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Well that didn’t last long

So, basically….my current guild is sort of over.  Let me start from the beginning of my day yesterday, I am on late shifts at the moment and so have a couple of hours in the morning with which I can fluff about.  So I logged in and discovered that a couple more people had left […]

Raiding and guilds

Since we last logged on and were advised raiding was being stopped until WoD, we have felt a little reticent about logging into game. Personally mine is guilt based; I could not reconcile the fact that we were gearing up with a guild who were being held back by lesser geared people. Now don’t get […]

Heroic BoT…wow (and other (drama) stuff)

The plan we have in mind is to kill Sinestra before MoP drops.  An easy enough thing to say on paper…blog…you know what I mean, not so easy in action. Last night we went into DS to kill DW as we missed him last week, can i say butt kicked.  I thought it would take […]

Bad Guild Juju and Looking for Guild.

I have just found out, that apparently – another mutiny is occurring in my alliance guild with different people this time – apparently the good players wanting to get rid of the bad players, and are asking for the GL to stand down so they can shake up the raid team. I am just amazed […]

Are you a team player or not?

The title question is something every person has to answer at some point in their WoW raiding lives. Are you a team player or not? I am sure the answer would be different for every person, and their perception of the question and how to answer it would be based on their own life experiences. […]

Done and dusted

Onto the excitement, my Shammy got to 83 yesterday I am so happy for her. I am playing enhancement and enjoying it more than I thought I would to be honest! I am lucky to have a very gifted enh shammy that I married and he was giving me some great tips I have never […]

Hard to move on…

Last night, a person came back into the game that I promised myself I would never ever be in the same guild as again. There had been mention on the guild forums of a possible return and I had already started dreading the day he would log back on.  He was a quarter of a […]

Loot drama and not enough people again

I know – everyone is saying it – we are apparently getting to the end of an expansion…I say apparently as I don’t have a release date for MoP yet – do you??!@?!  And if it is released in November – is that close?  Nope, is that end worthy?!!?  I don’t think so. But!! Why […]

Was it good for you?

Attendance boss struck tonight again, so we went and did BH and then attempted FL.  I say attempted because we wiped on trash multiple times and we couldn’t get Shannax down. We were 9 manning him and getting to about 1% by shear dumb luck as everyone was dead by the 10% mark really.  We […]

Precious Beth

I may have pissed off a guildie the night before last whilst we were raiding…He hasn’t spoken to me in 2 days and does not respond to my whispers…. Last night, I managed to get sat out of the raid so I didn’t have to worry about it, but it just slightly annoys me that […]