To Stream or not to Stream?

To be, or not to be? That is the question—
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And, by opposing, end them?

I have been toying with the idea of streaming the last couple of weeks, more so since Drew suggested I should get into Vloging.  He really enjoys watching Panser #tradechat and she is enjoyable and fun, but I am not sure the stuff I blog about would be worthy of a Vlog.

I decided to see how hard it would be to start streaming and jumped onto Twitch for a squizz. I downloaded a program called Bebo and started fiddling with it. I would say I was “streaming”in about 20 minutes.  Not so bad really for a clueless nublet such as myself. I put that in quotation marks as flipping between game and software doesn’t really mean I was doing anything other than flying around herbing 😀 But I was sending data into the multiverse!

I remembered Panser commenting about moving to FB live to do her streaming now thanks to Youtube and their change in expectations with vidoes. So I also created a page on FB for Azerothian Life because I wanted to test out the Blizzard live streaming function they had, but I didn’t want it on my personal feed.  I have to test it out with my group and see if it records discord as well so they can be heard on the stream and not just me.

There is a video on my twitch channel of the 5 of us running a mythic 10 in kara however you can’t hear them very well as I had the wrong settings chosen.  I corrected it later and tested it with Ben, so in theory I know how it works.

I didn’t notice any frame rate issues with my laptop when running the stream in a dungeon, so I am hoping to stream on our raid nights, but honestly no idea how that will go.

I haven’t even looked at Youtube based on the Vloggers I watch who have commented on their recent changes making it difficult for people to even subscribe and receive content or be paid for that content.  So at this stage I am tossing up between twitch and facebook.  I also note that because I am an Amazon prime customer I get twitch prime which is nice as well.

Anyway, feel free to follow me on any of these places and let me know what streaming platform you prefer to use or watch!


Underestimating my epicness…

Apparently trying to rebuild a blog whilst sick is not the way to go. I started to get sick on the weekend and it steadily got worse until Monday when I could tell my brain functions were at an all time low.

Anyway, I discovered that wordpress creates 3 versions of every image you upload (sometimes even 6 or 7), so before I could upload all my images, I had to go through every folder (every year since 2007 with monthly folders) and delete the extra copies of everything.  That took ages. and AGESSSSSSSS.

I then began to upload them to the server, then had to download them to the wordpress media gallery, but then for some reason it is not showing the correct links so I have to manually go through every single post and replace the image with exactly the same one.  In my mucus hazed light bulb moment, I thought that if i imported all the posts perhaps it would pull all the correct images from the media file.

All that did was duplicate every single image.  AGAIN!!!?!?!


So I am now, slowly and painfully, going through every image and deleting the duplicates and sorting through the most recent posts to replace the images so they show.  I am also doing my events pages as well since they are the most read thing on my blog. So please bear with me whilst I try and get this place back in order!

I have also created a FB page Azerothian Life to connect to.  I am unlikely to ever update it aside from the direct linkage of posts, but Twitter annoyed me so much the other day I am thinking of deleting my account.  Every time i tried to post something it told me my account was locked…I was completely over it after the 5th time.

What do you think of the new layout?  I am not sure of it…I think i prefer a blog that has the posts in a reading view rather than having to click on each post..but for tracking what posts are being read I prefer this format???  In an effort to reduce the chances of being hacked I am trying to use a basic theme that is already designed and just go with that rather than hacking something together like my previous one.

Blog Azeroth – revamping

One of the things I missed the most about not playing wow, was the blogging community and BA with their shared topics.  Getting to read multiple blogs, find new ones and make new friends was not something I did as it just made my addiction harder to ignore.  So after a couple of weeks of playing and settling back into the game, I decided it was finally time to jump back on the forums and see where it was up to.

I was devastated to see that it was sort of dead…not many shared topics being done or many new posts…so…thankfully I am still a mod, so had some ability to go crazy :p  I have added some shared topics, in the hopes of sparking some imagination in others, so far I don’t want to have each week something I have posted, so please please please please please add some more so I can put them in between mine!!!

I also went ahead and created a FB page for BA…it may help keep people more up to date rather than going to forums, only because so many people are on FB all the time now anyway.  I am wondering if moving to a FB group might even be a possibility…??  For the moment, I just want to get the community more active again and see if we can’t get it hopping.

Facebook for Blog Azeroth

Please, if you love blogging and The Twisted Nether Blogcast, share the FB page, like it, comment on posts and add some shared topics to the main forums please!!  Let’s get involved with each other again!!!