#Blaugust2019 -Backlogs?

One of the things I have stumbled across since starting this challenge when reading other blogs is this idea of a backlog. Of games.

This blew my mind hole so far open I am not sure I will ever be able to close it again. I am such a WoW addict, I had never considered people out there play other games. They actually buy other games with the intention to play something other than WoW.

It occurs to me though, if you aren’t playing the time sink known as WoW you have hours in your week you can contemplate other games like a traitor. I also started to notice this phenomena when Ben and Oui moved in with us because Ben has about 12 other games he is playing and he keeps mentioning others he has bought or is waiting to download. What? He then spends his nights playing things other than WoW. I find this abhorrent 🙂 So far I have heard of him playing, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and a DC one(?) – I am sure I saw the batmobile and an FPS..Call of Duty (Maybe?) or something like that anyway.

I have 1 game I play, and very very very occasionally I might dip my toes into Overwatch or Diablo – but they are all Blizzard games. The idea of having a backlog of games is so foreign to me. I don’t even look into other games to see what I might like playing. I am a bad gamer. Bad bad gamer.

I have zero games on my backlog and likely it will stay that way for a while. Although there was talk recently about resurrecting the old SWTOR account…LOL. After a very thorough search (ie 2 minute search online) I found some games I might be interested in dipping my toes into (when they eventually come out; Star Wars: Fallen Order, Zenith (currently on kickstarter), Mansions of Madness and Halo (but this will require an Xbox upgrade).

I just want to play WoW and you guys want to play ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!

#Blaugust2019 – VR and PS4

I tried “Beat Sabre” for the first time months ago at Sian and Michael’s place. Since then it has been a game I could not get out of my head and one I wanted to buy. Hubby and I even spent weeks pouring over all the VR options and prices to determine the best possible option for us given we had alienware laptops capable of handling VR we were mostly swinging towards the HTC Vive.

Then Ben and Oui confirmed they were going to move to Melb and we decided to put our purchase on hold as they had a PS4 with VR. I was happy to save ourselves a couple of thousand bucks in the short term to wait a few months and then see how much we actually used the VR.

I have watched so many videos for beat saber and been hanging to get back into, Michael has told me many times to just come around and play it. But I think I would feel like a crack addict getting a hit, so have patiently waited.

Sunday night though, after the guys had done some unpacking and setting up of bits and pieces. Ben fired up the PS4 and I was super excited. I jumped into Beat Saber with happiness.

Some random image not mine 🙂

I played in easy mode for a few songs and was not finding it much of a challenge, but I wanted to get back into it slowly. Since it would have been impolite to monopolise the entire PS4 Hubby and Ben did a couple of sings as well. They both did it at harder levels than me and did exceptionally well. The motion sickness was there, but tolerable, when I was playing but watching other people play was really difficult when they moved their head. I will have to be ultra careful with this one.

We then decided to have a few goes at “Just Dance 2019”. I have seen this at PAX almost every year and have wondered how to play it because everyone looks like they are having a lot of fun. Now I know, I might have a shot this year.

I was doing very well, even when I was following the wrong person on screen for an entire song ..OOPS!! There was some very weird dancing animations though, this frog being the main one in my opinion.

But I was getting “Superstar” pretty often which Ben was surprised at because he didn’t even know it was a thing – I was surprised as well because it didn’t feel like I was going particularly well.

I was very very very sore the next morning because we had been playing for about 3 hours but I was having so much fun!!

I can’t wait to get home and play some more beat saber!!!

Topic 43 – Why do you choose the games you do?

Z and Cinder have gone on holidays and left us with a few topics to keep us entertained and instead of posting I just sort of…didn’t!!  But…here we go – I am doing the first one!! 

I am also still deciding if I am allowed to continue Intpipmo given I only did one post….lol I failed on that front I think :p But hey…tis my blog I can back date and pretend they were done in November right?  RIGHT??!!?

Back to this topic though. The first game I ever got hooked on was Ragnarok – I have mentioned it previously I am sure.

Ragnarok 1992

It was an RPG game in the 90’s my brother and I played non-stop on the one computer we had. I would sit and watch him play so I knew how to when it was my turn.  It was about this time I started reading about magic and wizards (Thanks Magician by Feist) and so began my love of RPG – but I had no idea what that meant as a genre until much later.

I was without a computer or gaming for a few years and the next game I was hooked on was Pharaoh (thanks Sierra games) and thus began my love and adoration of City building games. 

Image result for pharaoh sierra games
Pharaoh 1999

To  say obsessed would be an understatement, if anyone remembers the pain of this game and building some of the huge pyramids you will understand leaving the game running overnight in the hopes that your entire city wasn’t a burnt husk when you returned.  My enjoyment of city building still exists today and I have played a fair chunk of them but none of them had the same enjoyment for me as this one game (which I have on my pc now and sometimes pull out for an hour two). 

I love city building because it is a puzzle and needs to be done well for it to work, the AI in older games was very unforgiving and if you stuffed it up you knew….they made sure you knew.  I also really enjoyed the games with historical significance – who doesn’t want to build a pyramid and be a pharaoh?  I loved Zeus as well as the mythological aspects in the games were enjoyable. I would love that is Aztec/Mayan based with the same style as Pharaoh or even a Pacific Islander one with you needing to see up small colonies on islands with different but similar cultures.  <Swoon>

Then I found out about MMO’s. Guild Wars was my first.

Image result for original guild wars 2004
Guild Wars 2004

It was amazing to me that I could be a magic hurling character in a world like the books I was an avid reader of.  It made the worlds in my imagination real for me; I could see and interact with them.  That was until WoW came along in the form of a birthday present by a great friend.   I have tried a few MMO’s since and the only other one that was really engaging initially was Star Wars but WoW kept pulling me back for the graphic style, the lore, the story, the people and the dragons.

MMO’s are my favourite because of the team you play with. You get to work together, have a laugh with other people who want to be shapeshifting fire hurling agents of good (or chaos…looking at you SP’s and Locks) and you get to have dragons as pets and ride them.  What else can you possibly need? I love that other people enjoy high fantasy (…maybe not as much as me…in fact maybe they don’t even think of it like that?) and it sends me back to my days reading books like Lord of the Rings and the Belgariad…I can pretend I am a character in those novels and feel part of something bigger.  

Inconsistency breeds unhappiness

So they say anyway. I may have just made that up as well.

I am sorry dear readers for my inconsistency this last few weeks, real life has been a challenge and WoW is also causing me struggles.

First RL – I am generally just home later these days and given how early we are awake in the morning it is just struggle city to get motivation for more than dinner and bed. This has not been helped with recent transport issues and delays on my line causing me to get home even later than usual. My anger levels have been spiking. Mixed with some medical things and it all just means “no” to game time mentally.

Related image

Secondly – WoW.  Long time readers of mine will know i adore Warcraft and Blizzard. I very rarely complain about xpacs overall and how the game is developing but this xpac is getting pretty close to Drainor for me. When I get home with my total hour of free time before bed, I cannot justify logging on to do one thing which takes 30-40 minutes and know that isn’t really getting me any closer to achieving anything.

Perfect example a few nights ago our group decided to run a mythic (I worked from home) so whilst we were waiting for Michael to eat, Drew and I jumped online to kill the weekly boss – which should have taken 15 minutes max by the time you get a group happening etc.  As we killed the boss he reset or we phased or something and we had to spend another 10 minutes killing him again. Neither Drew or myself got a piece of gear out of that.  That was nearly 30 minutes gone for nothing as we were basically the first 10 in the group we had to wait for others to join.

I am time poor; I get that it is my issue, but I feel like even if I logged in every single night for 30 minutes I wouldn’t ever complete a “thing”.  Islands can’t all be completed in one session, LFR queues take 30-40 minutes for also no gear (whenever I have queued for them), the warfront takes about 40 minutes and good luck for gear on that one as well if the  370 quest isn’t up and world quests are pretty badly spaced I can only manage to get one emissary group done generally because it takes so long to get to some areas (not all I know!!)

Image result for complaining

I appreciate they have made it way more accessible for people who are time poor, but they have almost made it harder because gear is so difficult to get. I much prefer being able to save up tokens of some sort from consistent drops so I know I will be able to buy a piece in a set amount of time if nothing else has dropped for me.

All of this has combined into me just not wanting to log into game knowing I really only have limited time.   Why can’t I win the lotto and quit work to become a WoW addict proper?

Apparently i am lazy in game as well….

Thela gave me a beta key to Everquest Landmark as my prize for winning the month of April, and so I figured I should get into it and have a go.

It seems to be a pretty time intensive game – to start up a little plot of land anyway, and I know it is a closed beta so there are some issues, but I am not entirely sure how well it will sit with me for a game over time.

I have been slack and not taken any pictures, I might try and get some tonight before the post goes live – so if there are pictures below – you know I remembered to do it!!

Firstly, there is absolutely no guidance in game as to what I am supposed to do.  It has always been a pet hate of mine when you log into a game and get no idea of what you are supposed to be doing.  I don’t want to play a game but spend half the time reading sites and watching youtube videos to understand basic gameplay or basic goals.  It took me over an hour to find on the various wikis that the reason I couldn’t claim land was because I didn’t have a flag and then more time figuring out I had to actually make said flag.

claim flag

This was after me spending time running around miles from anywhere to find land I could actually claim…I then had to get all the way back to the start…grrrr…


Anyway, aside from that little hiccup, I am spending most of my time mining resources and logging and collecting things I need to make my little plot grow.  I am currently trying to locate some plain wood, but I may be in the wrong environment to do so, I have to switch to another area and try and find some more trees. This little issue is preventing me from making a forge at my site and so I need to do it asap if I am ever going to have any hope of building up – I don’t want to have to keep running back to the main area.

plain wood


The mining is pretty fun I have to admit, you get to dig right under the ground and make long tunnels in the ground.  I have been enjoying just seeing how far down some veins of minerals go.  It is slightly boring though as you just sort of hold the mouse button down over the place and it just keeps going.



in the hole

Like all city building games though – you have to gather before you can start doing anything exciting, and so I just have to get through this boring period of gathering.

Once I had gathered enough for a flag to claim my land, I started building a little bit of a wall, however, I have been unable to figure out how to make the wall out of anything other than dirt.  I am guessing – I need to build my forge and other components before I can start making fancy walls.

my plot

My plan is to make a sparkling castle out of gems and gold.  Well that’s my plan – no idea if it is even possible, so far I have only seen a few gems, aquamarine and tourmaline, but I am hoping I get more variety later so I can continue to make my walls sparkle 🙂  The game says I can build anything I can imagine….so…let’s see if I can ….

my building

I have discovered though I don’t like having to sit there and gather myself – I am lazy, I want peons or serfs to do it for me, I like logging in and having all the resources I need just given to me for their work.  I don’t want to actually resource gather myself!

Let’s see how we go anyway…see how much of a building I can develop.

Catching up…slowly

I was away last weekend from Thursday to Monday night, and missed a whole bunch of stuff like transmog events and such.

I am slowly catching up, but it will take a few days I think, I am trying to set up some posts and I was halfway through a shared topic that I didn’t get to post, the one about head cannon, and it was such a long winded waffly post, I may just post it anyway!  Yeah I am a rebel!

I have no idea what I missed on twitter, and I am not going to go backwards through it all!!

I only remember last night to check my friends requests in game and had about 16 spam messages…really?!?!  SPAM!!!?  I was amazed!!  No I don’t want to be your friend and buy gold. PISS off Xhygsh!  LOL

I hope everyone is well and I will try and catch up on blogs when I can, hugs and kisses!

Shared topic: Introducing RL friends to WoW

Frinka has given us another great topic this week.

Have you ever tried to introduce real life friends to WoW? If yes, how did it go? If you never have, why not?
Mine is in two parts, the story of my recruitment and me recruiting others.
My recruitment I am sure i have posted before, but since I have no idea when you all get the story again :p