Is it ever going to happen

Guess where we went again last night?


We did, however manage a one shot on shannax; that was mighty cool 🙂

Beth caused us some issues, we had a full ranged team which seemed to cause us a few issues and I am not entirely sure why…i spent the entire fight running around like a mad chook (I guess everyone does though) and we just kept getting overrun.

We had to call the raid early as someone had to leave; so once again we only raided in FL For just on an hour (we did tol barad before hand) and I think we gave Beth three attempts(?)….it just isn’t enough IMHO.

The lack of progression is causing some dissension among the guildies as well, which could end quite badly….but since I don’t know who reads this blog I am not going to say much more about that. This is why I was so open as a guild master – I wanted everything out in the open so people weren’t unhappy behind the scenes. This allowed me the chance to fix things for the better…

Precious Beth

I may have pissed off a guildie the night before last whilst we were raiding…He hasn’t spoken to me in 2 days and does not respond to my whispers….

Last night, I managed to get sat out of the raid so I didn’t have to worry about it, but it just slightly annoys me that because I offered help – he got snarky and even after I apologized for any offence caused he still decided to shun me.

The issue with a text based conversation I guess –  sarcasm, humour, affection are not conveyed correctly, if at all.  This has annoyed me more than I would like to admit, as I really found him a nice person to chat to and I was not really seeing the precious side of him that everyone warned me of.

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We went into Firelands again and headed to Beth for what we knew would be a fun night of wiping on a boss that we didn’t really think we had hope of getting down any time within this century and you know, aren’t surprises the best?!?!

The first attempt we went in and got her to just under 50%…phase 2 and all.

Ot just got better from there, we kept getting her to phase 2 consistently and in the end we just kept falling short of the mark.  the best for the night was 13%.  Nothing to sniff at when last week, we could not even last 10 seconds without someone dying.

Everyone was communicating and talking- making sure we were all aware of what was going on, helping out and essentially working as a team.  It was Superb to see.  We are likely to head in again on Sunday night given how close we were, so I just hope like hell everyone brings their game again – as we may actually have her in the next raid night.

There are just 2 or three kinks to work out, but essentially, it is an easy fight if everyone does what they are supposed to and actually communicates with each other 😀

3 Cheers once we get her down and you can be sure of a video for that 😀  Speaking of which, I need to do a Shannax vid – but the one I have I missed the first few seconds of the fight and since then, I keep forgetting to tape it…next week for sure!


So tonight, we decided to try out Beth in Firelands…can I just say…no freaking way….no way!! NOOOOO WAY!!!!

I think I want to never play WoW again after that fight and I am dreading to think what the rest of the boss fights are like….

I have been told by many people currently in FL and doing it heroically…that is very unforgiving – that you cannot have one person make an error as it is all over. I sort of believed them but not really. I now know otherwise and I have little faith we will ever see Ragnaros killed – or even reached.

We have some very unaware people in our guild and tonight was just heart wrenching. I will be fair though and say it is our first night on the boss and we were learning etc – we can only improve from here right? I can only hope so…..

Tank was not up the web first, healers were not fast enough on the chains, people couldn’t find the hole to jump back down, blah blahblah…it was just an immense screw up 🙂

I have also discovered I hate the assist function of pets. I changed to frost for the extra nova and slows for the mini spiders, and my pet doesn’t follow me around, so I couldn’t use it’s nova effect – I kept having to change it to passive then assist again, so he would come close enough to me….what a cock up that is….

All in all, I think Firelands is going to be an immense challenge and I really hope we can rise to meet it….

Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start 🙂

You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which sort of nuked our plans to get any further.  The first attempt on them, I think we all spent about 10 minutes just trying to kill the healers….It was hilarious because we just didn’t have enough interrupts or CC….but I was enjoying myself immensely.

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Back from tassie

I am back from tassie! I hope my pre-organized posts were enjoyable and I am sorry if they weren’t; but I can’t change the past so you must learn to live with the present 🙂

I had a lovely time in tassie and finally managed to log on last night to participate in my first shannax kill! The guild managed to kill him on Monday night fir the first time, and I taped it last night! Grats team!! We are going to try Beth next, I think?

I was not on top of my game again last night, I couldn’t seem to get my rotation or target right and overall it was a little frustrating that I was making errors. I blame holidays!

Hubby was as usual kicking arse – his brain was back from vacation perhaps??

So cool to have killed him! Now if only I could kill nef and the first boss in throne if farts I would be set 🙂

Cataclysmically superior

Last night was a killer!!!

My guild was heading in to firelands to give the boss a couple of shots -nothing major but it was good fun 🙂

I tagged along as they were short people and although my gear is not all the way ready, they were not expecting anything huge.

I found that I was managing to keep up with some of the dps, well enough for someone with half blue gear anyway! Fully raid buffed I was able to max about 15-16k dps on single target (average was 11k) and I was getting about 25-30k on aoe….I was rather chugged at my efforts 🙂  There were of course other dps doing over 20k and I was just in awe…one day maybe….

The boss, shannox, was all over the place and completely nuts 🙂 definitely need to work out a strat for him beforehand instead of on the fly, but it was fun to see a raid and play with some angry mobs 🙂

I had fun though, made me miss the raiding to be honest! I do enjoy working like a team with 9 other people….

Anyway when we finished I discovered I needed 70 more valor points to get my wand updated!!!! One heroic run!!! Which meant I got the superior achievement! Yay! My ilvl is now 352 so I am pretty sure I can raid with that, we will be trying to pug something this weekend I think, it will depend on the time I have available this weekend.

Oh, I also maxed out my cooking yesterday as well 🙂  2 down, too many more to go 🙂  Tailoring is at 490…I am so close to having that finished then I will just use all my cloth on first aid, then AH 😀  I am not worrying about fishing at the moment, just doing the dailies every day..if i get bored i might focus on it…

All in all, I think in 2 weeks I have done a fair bit to improve my toon, and i do wonder what I a going to do when I have finished doing that…..