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I have a psychic GM

No seriously, I do.

My previous post, like most on here, are scheduled a couple of days in advance so I can sort of do them in between my quiet times at work, home or before my shift starts.  It works for me, but it also means things change quite quickly. It also means I post things and then, as you will see below, get called on before my posts have even gone live.

Here are a couple of examples of how my GM has freaked me out recently!!

psyhic cat

Prior to my post about the main team, I got pulled into the 10 man team to get a Garrosh kill just before reset this week – apparently, I had not done it before …I was sure I had done 10 man (I think everyone thought I had done it – there was a few “huhs” coming from people – myself included). Here is evidence there are too many modes of raiding and I get confused too easily.  I think I have actually done him in all modes now.

Garrosh 10 man in game

Sadly, you don’t get a second mount :) It would have been cool to get one with a slightly different colouration or something :p (I am just being a piggy because that means I could have one less to collect).  I apparently only did like 146k dps – I blame the fact that I was doing the engineers….which is fine except….Aza gave me defective portals that only let me use them once, so I had to run back after the first one…we never got a third engineer so maybe I could have used it again, but I will never know.  Aza then killed me after my millionth mind control…yes he shot me dead…I am sure he was laughing about it still!!

dont let me fuck up

I was absolutely terrified that I would get the weapon whilst running back to Garrosh, which didn’t happen thankfully.

Then, somewhere between writing my previous post about being jealous – and my actual post posting, she pulled me in for a heroic Norushen fight AND messaged me about doing Heroic Immersius. SQUEAK!

So here is my first heroic raid boss kill since….Mor’chok!  My worst DPS fight because I did 186k dps according to my recount.  I also died because the deathray spawned on top of me and I ran in the same direction as the beam because I muddled up the direction. Like a dumbo! Felt really stupid for displaying my leet heroic skills by dying on the one boss they bring newbies in for because and I quote here “he is exactly the same as normal he just hits harder”.  Yup..  EXACTLY THE SAME! GO DEATHBEAM!


Crappy DPS aside on this one (which is always going to be someone because they will get cleansed last) – I dislike this boss because of it.  But I can’t even say it isn’t just about the DPS – because I died!!  GRRRRR!!  I tried to get a ninja pic with dontmountme but this was the best I could do…in ghostwolf…..not the same really…You can barely even see him!!

WoWScrnShot_071614_213156 I was out again after that, but a few others were in there from the Sunday group, so it may be a little messy this week but we shall see how we go and who is online at 7.30pm before stressing about it.

So to the heroic team – thanks for dragging me into the boss (I really really really appreciated it), this image only shows maybe 4% of the actual excitement I have when I get to raid with the main team and thanks for putting up with my nub DPS (which is the bosses fault and not mine right!?!):


And then – I absolutely am not kidding at all about this, I logged into game after getting home last night and found this letter waiting for me:


Now that sums up everything I was feeling – except for the RNGJeebus thing, because I gave up cursing him years ago, I have come to terms with his dislike of my mage :)  I like how she was only 95% sure…and as you can see from this post she was really 100% correct.  I love my Navimie.  She understands her friends and I can honestly say she is one of the most caring people I know.  This little note brought tears to my eyes (yes, I am a sap)!

Have I convinced you of her psychic abilities?  Well maybe one last thing will convince you, yesterday at work I was discussing with Drauka my DPS and how I suck balls when I should be, theoretically, able to put more more out. We were discussing clickers vs non and how to make the switch etc.  The second I logged on (before I had read the above letter) I had whispered Aza for help in attempting to be a non-clicker seeking his advice as he was not in the raid and we had discussed it at the guild meet up (I will harrass Owl next but he was tanking so I didn’t want to disturb him although I am sure he wouldn’t have minded).  However I went off to the Timeless Isles with the purpose of practicing being a mouse mover and non clicker.  I can successfully report, my first night of practice sucked lemons.  I need to move things around more – it is not very intuitive at the moment, I can’t strafe and use the number buttons at the same time.  The entire point of this story was proving that I had already asked for help to improve my DPS!

Thanks Nav for always having my back! I really appreciate everything you do for me :)





Guild meetup!

What can I say…we have awesome guildies…both in game AND in real life.  I didn’t think they wouldn’t be awesome, but I am not the best with meeting people in real life.  I am actually surprised at myself because I didn’t cancel, although as I was walking the driveway to get to the car it was my thought to just call and say something had come up.  Agoraphobia is not something I openly still say I suffer (I try to pretend I am perfect 100%) but I do sometimes have issues crop up.


So when I say this was pretty exciting for me, I really mean it.  I generally don’t like meeting people because as with most social anxiety issues I believe everyone dislikes me on sight for things that are completely irrelevant. I am too fat, my hair is too frizzy, my nose has a huge bump in it, my skin is dry, my eyes are brown, I have an awful laugh, etc etc….the list goes on, but meeting everyone yesterday was pretty cool for me.  I was completely nervous all morning and then heading there I started to panic slightly and then as we were having trouble getting a car park and and then finding the place, my nerves were just at the end of my tolerance levels, I almost told Lominari to just go home again.  Secretly knowing that Navimie may have launched missiles to kill me if that had happened.

Lom and I were late (thanks crown casino car park management for not having people provide good direction or proper guidance as to which car park was members only) 40 minutes late to be exact, as we had to do a couple of round the blocks to find the actual carpark.. the street name is now seared into my memory so shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad next time :p  Nav decided to give us hell about that- apparently we are always late…yet I think turning up 5 minutes before raid is being on time :p hehehe  I may be drunk…but I am there when I can be :) HAHAH

I, did not take any photos…because..well..I didn’t know who liked their photos taken or if it would be an issue ( I know some people do not like their faces online unless edited) and in the end I just sort of..forgot to once I was there and chatting to everyone.

When we got there it was pretty full – 2 tables worth  of people chock full of food.  We got seats down the end near Jazz and Nath after everyone was introduced.  Lominari and I ordered some food because he couldn’t eat any of the pizzas (thanks gluten hate) and then just started chatting away.

I had special T-shirts made for Navi and myself – I wanted to give her a gift to show our appreciation. It may not be something she ever wears agin, but I thought it was cool.  Aza even wants one, so I may have to make and order of them :) I do get a 10% off next time I order more if I put piccies up in them and tag ourselves :)  Might be worth seeing who wants one :p I actually had been getting help from Aimei about the T-shirt as I wasn’t sure she would like it or that it would be welcome.  But Aimei assured me she would love anything and so..I knew I could blame him if it went wrong.  I even asked him to confirm her size as when I got the package the T-shirt was tiny….funnily enough Navi was saying how everyone tells her she is tiny when they meet her…soI figured that was a great sign.  The T-shirt fit perfectly I would say – I am pretty sure she got a photo of it, so I may have to snatch it off her so I can post to the company about it.

Here is my T-shirt!!


Navi’s T-shirt had “Overlord Naviwugs” written on it. Pretty simple I know, but I liked it – not many people would know the reference to it if you wore it out in public and yet, anyone in the guild would get it straight away.  I thought it was perfect!

I had a chance to chat to Zeirah as well, she is adorable…like a little kitten adorable….although since she plays a druid I am sure she would prefer I describe her as something more fierce like maybe…Xena?!? (who is also adorable) either way, we are FB friends now – plans to catch up for lunch soon as she works near us in the CBD.  Even if it isn’t lunch – given my small window – we might be able to do other things after work.  Pretty excited as she was lovely and outgoing and fun :)

Aza was wearing my Kobold hat which I scored from Jinx for $10, the candle is velcroed on and can be ripped off for many hours of “YOU NO TAKIE MY CANDLE!!!”.  I seemed to be enjoying it more than most probably should. He was being very tolerant of my occasional need to steal his candle! Isn’t it adorable????!?!?!?

Excuse my messy desk!!

Excuse my messy desk!!

I really wish I had taken some photos now!!! GAHHH!!!!

I don’t think I am any different to online than in person and I hope that came through.  I am pretty excitable and I think everyone noticed that by my constant hugging! I tended to be more comfortable with the people I know online more like Nav, Aza, Aimei, and it was just laughter and teasing, which I was loving.

Anyway I was tempted to go to dinner with them, but as I was only wearing my Frostwolves t-shirt I didn’t really think that was dinner attire for most places they were planning on going, so I decided to skip (against my wishes). I stupidly should have brought another top with me just in case.  I would have loved to have spent more time with them, I would have stayed all night and gone back to the city today as well if the invite had been there, without any hesitation. However at some point my self hate kicked in and I decided they probably all couldn’t stand me and I would be better off going home anyway…so that’s what I did!  (YAY Self confidence you always make me feel the love!)


It was a fantastic couple of hours, I enjoyed my time with my guildies so much!!   I really hope they had a lovely weekend and a great dinner at the restaurant I suggested!  It is one of our favourite places to eat – if you are ever in Melbourne be sure to check out – Red Spice Road!  You can read Navi’s post and food review here. Thanks to everyone for making it a lovely afternoon and my only regret is that I didn’t get to spend more time with you all.  See you next time – perhaps even in Sydney? yeah I would probably fly up for that if I had enough notice!!




Gold: challenge modes – Scarlet!

I was hanging about online one night and got simultaneous messages from both Owl and Navi asking if I was doing anything.

It was challenge mode time?!?! I have determined golds are crazy and we managed to get two done. I had never done them before so I was feeling as though I was letting the team down because I was making mistakes and not really outputting the most because I wasn’t sure when the tank would need my spells. I felt completely overwhelmed!


Random Kills around town

Once again, I have been online enough to catch Aza, Owl and Lushen running around killing things.

Starting with Galleon – I logged in and was instantly told he was at like 30% and being 3 manned and to hurry the heck up if I wanted to kill him!  As he is one of those bosses that sits their taunting me with his smirking balls of fiery death I had to – HAD TO – go and kill him.   So I flew over like a crazy women and got there when he had like…15% health maybe?  It wasn’t much anyway and it was worth it :


I got absolutely no mount but  I did get an achievement!

They then headed over to Jurassic park to kill Oondasta. I managed to convince Lominari to come with us so he could see the island – I am half tempted to farm the bones….but it is a lot as a mage…Lushen was apparently not very far off (they were going to continue farming after the death of Oon) I hope he did get there – I had logged off for bed, and I keep meaning to ask him but my brain gets fried when I log into game!

This also led to another achievement!

Evolution baby

I have a small collection of bones now – about 200 I think, I find the dinos pretty time consuming as a mage, I have to be careful not to pull too many (ie, 2) as they tend to hit just hard enough that I go squish (like grape)!!  If Lominari ends up being interested in farming for the white raptor I may do it as well…but at this stage I am just not sure if I can be bothered.

Wrathion, flex and ninja pics :)

As I have mentioned perviously, I had been holding out on doing the last of the Wrathion quest chain involving killing Garrosh until I was able to do it with the guild next.  I could have done LFR, but since so much of the previous parts were done with so much guild help, I wanted the last part down with them.

love my guild

So Saturday night, I was not going to be available, but as the gods would have it, I was available by 9.10 and jumped on hoping to find a raid already running, but alas…there wasn’t…so I hung around a little longer and one of our tanks Owl, came online, both he and I had had a few drinks and were keen for a run, so were a few there people in the guild.  After a few minutes organising it we had quite a few people in the raid, then Navimie came online and we actually got a run off the ground.

My friends came with us again and I managed to get a couple of sneaky ninja piccies with them :)

Ninja shot with Drauka, I believe Nav was standing just behind me.

Ninja shot with Drauka, I believe Nav was standing just behind me.

And one with Khalesii, Drauka’s partner.

Khalesii ninja


We had a pretty good run, given it was  a mixed bunch of people, hardly any mains in the run, however I did have a giggle that Navimie decided to do the belts and died.  It isn’t all that easy the first couple of times you do it and I think that has given her an appreciation for it now.

I got my paragon achievement done, which is one less I have to worry about for later, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it because my game dc’d and I was not hopeful of getting back in before the bosses were dead.


Garrosh was a little harder, but we did manage to get him down, and I scored another heirloom!!  I really want an offhand now – I dislike staves on my mage – so my fingers are crossed I will find one after I do some research.

Offhand heirloom


So Wrathion was a little bit of a disappointment, he just sort of, got angry, then flew off.  After everything he put me (us) through, he just has a hissy fit and flies off.  Rude bugger!!  But at least I can say I finished it and now I can focus on my challenge modes and my firelands legendary.

Chapter Wrathion end


Animals…ANIMALS everywhere!!

I forgot to crack my primal egg, and only remembered because I headed over to Jurassic Park and found I couldn’t pick one up that had dropped.

I got a green raptor out of it.  So I believe I only have a red one to collect now…and maybe attempt the white raptor…killing dino’s is hard work though, and those mamma T-rex get mighty angry…

Green raptor

Whilst I was faffing about though. Aurii asked if anyone was in need of a Sapphire Cub as they had created a spare one by accident!  Guess who got it?  I did offer to pay for it, which was turned down.  Thank you very much Aurii, I will take very good care of her and she will always be loved!!

Sapphire cub

Gearing and Ordos

Finally getting focused on my gear again since I am now legendary and I am ashamed to admit…I missed the change to the gear upgrades now going to 4.


When did that happen??  I don’t even know.  I wish I had realised sooner because I could have made better use of the bonus valor offer.  I will do some dailies to see if I can get enough to upgrade my gear.  All of my gear was at the 2/2 upgrades so I really only need a buttload more points to get them to 4/4.

When I noticed though I ensured i did my cloak first and then my lowest items to get them boosted up a little bit.

During the logging in and out to try and figure what reforging etc I had to change, I was discussing my need to upgrade a few pieces, Owl suggested I do Ordos as he drops a couple of pieces I could use.

I had forgotten that I could now head over and do him!  I got the timeless isle (longest flight ever!!) and jumped across the bridge!!  WOO!!  soo exciting, and then discovered he is not just a little 5 man boss, but a full raid size thing.  Oops.


Thankfully, an alliance group was forming in the area, so I hung around in the hopes I could get a kill off them.  Guild was discussing and we weren’t sure if it would get tagged by them, and it was worth the wait!  They took about 15 minutes to get organised and then about 5 minutes to kill him.  He did not tag to the alliance and so I helped beat the Fire-god into submission, thankfully (although everyone in guild chat was advising there was high raid damage), I took no damage at all, I stayed as far away as I could and hoped like heck I didn’t get hit by anything because I was not going to get healed.

All that epic loot that I would be able to upgrade to, was indeed EPIC!!  I bonus rolled and scored GOLD!  So then I opened my Cache…and got more GOLD!!!!  DAMNIT!!!

Ordos loot

Owl had a little laugh at my misfortune and I died a little bit on the inside, but at least I can say he is done and I whilst continuing my push for 100k timeless coins I will do him when I see groups heading his way.

I still have more tweaking to do on my gear, I am not happy with my haste – it says I should be at the break point when buffed, but last raid I was I was almost 9% below the point (25 flex).  I am having an issue that one of my trinkets keeps getting switched out when I log into the game for my rainbow generator and it is pissing me off because I don’t notice it.  If it happens again tonight when I log in I will dump the trinket into the bank and see if that stops it.

Saturday Flex was a bust

First Saturday I have been free in a while and I was so excited to be going to flex.  It was a bust.  I was devastated for a couple of reasons.

  • I need to kill Garrosh for the final part of the cloak quest
  • I had invited friends to come with us this week.

We always do the hard wing first to get that out of the way so I didn’t do Garrosh on LFR as I wanted to do my last part with the guild. So I will wait for either 10 man or Flex next week to get that completed, I have the cloak now it isn’t the end of the world if it takes another week to get done.

But Flex….was horrific.  The servers crashed, and crashed, and crashed…oh look, it crashed again. The servers sucked!  After an hour and 18 minutes we gave up.  it was taking people 10 minutes to get online, battle.net was logging people out, couldn’t resurrect….the list goes on.  I am sure the reason for it will be revealed soon.

evil server cat

We got 3 awful attempts on the boss – first one, server crashed, second one…3%, then third one server crashed.


I wanted to my invited friends to enjoy raiding with the guild and see the fun we have.  Nope. Not going to happen.  I was annoyed that with all the restarts we have had recently it shouldn’t really have been an issue, but such is the life of a gamer.sad cat

I hope they are keen to come again next week, as it is really a fun night once we get going and don’t have server issues.  I am thinking of making up some bad picture guides like I used to that we can refer people to when they join flex.  Show them how we do our strats and make it easier for people to join us.  I will think about it.

Here is hoping next week will be better.  I am not sure if I will get to raid this week as I believe the guild is working on heroic Malkorok, so I might just be trying to find challenge mode buddies.




The questline continued, but I felt it was too long for one post.  After all this is my first ever legendary item.  I want to make sure I enjoy it as much as possible.


That is my level of excitement about it nicely summed up so you can understand!

After chatting to the Elemental spirits, I headed back to Mason’s Folly to chat to Wrathion and he sucked their powers together


And made me a lovely cloak, which was a fair bit better than my current one.I would have been happy with that one for a while even if there was no legendary one.


So I am finally on the home stretch now. Chapter IV done – I am so excited to be this far through now.

Chapter IV

The next part of the quest required me to head to the timeless isles, time to kill the celestials I assume.  Thankfully collecting coins was not an issue, I have just over 40K of those.  Then whilst mentioning in Gchat what part I was up to, people started to just appear next to me.  My guild was coming to help me kill them.  I then asked in gchat if anyone else wanted to come and quite a few headed over.

I cannot, cannot find the words to thank them enough for taking the time to come and help.  I will confess to being almost moved to tears to have people so willing to come and help me so quickly.


Thank you Aimei, Nath, Luxy, Nav, Jazz and Crooked for helping me.  I know it probably doesn’t seem much to you guy, but to me, it was everything.  I could not have completed it without you and I thank you so much for being part of this questline.

I headed bcak to the Seat of Knowledge for the final parts and was added to the Pandarian history.  I am privileged, because when we leave these shores to head to Draenor, I know my efforts will be spoken about for generations of pandas to come.

Telling my story

And then!!!  THEN!!!  I got handed a little ball of power power and wisdom (not realising this was going to be the thing that changed be into a legend I got a crappy photo) and I got my wings!!!!  I HAVE WINGS!!!

Bat wings

I am now Legendary!  I cannot thank the people who helped me throughout this entire journey enough. You know who you are, and you will likely never understand how much your help meant to me.  But you are the ones that got me to this point.  Thanks!  Now to kill Garrosh one last time.

My wings


Busy in Earth land

I have barely been online the last few weeks , I know. But I promise there have been reasons why…sort of…LOL.

Firstly with me being sick recently, I think my hubby is fighting off something, which has made him a little tired and run down without any actual cold or flu symptoms.  This is bad simply because we have to be very careful of him getting too run down given his history of pneumonia.  We just don’t want him to get sick again like that, so I have been doing everything I can to help him out around the house and make sure he is not doing too much.  It freaks me out because so many people die of pneumonia and I really don’t ever want to see him in that sort of health again.  It was terrifying.



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