Old schooling :)

Last night the guild decided to do some Firelands, yes I admit I am being slightly selfish there by wanting to get embers.  I am now up to 9 of the little blighters – I am beginning to think I really need to find a Firelands group running 25 man via some of those Xrealm sites. … Read More Old schooling 🙂

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

Too often we bemoan people and the game, but today I wanted to thank a couple of people because they have made me complete.  By me, I of course mean my mage, and by extension – my self happiness. Last night, we wanted to do FL and get some Rag lovin’.  We were short, so… Read More From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

My cup runneth over!

I cannot express how happy I am right now 🙂  It has been an absolutley epic day!!  EPIC!!! It started off with Molten Core rep farming and DING! MC was my first ever raid, and I never ran it enough to get exalted back in vanilla – only honoured,  it has taken me years to… Read More My cup runneth over!

Enter Firelands

Once again, we were short people, so we decided to trundle off to Firelands with 9 people.  We are still yet to get Rags down, so this is going to be the lock out we save to continue working on him. I forced everyone to stay on mains because the last time we went into… Read More Enter Firelands

Was it good for you?

Attendance boss struck tonight again, so we went and did BH and then attempted FL.  I say attempted because we wiped on trash multiple times and we couldn’t get Shannax down. We were 9 manning him and getting to about 1% by shear dumb luck as everyone was dead by the 10% mark really.  We… Read More Was it good for you?

Birthdays and Firelands

Last night was the 4th birthday of the guild. About 50% of the current raiding base are from the original guild that me, hubby and our best friend set up (or people that joined over 3 years ago).  I know I am no longer GM, but I do have a soft spot for a lot… Read More Birthdays and Firelands

o.O Pally tanking

I tanked Firelands on my pally!!  We got the first four bosses down – Beth, Shan, Ryo and Bale.  We could have gotten more done, but we ran out of time as we wiped a couple of times on a few simply because we had a weird mix of people on.

Rags…makes me feel like PMT!

OH MY GOD! I cannot even comprehend this fight much less actually fight! We spent about 1.5 hours tonight dipping our toes in. Consistently getting to the sons transition, but making it no further…. That is a brutal mechanic….I know; logically, it is possible – I just don’t think it is possible…..lol All in all… Read More Rags…makes me feel like PMT!


I know I have been MIA, I have been playing heaps, and the guild is now 6 in firelands…we got staghelm down on our fourth attempt….kick arse. I just haven’t got time to blog at the moment and I feel awful about it as I am not getting to keep a record of everything. My… Read More MIA

Gah…and YAY all in one post :)

You know when you have one of those nights where everyone is doing everything wrong…just by small amounts….that was last night….we had to get Lord Ryo and Baleroc down and it took us a long time, I think we wiped of volcano dude 4 times maybe?  We just couldn’t get it together….every attempt something got… Read More Gah…and YAY all in one post 🙂

Mages, druids and everything in between…

I have completely changed my mage to be full fire spec..I figured I may as well give it a shot – worst case I just have to reforge and gem again if I fail.  I am very hit and miss with it at the moment, I would like to see what it is like in… Read More Mages, druids and everything in between…

Complete pandemonium

What a fight!!!! Can I just start with my amazement with how fast 3 minutes goes when you are flying around like an insane superman trying to locate floating circles of awesome?!?!? The trash before the actual fight is killer! Took us 3 wipes before we got it…nasty! Got it sorted out eventually and then… Read More Complete pandemonium

Definitely 4/7

We have managed to maintain 4/7 in firelands. Last night we got Beth and baleroc done with a wipe on each; given we had a few people in the raid that hadn’t seen baleroc, it was quite good. I changed to fire for the Beth fight and well I sucked for phase 2. I thought… Read More Definitely 4/7

On farm?

Our second one shot of shannox tonight 🙂 compared to the complete mess we made of the trash it was awesome! We had a few wipes on lord volcanohead, just not enough communication tonight which made the steering hard….we did get there in the end; however it has highlighted that a fair few people get… Read More On farm?

Firelands destroyers!

Went into firelands tonight after killing Beth yesterday and we smashed lord ryowhatever AND baleroc! Lord R was seriously pretty easy, a bit of movement and things to look for but overall with the increase in communication it went so smoothly in fact two shot….rather happy about that. Baleroc was a little more difficult, given… Read More Firelands destroyers!


Beth finally died!!! It wasn’t perfect but we did it 🙂 wipe wipe wipe….always in phase 2 and always close to or under 50%…. It will be a few more attempts before we are on farm for that one but we have at least done it now. 2/7 now 🙂 hopefully this will be an… Read More Mortein