Old schooling :)

Last night the guild decided to do some Firelands, yes I admit I am being slightly selfish there by wanting to get embers.  I am now up to 9 of the little blighters – I am beginning to think I really need to find a Firelands group running 25 man via some of those Xrealm sites.  …

Boomy + Drake = giggle fit

We helped Songblossom out on an Occ run the other day and this is my hubby on his drake. I was giggling my butt off!!  It just looks damn weird if you ask me.

Alt run of shame

We did an alt run tonight because of the save to the DW kill. It was a pretty good run considering we had 8 alts in the run, we got the first four bosses down. The shame I mention is my own. I was an awful raid leader tonight, I was so focused on trying …

Boomkin to the Raid!!

Yeah, I am a complete hypocrite, I know!  I keep saying I hate LFR and yet I am always in there.  For all the crappy attitudes you can find in there, it is still a great way to get experience, try out toons and score gear. Even if you are the bottom of the dps.