#Blaugust2019 – Whispers of War Podcast

Guess who is getting interviewed on Whispers of War? Me 🙂 How exciting?!!?

The above tweet went out recently and I saw it in my feed from a retweet and I thought, what the heck; I am a lady who plays WoW and loves talking about it as well – I have 30-60 mins spare! Just had a blog for a few years rambling about the second love of my life, can’t possibly love talking about this game at all.

She had a lot of people respond to the tweet – which brings me joy to know there are so many women out there playing and wanting to talk about the game! I am being interviewed at 5.30am/6am on the 3rd August and I have no idea how long it will be before my interview is available for download but I thought I would give you, my lovely readers, a heads up it is happening. Maybe it will be awful and will never see the light of day, who knows!

I do have to think of a topic outside of the interview we could talk about, but there isn’t one main thing I can land on. I am wracking my brain. Do I talk about casual raiding, or the Azeroth cookbook and how i want to make more recipes up or how I wish I had more time to get stuff done because there is too much in the game now to actually complete and I am a filthy casual, or the friendships I have made!!??! GAHHH!!!

I am not much of a podcast (or audiobooks) listener simply because I don’t really commute anywhere for long enough and I find I have an issue with my brain; it must hear the constant speech and tone as a signal to start meditating and I zone out and fall asleep. I really have to work hard to stay awake; it is a really frustrating issue if I am perfectly honest, but I do appreciate people who can listen to them without issue. Having said the above, I am going to make a concerted effort to listen to a few of her interviews before mine! Wish me luck!

I am also super excited about it because this is only the second podcast I have ever been interviewed for in relation to WoW. <squee>


So I am still waiting to hear back from Inex, I have had the questioning session and have had some really nice responses to my application – many people have wished me luck and fingers crossed for me etc.

I am really really nervous and excited!!! The idea of being in Inex!! It has taken me a damn long time to get the balls to apply and even at this point I could get rejected due to numbers.

But just that I have not been rejected yet is huge for me 😀 D and I are so excited and nervous we keep checking the post, yesterday I was actually shaking with nervousness, I feel as though I have applied for a job that I really really want.

I have no idea yet how to leave my current guild, but I am going to make it short and sweet and not rude or anything.

Fingers are crossed for Inexorable to accept me 😀  I would probably even be tempted to just beg a social spot to be with players of that cailbre – surely it rubs off :p