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My ever changing UI!

A few weeks ago, whilst enjoying my blogiversary, I was amazed at the amount of UI changes I have had over the years and I did promise a post.

So..here they all are!!  OMG!!!

In truth there were possibly more, but do you know how many screenshots a person collects over 9 years of playing the one game!??!?  Not including the ones I have lost to time and computers!!

Finished dominating the offensive…

I am pretty stoked about finally receiving exalted status with the offensive, and I think finishing the questchain?  I will keep doing them for a few days as they are mostly pretty easy quests and the money is needed.  But I got two mounts out of the effort – admittedly the same mount, one with armour..but 2 mounts none the less.  I think I am at 157 mounts or something now??  Miles away from 200…MILES!!! I don’t know how people have 200 to be honest.  But enough of that tangent!!

Time to find the bell.  Making me sneaky is not the best idea…I sort of suck at doing that (hence why I never managed a rogue).

Making me sneaky

After 3 false starts I managed to make it to the area with the bell. it was kind of fun finally making into the area I needed!


Then we had to run around Dalaran saving people, killing others and basically doing some work that any of these uber powerful people could have done without me :p But I felt obliged to help save their butts.


And then…the big moment!! Watching Garrosh like a twat ring the bell and Anduin trying to stop him.  he made everything turn evil, and I had to kill these poor creatures.  poor Blademaster Ishi, he became infected and I had to protect the world.


And this numpty, thinks he is able to control the power?!?!?  Gah…I wanted to smash his face in so much!!


Instead I had to be content with riding my awesome new mount :p


And then realising how close I was to becoming exalted, I went and played on my farm to get the last bit.  I do like the farm being able to provide you with rep gains…brilliant idea!!


So I flew all the way back to the offensive so I could pick up the other shiny!  Not sure which one I prefer, possibly the unamoured version…

Armoured Gryphon

So, now that is done, I will do it a couple more time to see if the questline continues but pretty happy the rep I need now for Pandaria is Timeless Isle and the tillers individuals  :)

Domination offensive!!

I am having so much fun with this reputation grind. I am adoring the involvement in the actual siege of org storyline for taking down Garrosh.

Razor Hill War

A little while ago I was passing through Razor Hill and noticed that Vol’jin and Baine were there with an army talking about taking Orgrimmar. I was pretty excited about it and listened to them for a few minutes.

Garrosh the Fool

I adore seeing things in the world be affected by quest lines. It makes me fell like I really am part of the world.

A few days later I was helping out the Blood elves and whilst I do enjoy the idea of being a hero of the horde, given the amount of fighting I have done for these people I should be treated as a hero!!

Hero of the Horde

His speech made me wonder if they plan to make blood elves be able to pick a side like pandas. I mean they are not happy about the way Garrosh is treating them and it would be quite possible to have some defect to the alliance on that basis. I will hold further judgement until I get the rest of the quest line done though.

Changing alliances

Then we went off to find out about the divine bell, apparently in Darnassus with those nasty night elves. I admit, I was worried getting through to her, all those statues doing the floor smashing had me worried a couple of times and I wasn’t entirely sure I could make it through unscathed.

Divine Bell

At least Vol’jin is healing and should be able to come help us himself, lazy bugger!!


Midsummer Fun

After having received my Violet drake  ages ago, I tend to forget when the festivals are on, I don’t need many achievements and so I was happily surprised to find I had some available for Midsummer:

Extinguishing Pandaria

which was much easier than I anticipated, I thought perhaps I would get attacked or mobbed or something, but instead nothing happened.  I went, I clicked, I ran away like a little girl – it was easy!

I then flew around and got the rest that I needed for the Flamekeeper achievement.

Midsummer Pandaria

I am pretty sure now, I am only missing the achievements for the Elders…I haven’t done Cata or Pandaria for them, I also have a few Xmas ones I need to do this year if I remember to attempt it, then next year I have to collect the rest of the children’s week orphans. I missed one this year and am unhappy with myself for forgetting to even check into it like I said I would.

My only decision now is whether I try and get enough of the blossoms to get the Brazier of Dancing Flame before time runs out…I really like it and I think I only need another 100 or so to get it, which really won’t take all that long to get if I put about an hour in.  I might do it…



I have mentioned before that I don’t have a huge amount of money, in fact, you could say, I have enough money to pay for my raiding and that is about all.

I don’t do a lot of dailies, or auction housing and I, sadly, like spending the money I do have on mounts and pets.

So after the latest spending spree on my Sands of  Time I decided something had to be done.  With garrisons coming out in WoD I want to make sure we have funds to buy whatever we need between now and then, and mounts are always more expensive and well..everything is more expensive.  We barely ever have the money for all the things we want, I am going to make this xpac different!  I SWEAR!!

The best way I can think of making money is to get my farms active on my toons, that way I can sell vegetables, herbs, minerals etc and not be out of pocket for my toons.

The token you buy for extra reputation for the Tillers is amazing!!  My warrior – who had not even been to Halfhill market managed to get to Revered by the second day. THE SECOND DAY!!!  So he has 12 open spaces and after the second day of doing the dailies, I may only need another couple to open up the farm entirely.

Farmer spirit

My pally is up to the same section as well now, so I have 3 farms working. I have my shammy in on it as well since I don’t really use her for anything else, so currently I have 4 toons with three of them only have 12 spaces open and my mage having the entire farm.  I am not doing dailies on the other toons at this stage, I have too many other things I want to spend my time on, but I may consider it shortly.

Farmer Pally

My plan is to have my mage doing half her farm for the Domination Offensive, whilst the rest do ore/herbs/vegetables so I can put everything on the auction house.

I am hoping that this will allow us a good feeder for money.  My little auction house spends her time running between mailbox/bank and auction house.  My guild bank needs an assistant I have been kept so busy with auctioning.  I may need to get auctioneer again to help make the selling part easier :)

The herbs are selling well, but the vegetables are leaving a little bit to be desired, I think it is just pot luck on what sells and when, so will keep trucking.  I am also making sure I do some dailies every day so I can be getting money without fail.



Ji-Kun pet!

Oh, how exciting!!

I won a twitter


Sampascals on Twitter posted the below and I saw it from a retweet, so of course I had to try didn’t I?  How could I say no to this little gem when such little effort is required :)

I had a busy weekend and so I wasn’t really on twitter and then last night I was watching Doctor Who and crying at every second episode and again was not actively looking at my devices or twitter.

I did happen to walk past my phone as it vibrated and so I stopped to check it out and saw the notification that I had won!!  OMG!!


I was pretty excited, I never generally win random things or raffles, so I was pretty happy.  I messaged @sampascals and jumped online to get my little guy!

Here we are together (thank GOD for btag is all I can say!!) :


And me and my little buddy!!


Is his beak not the cutest little thing you have ever seen!?!?!  SQUEEEE!!!  Pascals and I were discussing how hard he is to get a picture with, little Ji-kun is very clingy and you can’t move too far or he moves as well…it took a few minutes,l but I got there in the end.

Pascals has advised he will be having more of these giveaways so be sure to follow him @sampascals on twitter and keep an eye out!!

5 years worth of screenies

Trolling through 5 years worth of WoW screenshots is a pretty tough thing to do.  I have thankfully sorted them by month in each year, so it makes it more like chunks of pictures.  Slightly easier to deal with, but let me tell you..I am completely DIZZY with the amount of different UI’s I have had over the years.  I am going to make a separate post for that, I have so many.  I cannot accurately represent it to you via text!!

But here is a gallery of screens I have taken; funny, serious and boring all jumbled in.  This is a very brief 5 year overview.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 years blogging about wow – an actual post!!

That’s embarrassing!!

I saved the post and forgot to actually fill in something useful :)

Yes 5 years blogging about WoW today. Unbelieveable!!  But let’s face it, even with some breaks, that is a long time to be blogging about the one topic!

I was going to link to some of my more stupid posts, but well, the effect may have been lost now that my post went live with nothing in it!!


So here’s to me and here’s to my readers!!  Thanks for all the good times!!!  Since May 2005, the only toon I have played is my mage and although she has had many moves, name changes and server transfers she will always be my main and the only toon I hope to keep playing for another 5 years.


After a quick flick through my screenshots, I may actually put a gallery up in the next couple of days, there are some pretty funny ones in there folders that I would love to share :)  Keep an eye out !

Thanks for all the comments guys!!

Animals…ANIMALS everywhere!!

I forgot to crack my primal egg, and only remembered because I headed over to Jurassic Park and found I couldn’t pick one up that had dropped.

I got a green raptor out of it.  So I believe I only have a red one to collect now…and maybe attempt the white raptor…killing dino’s is hard work though, and those mamma T-rex get mighty angry…

Green raptor

Whilst I was faffing about though. Aurii asked if anyone was in need of a Sapphire Cub as they had created a spare one by accident!  Guess who got it?  I did offer to pay for it, which was turned down.  Thank you very much Aurii, I will take very good care of her and she will always be loved!!

Sapphire cub

The Slow march towards legend

I am so close to completing the legendary cloak I can smell it’s tangy orange scent.

I was wanting to get my last couple of Runestones…so I figured LFR was the go, hubby was out, I had nothing much else to do aside from pet battle to 25 in between queue wait times.

So I signed up with the intention of doing as much LFR as I could to get my last two, and would you believe I didn’t actually have to do that much,  both Duramu and Primordius dropped my last two runestones.  I fled the scene faster than you could blink!!  I could not believe my luck, I had been expecting it to take many many many bosses!

I ran back to Wrathion….only to be told to I had to go back and kill Lei-Shen.  All good, found out I could get the Heart even if already killed for the week, so I signed up and lo and behold…signed up for the wrong LFR…I had to drop and then cop the 30 minute debuff…in Hindsight, I should have just stayed for Durumu, but…I just didn’t want to do him again.

Anyway, the next morning bright and early I signed up and the run wasn’t too horrific, we got through it pretty quickly really.

Heart of a King

But then, the challenge was hard after that.  Really hard. But only if you follow the comments on wowhead, some of the info no longer works and so it was basically a matter of figuring it out on the fly. I would not have been able to do this part at low gear levels, I think it would have been absolutely awful and terrifying.

I thought it was cue they put him in a blindfold for me though! No matter how unimpressed Wrathion might be about it.


After 2 failed attempts, I decided to just pop everything I could and hope like hell I had enough DPS to burn him down.  By everything I mean, I even popped Timewarp!!  Not something I do very often outside of raids I will be honest.


Even after defeating him he is still a smarty pants :)  I then had to fly around to all the other elemental spirit temples to complete the quest.





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