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Non WoW: 1000 times worse….

That was what was said to me a couple of days ago about my dad.  That something 1000 times worse than I could possibly imagine had happened.

This post is more of a vent about family than anything, so feel free to skip it, but I know you blog reading voyeuristic types love reading about people’s lives…yeah I know because I am the same :p

Feel free to skip or follow through.


Well that didn’t last long

So, basically….my current guild is sort of over.  Let me start from the beginning of my day yesterday, I am on late shifts at the moment and so have a couple of hours in the morning with which I can fluff about.  So I logged in and discovered that a couple more people had left in the last couple of days.  People that I was under the impression would not be likely to leave.  So I knew then, our guild was over.  I went to work and messaged my hubby advising him of situation so we began a brief discussion on our options of finding another guild, transferring servers, going back horde….etc etc.  We felt bad about the discussion because we had been geared up by these guys and they had tolerated us in their runs being nooblike on fights we had not seen in 10 man before (thank god for having done flex at least!!)

So we decided to table the discussion until this weekend when we could really consider the options.  So I was not surprised when I logged on last night after a really crappy week and particularly bad day to be told “we need to talk”!  Yeah, you know it then don’t you?



My bad day included finding out I did not get any further in a job application I was currently very excited about, and also discovering our team may be moved to Sydney so it could be the end of contract renewals.  So when I say I came home with the intention of drinking vodka and playing WoW to drown out my sorrows – you understand just how muchI wanted to just feel some love.

Sadly, although the vodka loved me, WoW did not love me last night.  I think the people who left the guild last night made the right decision, they chose the path that was going to be the best for them and having been in that position myself a couple of times – I don’t believe they had a choice. I am happy for them to have landed on their feet and I wish them the best in their new guild.



Hubby and I have to decide if we want to follow them across to a new server as social members and app as raiders if we want.  Or do we just go horde again and find another place that will become a home.

I am really torn because at the end of the day I am sort of getting sick of having my toons over multiple servers.  I want to just be in one place and have all my toons together and be able to support each other. I would like to log into game and have fun with people who could become friends, I want to sit on voice comms talking crap and run raids (old and new). I want to feel part of something again.  I want to be part of a team again, part of a guild that needs me and wants me around.

Anyway, now we are just weighing our options and deciding what we want to go.  I don’t want to move again, I want to stop spending money on moving servers. I want to just be home.

Not Alone

So, last night was a bust – we had 5 people online to raid again.  However, it seems to be a trend, the last few blog posts I have read from others have been about the issues with raiding and their teams.

It seems like everyone is insane at the moment – changing teams, replacing people without explanation, pugging…blah blah blah.  Pre-xpac must have some sort of neurotoxin that I know nothing about yet :)

I forgot Diablo3 came out today, I should have set it to download before i left for work this morning.  I am not sure I want to play it – I guess I do though :)  I did like D1&2 – but I only really played the first few levels as the characters used to scare me too much to keep playing.  LOL

Diablo 2 was the first sort of RPG I had ever played and it was scary – the idea that monsters could kill me :p

I will set it to download tonight before bed.

Thrown out…

I was in a LFD run yesterday on my hunter trying to get some levelling done on her, and for the first time since the LFD tool came into being, I was expelled from a group!!

Two points – I was about to leave anyway and I managed to get a big old “F*** You” off before I got dumped.

We were in undead Strat, and we wiped 3 times before I got booted because the “tank” would just charge into an area and of course all the nearby mobs would aggro, then a flying gargoyle would aggro more and it was just overall stupid, then I watched the mage run straight into a group of zombies and a banshee.

Suffice it to say, we got back up and kept going. However we moved just around the corner and the same thing happened, tank charged into massive group with everything nearby aggroing as well, then someone pulled the bunch of 8 mobs to the left and my pet…decided to run to the furthest mob which then aggroed three more mobs.

Of course we wiped and the tank started screaming in party, I apologised for my pet grabbing three extra mobs as I had targetted a different mob to the one I put him on, but I forget to take him off assist and it was all bad.

However as I was typing my response of “my ONE mistake does not count for the 3 you made or the 2 the mage made, I have no idea why you are screaming at me – go F*** yourself!”  I hit enter, saw it go into party, and as I was about to drop –  I was booted. Yes I realise it was 3 people voting me off the island but if I had been in the group I would have left the group anyway because I wouldn’t want to run with someone that rude - I can’t count how many times I have dropped groups because people are just flat out rude to each other.

I am not the kind of person to ever get angry like that in game, I try to respect everyone equally.  Yes I stuffed up – I did apologise and I am only level 47 on my hunter, so I am still learning – but why am I the source of your abuse for being a retard that doesn’t know you should LoS pull in Strat, and avoid just running into the centre areas because everything nearby does aggro?

I was so upset about it last night, because I felt I had been too rude to him in chat – that will forever be on my record now.  But he was soo nasty about one mistake, one mistake.

I have run some shocking LFD’s – tanks in DPS gear, tanks in all greens, healers in wrong specs, dps below 3k, I have seen it all and I have seen some unbelievably nasty things being said in those runs, and it still amazes me that people can be so horrible to other people.

There is a reason why rape, bullying, murder, war and famine etc etc all keep occurring – because the human race as a group – can’t be nice to each other – we have to compete and be better and belittle and pick on the weaker…..it’s disgusting.  Are we really the minority – the nice onces?

gah..zonozz i hate you


I wanted us to clear all 5 bosses tonight so we had some solid work on warmaster, and we mostly managed it.  We cleared the first four…after wiping..6 times on Zon’ozz….

and when i mean wiping, I mean epic failure of massive proportions…balls going all over the place, tanks not moving to the ball fast enough and letting it go right by them, people dying for no reason, ball bouncing for no reason, people stealing agrro off tank in first 2 seconds so ball going to france….


We walked away and went to Yorsahj – one shot him, then came back for Warlord (3 more attempts finally saw him die)…we stayed an extra 20 minutes after raid time just to get hagara down.  So Sunday we will be Ultrax and warmaster again – we 2 shot ultrax last time, so we will have plenty of time for Warmaster this week….I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing though :)

We had some minor loot drama which I caused but it annoys me that people can not play for a month without advising us, and then just come in and take loot from people who have been doing the wiping with us.  I am going to bring this up with the officers as I am sick of having no loot rules set down – and the overall “meh’ conditions people are guilding under…

I got a ring upgrade as well, which is nice and will do some more LR see if I can’t finally win something in there :)  SO far I have won 4 pieces I think and I have run it….hrmm maybe…12 times?


Changed My mind about LFR

So, I have changed my mind about LFR, I won’t really be doing them again any time soon, perhaps if I can find 25 people who want to do it…but otherwise they can go and shove it.

I will be the first to admit, the first 2 runs I did were awesome, both leaders explained the fights, gave everyone a chance to ask questions and generally were awesome raid leaders.  Last week I ran LFR another 4 times, so in total 6 – and I can say – the first two were the only ones I enjoyed.  The rest, had abusive people, calling people names, not explaining fights, telling people off when they died (from not knowing fights), dropping group because people didn’t know what was going on or asking questions – or maybe too rude….I don’t know.

I decided to try and run LFR today for the new bosses and I have just been into 3 different raids – and have wiped once on the first boss and have copped so much abuse that I left.  Ok, here I admit, the first one I actually joined as lead accidentally – I didn’t realise the lead stays when you change raids….my bad…I asked in the raid more than 6 times for someone to lead and take over as I had never been there – but noone did – however once we died and everyone started having a go at me, I said it one final time, no one answered so I dropped.  Ok I admit I didn’t realise I had chosen lead – but there were p[lenty of people in there who could have taken over and just didn’t want to as I figure it was easier to abuse people.

Anyway so I left that one and joined another one, same thing…bunch of people being arseholes to each other and calling people names, telling them to DIAF etc…so we wiped on the  boss and then after some more abuse I left that one as well.

I joined one more and i made sure i said in raid chat that I had never been here before – however the raid leader didn’t explain the fight then yelled at us on the boss to stack, which we did, and then we all tarted dying…I clicked the button and lasted a little longer…anyway…then someone said “don’t Q if you don’t know the fights”……so what the fuck is the point of the LFR tool then??

Sorry Blizzard I am normally on board with your new things – and I really was with this one….until now….Until you get rid of the fucking idiots, wanders, arseholes and general fuckers in this game  - the same thing is going to occur. And potentially people are not going to want to take up raiding if that is how they get spoken to.  I don’t need to pay money each month to get abused….and I am sorry it is not my idea of fun.

I am so angry right now.  People like that make me hate this game and hate people even more.  So I no longer be running the LFR again.

Birthdays and Firelands

Last night was the 4th birthday of the guild. About 50% of the current raiding base are from the original guild that me, hubby and our best friend set up (or people that joined over 3 years ago).  I know I am no longer GM, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of people in the guild.  We have been raiding together since BC.  That’s a long time :D


Is it ever going to happen

Guess where we went again last night?


We did, however manage a one shot on shannax; that was mighty cool :)

Beth caused us some issues, we had a full ranged team which seemed to cause us a few issues and I am not entirely sure why…i spent the entire fight running around like a mad chook (I guess everyone does though) and we just kept getting overrun.

We had to call the raid early as someone had to leave; so once again we only raided in FL For just on an hour (we did tol barad before hand) and I think we gave Beth three attempts(?)….it just isn’t enough IMHO.

The lack of progression is causing some dissension among the guildies as well, which could end quite badly….but since I don’t know who reads this blog I am not going to say much more about that. This is why I was so open as a guild master – I wanted everything out in the open so people weren’t unhappy behind the scenes. This allowed me the chance to fix things for the better…

Rage moar!?!?!?

Once again I am amazed at the strength of character shown by people in this game.

I have been running dungeons, as you know, pretty solidly and this following screenshot shows that I am just incapable go playing on the same plane of existence as others.

To give background – I am finding dungeons on my boom kin actually quite hard.  I am constantly out of mana from the chain pulling that all the tanks seem to love doing, so much so that I am unable to even get out of combat to drink, so I sometimes have to resort to going kitty (with boom kin gear and spec) just to make it look like I am doing something.

I have also found that I am unable to really compete with DPS meters as my spells as as boomy tend to take some time to ramp up and by then the mob is half dead and I get one actual cast off.  I am doing better on each boss fight – when I have the mana.  So, aside from being asked  by one person why I use hurricane so much (which given everyone AEO’s mobs I am not entirely sure wtf they want me to do)  I copped this following tirade because I was not watching the tanks health…I has stupidly assumed he would have waited for the healer to be close enough…I have placed it behind a cut as it has a couple of rude words…


Heroic 25 mans, pallies, mages and idiots :)

There was a few people online last night and we decided to just have a play in 25 man heroic….you know…for fun….what else can you do when you have no plans for a Friday night and you have 8 people online to start :)

You know, we were actually doing quite well….until the PVP event, which sort of nuked our plans to get any further.  The first attempt on them, I think we all spent about 10 minutes just trying to kill the healers….It was hilarious because we just didn’t have enough interrupts or CC….but I was enjoying myself immensely.


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