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MIA and time to catch up!

Yeah I was missing in action :D

Happy New years and all that jazz!!!  I hope everyone had a great night?  Tell me stories!!  heehh

Mine was a very quiet night, the weather was too hot to permit much drinking, so we just chilled out and leveled worgens :)  Yes our new years tradition is LANning at a friends place and playing WoW/Drinking/Chatting :D  It has become a tradition of sorts and we always have fun :D  We missed out on the fireworks in a major city though  :(

I have been popping into game every few days and doing bits and pieces, I am only 30% off hitting level 85, so I am slowly getting there.  I have had a recent spat of achievements though and that is pretty exciting :)

So for all the details :D


Cataclysm begninng to suck

I am officially over it. 

I am about 3 bubbles away from 84 and I don’t think I want to put up with the shit anymore.  I love the game, but seriously the people should all be shot in the damn head and never allowed to play.  I would love for a server where i don’t have to play with people that piss me off….yeah fairly broad range I would probably be playing by myself most of the time, no different to now really.

Today’s tirade is brought to you by LFD tool.  I was just queued up for 35 minutes, I got into the instance and the leader asked me to leave so he could level a guildie.  I had just gotten into a fucking run!  I made some comment and then just dropped group, being asked that just pissed me off and so I knew I was likely to be pissed at the entire group.  Yeah pretty lame I know, but it just pisses me off that I queue for 35 minutes, get stuck with a deserter buff because a guildie can’t run some fucking quests…..my second experience in running dungeons has not been any better than my first.

Let me tell you about my first dungeon experience, tank kept running in and pulling mobs, groups of them, inevitably we would get a second group and we would die.  This happened about 4 times, he then went off at the DPS for not targeting the correct mobs….on that specific pull mind you – he went with one of thr DPS outside, I was trying to sheep a caster that was attacking the healer and I am pretty sure our last DPS was attacking the mob he wanted.  We wiped on every trash pull and in the end after about 6 deaths and 50g, and then being told we were not doing enough dps because he saw someone doing 15k dps and we sucked, I decided to drop group…..

This does not include all the wankers out there stealing mobs, asking how to do a quest instead of reading the damn thing and generlaly just being a nuisance in game.  I have logged out now as I am just too annoyed at once again not getting anywhere.

I am also pissed at hubby and co, as we were supposed to be starting a guild together and now neither of them are showing any interest which means I could have been levelling with people and getting a guild built up, instead I am having to deal with buttmonkeys……GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Are we all still enjoying Cata?

Almost 83

Yeah I am a slow arse I know, but I am just kind of enjoying the ride to 85, last time; when levelling to 80, I rushed through and then was bored waiting for others to catch up.  So this time I am just getting there in my own time.

I haven’t really had much of a chance to play anyway, I have just been so busy, but this week I plan to get to 85 and then start on my warrior whilst levelling my professions on my mage.  A bit of down time never hurt anyone!

I like Hyjal, am glad it is over though, I was getting a little drained towards the end of it.  I am currently questing in Deepholm, which I love, it’s a lovely area.  I attempted to run an instance this morning, one of the ones in deepholm, and it was so fail I ended up leaving after the 4th wipe.  The tank would just run in and grab mobs, no CC, and no explanation, so I was trying to my best to keep mobs of the healers and then he would have a go about not targetting the right mobs etc.  Well I am sorry, I haven’t been here before and a little pre information would be more useful than post degradation.  So I left.  I decided I qould be better of questing trhen spending hours wiping because they want to be big shots.

Bah humbug is all I have to say!!  :)

All good though, I will jump back in shortly and get to 83 tonight, if I can.  I am going to see MUSE tomorrow night so I doubt I will be playing much, so wanna get there before the end if the week!!!

Shared Topic: Cataclysm

What are your initial thoughts about the Cataclysm expansion?

It’s a topic you can take anywhere you’d like. What’s your favourite new zone? What do you think of the instances? Any screenshots you’d like to share? Anything you’re excited to get started on? Whatever might come to mind regarding the main question :)

This is likely going to be a massively long post, with pictures and all, so I will be placing it behind a cut for you to read over at your leisure :D  Follow me through to my initial thoughts on Cata during day 1 and 2 of my experience. 

To make this a more comprehansive topic, I created a goblin toon as well and played through the starting area to get a better feel of what changes have been made, some of the things were before Cata in the last patch, but to me they make up the cata offering, so please don’t get pedantic about it being released 2 weeks before cata :) 


dragonfyre the Pilgrim

Yup, finally got it!!

I spent about 2 hours the other night trying to to get to Exodar to do the final table, but for some reason I just kept doing things wrong. I kepy drowning of fatigure trying to get to teldrassil, kept forgetting to use my water walking potion :/ The the guards would be kill me before I had a chance to get onto the boat once I got onto Teldrassil, being they are level 85 now I must have managed to just run the exact path that gathered them all.

In the end I begged my husband to come with me so he could sacrifice himself and attract the guards whilst I ran through….We did this quote successfully and he said to me “Um what was so hard about that???” and I just felt so dumb……until I noticed him at a third health and shielded and healing…ahhhh so it was almost death for you as well…..hehehe

Anyway I am glad I got it done, means I have another pet, and another title :D

I have also collected all the new tabards for the main cities – except undercity i think…I need to find their quartermaster, but pretty cool that I have a bunch of new tabards to wear. I don’t need the rep – except for the new Bilgewater Cartel obvioulsy once Cata drops. I am hoping they create some new achievements for collectors as we have gone stale – although I do still need to work on my mount one…I am 83 of 100….

Patch day :D

So sad I didn’t get to log in this morning briefly before I had to go to work :(  and I will be home late tonight so won’t get online until probably 9-10pm :!

So many things I am looking forward to in this patch :)

Mainly having to regem all my gear for just int, get rid of all those extra stats and crap – I like :)  I have to investigate crit/haste before I go too nuts but YAY no more SP!!!

All the new Guild interface options of professions etc will be awesome, can’t wait to have a fiddle with all that :

The normal UI looks heaps better as well, loving the spell book.

and last but not least:

POLYMORPH MONKEY!!!!!!! OH HELL YES!!!  Shame it is a glyph – am actually annoyed I won’t be able to have both penguin and monkey – or maybe I can?  No idea…will find out tonight when I go and have a squizz :D



Bucket list

Isaw this post


and thought what a great idea, so – I am sorry Anexxia – I am stealing your idea and running with it :D

My Bucketlist :

Get my Zandalar rep up on my mage

Farm the raptor and Tiger bosses

Farm the raptor mount in Ungoro

Run deadmines, one more time

Take some more pictures – specifically in Westfall, Darkshire, Auberdine and Southshore

Farm my red and emerald whelps

Try and complete more Argent tournie dailies so I can get my horde pets/mounts – then not have to do them ever again once I hit 85!!!

Finally – save up gold!!! and lots of it…

7th December…maybe

According to the sites and based on the Arena season – might be Dec 7th for release!!!  OMMMGGG!!!!!


Just ordered my virtual Blizzcon ticket!!!!

GOing to try and work out of we can strea, the feed direct to the TV via the Xbox 360 – and if we can’t do that we may just plug the computer into the TV and do it that way :D 


Why am I doing this again?

So it looks as though the triad will be creating a guild again for raiding…however I am not going to be anything other than an admin type person who looks after the bank.  I am not going to be GL, and I am not going to have any input about booting people if needed.

I am a softy and I would never boot people, but hubby and Co are the ones who have the ability to.  So I am just going to trust their judgments and hope like hell they don’t boot everyone we get in :D hehehe

We are still in planning phases, and we are going to check out blizzcon before we get any firm decisions in place as we want to know what kind of time frame and GAME Blizz are going to be sending us :D

Essentially though, we are only going to be raiding Wednesday and Sunday (tbc morning or afternoon) and the rest of the time we can just enjoy running heroics, farming, levelling alts etc.  We are all not wanting to get sucked into the full time raiding thing again and we are hoping there are others like us.

Like us means = people who know their class, read up about it, enjoy killing things, don’t want to play with people who don’t know how to move out of the fire etc, but in the end don’t have all the time in the world to raid…

We were in a horde guild very briefly that raided on a Friday night – for about 5 hours…that was it and they were almost surpassing the alliance guild I was in which raidied MOn, Wed Thus and some Sundays…..so it is possible to get through content.

So today I am going to investigate the guild and raid information that is currently avaialble from the BETA and the PTR etc and see what information I can glean that would be important or useful :D

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