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Minipost: Aus Servers – Thank you Blizzard

Yes, yes, by now it is old news and everyone is over it.  But I am here screaming internally with excitement that I can’t seem to calm down.

excited-cat.jpg w=908

Or this!!!


A few people I have spoken to seem to have misunderstood what is happening.  They are changing the physical hardware servers to be based in Australia somewhere – I would guess Sydney based on available information out in the wild.  The “servers” they are referring to are the actual devices used to house our information and not the things we log onto in game.

Nothing will change from our perspective, we will have longer than usual maintenance on Tuesday night, and we will log on and the only change we will notice will be lower latency.   We will still be with our US brethren, we can still have queues etc – I did read in the FAQS they will try and fill from the oceanic pools of people first – which is pretty awesome as it will make the experience much better for everyone.

I am waiting to read about what this means for our Tuesday night maintenance – will it be switched to during the actual night or during the day etc.

Onto why I am so excited, when I first started playing WoW, we had latency of 500 approx, I then spent BC/Wrath at about 300ms, and now it is approx 200ms. One of the reasons we played SWTOR for a while was because of the Aussie servers.

Our first few days in there were freaking amazing, the game was good – yes, but being able to push a button and have an almost instant reaction was game changing.  When sitting on latency of less than 50ms (and from memory it was 30ms most of the time) it made the game feel much more responsive and fun to play.   Fighting bosses was made much easier as you could keep up with what was happening in real time, you didn’t feel as though you were behind.

I am excited beyond belief as this will make WoW even more perfect to me, maybe even bring some people back as well? No idea.

Some people have been a bit negative about it and that really pisses me off.  Yes they could have done it sooner – but you know – they don’t have to do it. They are doing it – and better late than never is something that applies in this case. They are under absolutely no requirement to put servers here – I don’t pay my monthly subscription with a caveat they will have aussie servers – it is not my business.  Yes we have requested it and yes, they make money off us, but they are a business and until an option presented that was viable from that point of view – nothing was going to change.

aus serv

Stolen From Navimie

They sent out Ion to do a special Australian event (perhaps to launch this news specifically) and that speaks volumes to me, they could have mentioned it at Blizzcon or in a post with no effort – instead they created an event – FOR FREE – and gave away plushies.  None of which they had to do.  They made it special for us which means they know what it means to the Oceanic player base.

I am excited and I cannot wait for next week, I am pretty ecstatic they have finally managed to find a way to provide this for us.


Guild Raiding and 6.0 onwards

Lominari and I logged on to see the guild message advising that the Frsotwolves Chieftan wanted people to advise if they were keen on raiding for WoD.

We spent the day chatting about it randomly to see where we were both sitting on the idea.  We both want to raid, we missed out this expac because we came back late, such is life, we weren’t focusing on raiding this time round. We both want to raid in WoD.

I basically said to Lominari that if we wanted to raid at some point in this expac, we would have to go from scratch with the Frosties or find another guild when we wanted to.  Not for any other reason than our guild has a very solid team, and that very solid team stays that way for a very long time.  If we decide in 6 months we want to start – it will be too late, we will be subs spending most nights waiting to raid and not actually getting to.


Neither of us find that appealing…so our other options are suck it up and raid with the frostwolves or find another guild. I know which option I was going with, turns out Lom was going for the same one.  As I have mentioned many times we are planning on selling the house, that plan is much closer now than it was 3 months ago…we are maybe 2 months off putting it up for sale (pending all things going well) so our time availability should jump up significantly once that is done.

This leads onto the next part of the raid hours, 9pm actually suits me really well as it means I can make the start every single time, but the 11pm finish will be hard on the weeks I am on early shifts. However as I mentioned to Lominari, even when on early starts now, we go “to bed” at 9.30 however it is closer to 10.30 by the time we actually get to sleep when we potter about getting stuff organised for the next day and then watching TV to fall asleep to, let the dog out etc etc…so what is an extra 30 minute really?  We just need to make sure we jump off and go straight to bed, do not pass go and do not collect $200!

What is a little sacrifice for a few months? Providing we can get into the raid team to start with and continue to be a valued contributor.  I can’t wait to get back into having a purpose on my toon, perhaps I can get my DPS back again with some constant practise…that’s what I am hoping anyway.


This entire discussion then made us wonder what toon would we raid on.  Lominari has a tough choice to make – I don’t envy him – I am much easier…I keep saying I might change one day – but in the end it will always be my mage. Always.

So based on that discussion Lominari sent a in game mail and the response was about us not being online after 9. As I have said before though, we have no need to be online now…originally I was online hoping to get pulled into a raid, but after a month or two when it was quite obvious their team was solid again, I started jumping off. No point hanging about doing nothing but waiting.

Anyway our current thinking is that we want to be part of the team from the start, we just have to make sure we can make that work without it interfering in our real lives.

General musings about WoW

Lately, at the onset of another expansion, the general question of should I change toons has loomed large in my life.

I wonder, honestly, how hard it would be to learn to heal on a toon.  Can you spend 10 years playing a game as ranged DPS to switch to something as difficult as healing? Is it difficult?

My healing experience is as follows:

  • 2 weeks on a Shammy in Black Temple
  • approx 2 week in 5 man dungeons (mainly Well of eternity) on my pally with friends only
  • approx 2 weeks in Cata PVP on my Paladin
  • 1 week in LFR Dragonsoul on my Druid
  • 2 levels in Dire Maul on my Priest

That sums it up.  Can you combine that and become an effective healer?  I don’t know.  I am not even sure I want to be a main healer in WoD, but having said that healers are always useful if they are good at their role.  I am not sure I would ever be good.


I also have a lot of history with my mage – not sure I am willing to give that up.I am thinking it might nice to go Fire again, but it will depend on the spec come WoD.

There is also the question of what I will be doing in WoD.  Since the release date is November, I have less time to muse over whether I will be a raider or not.  I want to be a raider…and once we move back into the city I will be able to handle the raid times with the Frosties.  Just…unlikely we will have sold and moved in time.  Beginnings of expacs are always a time of changing and moving though, so I will cross that bridge when we come to it.  I want to raid though.  I REALLY hate missing out!! Being in game now and watching the others raid and having to find other things to do has been a real eye opener for me…I can’t handle it!!!  HAAHAH  I need the raiding fix that LFR just doesn’t give me – I think LFR just devolves into name calling and abuse whereas a guild normally just keeps going. The jealousy is just unbearable some nights…


In the end I know day 1 will rock around and I will jump on my mage and I will start questing, but I don’t want to regret that decision.  Last expac Lominari leveled a monk from scratch, we helped as  much as we could and he was ready before half the other raiders in our guild.  We stopped playing and when he came back, he picked up his Shadow priest again….I don’t want to do that.

I know two things for sure, I love my guild and I can’t see myself ever leaving it by choice and secondly that I want to raid this expac.  I want to see all the content.  I have to make those two things work for me.

I must make a concerted effort to find whatever the money maker is in WoD and be fanatical about it on my toons. I must gather funds this time round so I am not constantly scratching around when I want to buy mounts.  I mean I still can’t afford the repair mammoth (that is half my current stash) and I not even close to getting the 108k Yak….I couldn’t even contemplate buying it…I can’t buy all the other mounts like the cloud serpents (too darn expensive – 7k!!!  pfft)

I need money!



Twilight Highlands vs Deepholm

I am clearly an idiot.  It is written all over my face.  As part of my bucket list I am trying to get some of the rest of my pet collection done, so I have been diligently flying around Eastern Kingdoms trying to get it done.  It has been enjoyable just sitting on the couch watching TV and pet battling, until you realise you have been flying around the wrong area.

The last 2 days I have needed to complete Twilight Highlands – which looks like this in some parts:


I spent all of last night flying around Deepholm thinking it was the last section I had to get done, which looks a lot darker and – SERIOUSLY!!!  IT IS UNDERGROUND!!!!!


I mean really!?  I was chasing the last pet I needed…a Stowaway Rat…thinking how awesome I was going to get my Eastern Kingdom Safari achievement and do you know what I got instead?

Ultimate Trainer

I looked at my screen for a full 5 minutes before I realised my tracker said “Twilight highlands” as incomplete.


Honestly, I was so confused.  Clearly I finally clicked and my brain registered that I was in Deepholm, I felt so stupid!  On the plus side, I don’t have to do deepholm now :p  I headed over to Twilight Highlands and I kid you not, I had the best luck ever!  I got rares on the Twilight Fiendling, Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling and Yellow-Bellied Marmot.  I am not aiming for any particular rarity – I figure at the moment, I will just get the achievements done, then I can go back and hunt if I feel like it (or just do the dailies for the stones to upgrade). After catching a mob in the highlands I got this achievement and that made me so happy!

Eastern Kingdoms Tamer

In the end, I gave up on the last two I have to catch from the area, I couldn’t find them anywhere and I was getting a little over it – a Highlands Mouse and the Highlands Turkey.   My battle team is a pretty crappy one, but I wanted to get some other types levelled to get the achievement for having one of each type at level 25.  I will head back in tonight and see how I go.

Current Team

I spent a lot of time with dead pets because they just suck in conjunction with the others I was using, however my moth is now almost 25 and I have a couple of others almost 24, so I am slowly getting there and I may just move some around again as it was a very close call on any battles that had multiple greens (or a blue). I originally started with my fawn, when I was in the lower level areas, as the healing was very cool, but then I jumped from needing a level 6 zone to needing a level 23 zone – I had to switch out for my lowbie pets.

Well onward tonight chariot!!! These are the animals I am currently missing – The Snowshoe Hare will likely kill me and the Irradiated Roach – both of them – I have been unable to find (I spent an hour on each a few nights ago).  I even created a gnome to get the Roach with no luck what so ever!  Wish me luck on the rest!

Eastern Safari

Sticky: Bucket List of Death.

OK, so I am finally giving in and doing a bucket list.  I need some way of working out what I need to get done.

Here we go!


10 questions for 10 years

Godmother is collating a survey and many other sites are doing this so you have probably read hundreds of them by now, I thought I should join in!! She wants as many answers as possible and has other methods of providing them to her – drop past and check it out.

10 questions

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

My husband and I were playing Guild Wars and thinking there could be nothing as good out there.  Our best friend was playing WoW at the time and trying to convince us it was better.  He came down for a LANing weekend and allowed us to log in and have a play around on his druid.  I have vivid memories of killing rock elementals in the Badlands and watching him turn in a cat and completely losing my mind with excitement.  He bought us a copy each for our birthdays!

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

My mage, which I still play today.  She was human with black shoulder length hair and brown eyes and her name was saradouglass.  I didn’t really consider my name very well, I thought she would just be a test character, but I ended up loving it so much I just stayed with her. No name changes back then :(

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

We wanted to go horde originally, but our best mate was alliance and so we rolled that side so we could play with him – he did get us the game after all!

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

My most memorable has been discussing with my hubby and our best mate starting up a guild.  We spent hours talking about every aspect of it, what we wanted, could we do it, goals, rules, website, ranks etc.  We made sure we were all on the same page before we even created it.  It was some of the most fun I have ever had.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Raiding.  Raiding!!  Ever since the first time I stepped into Molten Core and starred at the huge mobs on the bridge I fell in love with it.  I don’t like the way raiding brings out the twat in some people – it is a game and it is not meant to make you so angry you give people the silent treatment etc. But I love the working together aspect and having a laugh whilst killing the baddies of each expansion.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

Not really, I tend to stay in the main cities.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

I have played since May 2005 (vanilla).  I took a break during Wrath for about 6 months and again at the start of pandaria after levelling to 90 for about 12 months. Otherwise I have always been around.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

I read it the first time I do it.  I am a very fast reader though so most people don’t believe me when they see me play.  I won’t read it the second time though.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

I regret a lot of things, i regret the friends I made and lost, I regret I didn’t fight harder for my guild to stay running, I regret that I didn’t stand up for myself when I should have, I regret that I have never nagged guilds I have been in to take me into raids, I regret that I am an idealist and I just assumed my being online at raid time ready to go was enough to tell people I was keen, I regret that people in game are sometime twats and I would let it slide, I regret that I have spent so much of time spending gold instead of making it, I regret that I never did end bosses before content (most of the time), I regret I never got the Staff of Alteish.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

I have many friends now that I would never have if not for WoW.  That is a massive thing for me!  We don’t meet up as much as I would like (due to distance) but they mean a lot to me and I am so grateful to have them in my life.  They are some of the most supportive people I know and I  am so grateful to call them friends.   @sian @michael @navimie @werner @dreddly

Not many people would know but the other way WoW has affected me is by teaching me to be more tolerant of people IRL. I tend to be more careful that people could be colour blind, disabled, anxious etc and it has helped me with tempering my frustration at people.  People do learn differently, they grasp concepts faster/slower (which I already knew) but WoW really shows that when explaining boss strats to people. It is an immediate result that you can gauge their learning method.


There you have it.  My 10 questions.  I hope I am not too late :)  If you haven’t done it already – get cracking!!

Crappy rosters, DOTA2, warcraft movies and boredom

I know, I haven’t had a post in a couple of days, and in truth, it may be a couple of weeks before any decent ones happen again.

I have been given the gift of crappy rosters for the next month, this week I have 7-3pm for two weeks and then 10-6 for two weeks…no in betweenness which means I have to be up super early (which means early to bed) for the first two weeks and I will be getting home late for the two weeks after that. :( These next two weeks I have to be up at 4am to catch my train to hopefully get me to the city before I need to be at work and I need more than 4 hours sleep a night so I will be in bed at probably about 9pm.  My online time will be pretty rough and hard to pick as  likely I will be home at a about 6pm (thanks to having to wait until 4.20 for a train after finishing at 3 and missing the 3.15pm) which doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else when you add making dinner etc to the time slots.  I really am just completely tired of living miles away from the city. But we are working on the house at the moment and fixing up what needs to be fixed so we can sell..it just takes time.

However I have been reading blogs and websites and currently getting excited for the warcraft movie stuff that is coming out of Comic-Con.  I know it isn’t much but even just basic information is awesome, given how long we have been waiting!!


I like that Travis Fimmel is going to be the human – he is dreamy and a Victorian so I am all on board with him.  The fact the he is awesome in Vikings is just gravy.  I am more than happy to be in love with him for multiple roles.  Trivia says that he used to have a CK billboard in times square that was causing accidents because people would stop/slow down to ogle him.  I think it may have been this following image:


But, in truth I prefer him looking like a Viking warrior, yup..that is so much better and much more attractive – even the facial hair, which I normally am not a fan of on men.


The description of the movie trailer sounds ok so far, but I am devastated we have to wait until 2016!!! Such a long wait!

Which brings me to the next waiting adventure that we are being put through  - our horde chopper!!! Sign in before September 30 and you get your account flagged for it.  I love it, and only horde players can use it – this would likely have turned me horde if I had still been alliance.  I can’t wait to see it in game!  It looked magnificent in the real world!


I have a small confession in that I have been playing a little bit of DOTA2, but only small amounts and with some other friends.  My real reason for playing it is so I can understand how to play Heroes of the Storm when it is released!  However I do enjoy playing it, it is not WoW (which is not ok) but each game has been taking about 30 – 40 minutes to get done and it is slightly more fun then spending that same amount of time in WoW doing nothing (or waiting for an LFR queue).  I know that sounds bad and horrible and I should be slapped for it, but everything I want to do in WoW requires other people which aren’t available when I am.  Or it requires a lot of time waiting for queues as DPS (like LFD/LFR or even Oqueue) and then you have to actually spend another 40 minutes doing the actual content.  DOTA has been fun because you log on and start actually playing within a few minutes, then I can log off and go to bed :)  This has happened a few times and I can honestly say I love it.  I love my guild – I really do – but they run to a late schedule and that mucks up things a little bit for me at the moment only because have rosters and I live 2 hours away from work. I can’t be online late into the night do to things, I really must find some friends that play between 7-9 hehe.

Other than that, I have not been in BETA at all, I know i should but busy-nesss and tired have just sucked my will to do much of anything. I am hoping to jump in game today and maybe play a little bit with my Ui..after all those images the other day I decided I wanted to go back to a cool UI again. I missed it.

I will try and get in game this week!!  I must must must!! I am not bored with WoW per se, what I am bored with is the need to be doing groups things.  What I like about DOTA2 is they have bots.  So in a 5v5 game I can be the only actual player because the rest are bots.  They do their thing and I can be part of it.  I like that I don’t have to wait to find players or people or groups.  I can just go myself and jump in.  I don’t like that I spend most of my time currently in game switching toons and doing nothing at all.  I  stand in town chatting in guild chat to the poor souls that are online when I am and I just can’t find the energy to do anything because I know it will take forever to find a group.  I know i could be pet battling (but it isn’t a favourite thing of mine), I could also do brawlers (but I feel a little meh about it), I could do dailies – but really how many more times can we do the same daily quests….there isn’t much else to do.  Just wait. ALWAYS WAITING!!!!





My ever changing UI!

A few weeks ago, whilst enjoying my blogiversary, I was amazed at the amount of UI changes I have had over the years and I did promise a post.

So..here they all are!!  OMG!!!

In truth there were possibly more, but do you know how many screenshots a person collects over 9 years of playing the one game!??!?  Not including the ones I have lost to time and computers!!

Finished dominating the offensive…

I am pretty stoked about finally receiving exalted status with the offensive, and I think finishing the questchain?  I will keep doing them for a few days as they are mostly pretty easy quests and the money is needed.  But I got two mounts out of the effort – admittedly the same mount, one with armour..but 2 mounts none the less.  I think I am at 157 mounts or something now??  Miles away from 200…MILES!!! I don’t know how people have 200 to be honest.  But enough of that tangent!!

Time to find the bell.  Making me sneaky is not the best idea…I sort of suck at doing that (hence why I never managed a rogue).

Making me sneaky

After 3 false starts I managed to make it to the area with the bell. it was kind of fun finally making into the area I needed!


Then we had to run around Dalaran saving people, killing others and basically doing some work that any of these uber powerful people could have done without me :p But I felt obliged to help save their butts.


And then…the big moment!! Watching Garrosh like a twat ring the bell and Anduin trying to stop him.  he made everything turn evil, and I had to kill these poor creatures.  poor Blademaster Ishi, he became infected and I had to protect the world.


And this numpty, thinks he is able to control the power?!?!?  Gah…I wanted to smash his face in so much!!


Instead I had to be content with riding my awesome new mount :p


And then realising how close I was to becoming exalted, I went and played on my farm to get the last bit.  I do like the farm being able to provide you with rep gains…brilliant idea!!


So I flew all the way back to the offensive so I could pick up the other shiny!  Not sure which one I prefer, possibly the unamoured version…

Armoured Gryphon

So, now that is done, I will do it a couple more time to see if the questline continues but pretty happy the rep I need now for Pandaria is Timeless Isle and the tillers individuals  :)

Domination offensive!!

I am having so much fun with this reputation grind. I am adoring the involvement in the actual siege of org storyline for taking down Garrosh.

Razor Hill War

A little while ago I was passing through Razor Hill and noticed that Vol’jin and Baine were there with an army talking about taking Orgrimmar. I was pretty excited about it and listened to them for a few minutes.

Garrosh the Fool

I adore seeing things in the world be affected by quest lines. It makes me fell like I really am part of the world.

A few days later I was helping out the Blood elves and whilst I do enjoy the idea of being a hero of the horde, given the amount of fighting I have done for these people I should be treated as a hero!!

Hero of the Horde

His speech made me wonder if they plan to make blood elves be able to pick a side like pandas. I mean they are not happy about the way Garrosh is treating them and it would be quite possible to have some defect to the alliance on that basis. I will hold further judgement until I get the rest of the quest line done though.

Changing alliances

Then we went off to find out about the divine bell, apparently in Darnassus with those nasty night elves. I admit, I was worried getting through to her, all those statues doing the floor smashing had me worried a couple of times and I wasn’t entirely sure I could make it through unscathed.

Divine Bell

At least Vol’jin is healing and should be able to come help us himself, lazy bugger!!


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