwalker done as well, however that was a 2 shot as well….just not happening tonight,… Read More Works hard for the money

My first video :D

This is my first attempt at video for my guild recent Blood Queen kill 🙂 Yes I did say first attempt, so be gentle with me 🙂  I am sure I will improve with more practice!

Sindragosa 3rd Phase…

yes, this is still a problem…. We got Blood queen down last night after about 3 attempts I think? Might have been 4…so not quite there, we are still having too many people dying right towards the end…bad timing on our part with the DPS I think and her air phases…. So we went to… Read More Sindragosa 3rd Phase…

Trying, really trying my patience

Tonight was a great run. We went into ICC and cleared 9 bosses in one night…all one shot – except for princes, we are not sure what happened, but the hunter tank dropped before you could blink, we think it may have been a flaming ball of death! It was a very good run, most… Read More Trying, really trying my patience

Blood Queen killed

It’s amazing what can happen with a little focus and effort 🙂  We had never seen blood queen before, but I was adamant on the train home tonight, that we could kill her tonight. And so we did! Our first attempt we got her to 20% – sheer lukc I think, then we just kept… Read More Blood Queen killed