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Liebster Award

It seems this blogging award has finally made it into the wowverse.  It has taken a pretty long time to make the skip from personal blog land to Azeroth.  I was handing out Liebster awards (and a multitude of other ones) a couple of year ago on my old personal blogs, it is really nice to see it has been picked up in this part of the blogsphere :) I like the sense of community it creates.

It was pretty cool to be nominated by Cymre actually and I also found out that Thela/Jstmel nominated me as well :)  So as has been the fashion this last couple of days – (and mine is later than most) here is my Q&A, I have included all the questions I have been asked:

Cymre’s questions :)

1. What is your earliest memory in WoW?

My earliest memory was before I had started playing and my friend was showing us how good the game was.  He was a druid running around in the badlands, changing forms and killing rock elementals and it was amazing!  I was completely in love with the game.

2. What is your favourite activity when playing?

Raiding. I like working with other people to kill bosses, there is a sense of achievement that I don’t get anywhere else for being part of team and problem solving issues that are not real life related.

3. What is your best WoW memory?

I have so many good WoW memories – I have been playing too long!!  If I had to pick one memory to keep and all the rest were going to get wiped, I would say it was The Dark Within clearing Kara :)  It was the guild we built up from nothing – we created the environment, we pushed the people to do the content.  It was awesome.

4. If you could have any title in WoW, what would it be?

Probably the Insane – I started it a while ago, but really all the grind just made me bored, not insane, so I gave up :)

5. What is one thing in-game you could not live without?

My Elemental Mage Staff – it was one of the first ever epics I won when I hit 60.  It was mine!

6. What is your favourite item in-game and why?

My Frostbrood Dragon from ICC – yeah it is the second best dragon in the entire game and I love it because the first time I saw the Wrath cinematic I knew I had to have that dragon.  I am one achievement off the 25 man and I will have that soon as well.

7. Who was the first character you created and do you still play them?

My mage and yes.  Since May 2005!

8. If you could design any transmog piece, what would it be and why? 

hrmm, I think I don’t have an answer –  aside from there needs to be more items with sparkles or glow (or funky effects).

9. Who inspired you to start blogging?

My good friend in Sydney – but I started blogging personally and it got overrun with WoW content :)

10. What is the first thing you’ll do when WoD is live?

Level to 100 and take a million screenshots and make billions of posts no doubt :)

11. What was your biggest noobish mistake?

I have them every week….the most recent was changing my spec and not realising i needed to actually use the button I had just changed to :p


Jstmel’s questions:

1.) How did you get started playing WoW?

As above – same as my earliest memory.

2.) What other games were you playing when you discovered WoW?

Guild wars (I was hardcore man, nothing was better than GW!!!), Rise of Nations, Diablo2, Warcraft, Pharaoh, Zeus.

3.) Did you create your blog because of WoW or another reason?

Because of WoW – specifically to keep it separate from my person al blog.

4.) What is your least favorite zone and why?

Hellfire peninsula – and ONLY because when DK’s came out, I think the hubby and I created over 10 of them, and never took them anywhere…so we have done level 61- 63 far too many times…would you believe we have deleted them all as well so we need to start it all over AGAIN!!  GAHHHHH

5.) What old raid/dungeon do you miss most and why?

Kara – it was fun and well paced – the fights had a theme that was different but enjoyable.  I am not sure what it was about it, but it was so much fun and I wonder if that was because we had been soooo bored with Vanilla it was just exciting to be doing something new?  I don’t know…but it was a great raid.

6.) If you could be a dungeon/raid boss, what would your tag lines (the things you would shout at players as they beat upon you) be?

You can’t touch this!!!  then do an MC hammer dance :p

7.) Do you recall your first feelings about WoW and what were they?

I was amazed that I could throw fireballs with my hands…I was completely taken in with the universe.

8.) What aggrivates you most about WoW as it is today and why?

Honestly, the people.  The fact that a large percentage of the population cannot be nice to other human beings.  Really pisses me off.  It is zoo hard to just be nice?

9.) Horde or Alliance and why?

I don’t care – as long as I can play my mage :)

10.) What is your favorite movie and why?

Burlesque – Cher and Aquilera…there is nothing else that needs to be said!

11.) What is your favorite song and why?

Honestly, I can’t answer this question…I have so many favourites…like a stupid amount of songs that I can listen to over and over ….S4 – she is my girl, Adele – Rolling in the deep, Nemesea – In control, Margaret Berger – Feed you my love, Emmelie De Forest – Only teardrops, Anberlin – Hello Alone….god the list could just go on and on.

OK, so I will be honest, I have spent the last few 30 minutes trying to find people that I haven’t seen nominated anywhere (that I think would deb keen to do this) and I could find none.  So, please…anyone on my blogroll – please know I read you and I would have nominated you had it not already been done!  I love all your blogs and I read as much as I can.

You don’t need awards to tell you how fantastic you are and how much fun and smiles you bring to my life!  Thanks to those who nominated me, I feel very honoured and special right now

The Dragonmaker giveaway

When Cymre’s announced this little competition due to completion of her engineering, I was completely sucked in.  A pet to win…more importantly – a DRAGON!!  yes..my obsession with them burst forth and I immediately ran to the cupboard, pulled out my pencils and sketch pad and started drawing.  I continue to amaze myself at how skilled and completely terrifying my images turn out..maybe one day I will post the image I drew…but likely it will stay buried away forever as a permanent reminder of how I continue to fail artistically unless it is with a camera in my hand :)

My awful attempt confirmed my decision to try my hand at writing a short story instead…surely as a someone who has blogged for nearly 12 years I can handle a short story right?!  LOL…turns out it was much harder than I thought and I kept going back and changing things and altering sections, creating new bits…GAHHHHHHH….I was constantly fiddling with it, and had the deadline not been looking I probably would have kept going.  In the end I made the changes I had to make and then sent it on to Cymre.  I waited.

And then, I saw this!!!

I have no idea if my story was any good, but lots of people that have commented on the thread write short stories (or long stories in sections) and although I doubt they would publicly say it was crap, I hope they really did enjoy it.  (If you didn’t enjoy it – please tell me!!!  I don’t like thinking it was good, if in fact it was crap :p)

Either way – I am excited I won the competition!  I logged onto my mage so damn quickly and ran to the nearest mailbox – which I might add is always too far away the second you reallllllllly want to check your mail – even if it was just 40 yards away!


Woot!! Mail from Cymre!!

And my little baby, which I will love him and pet him and he shall be mine and I shall always look out for him and love him and pet him and he shall…did I say that already?? giggle!!!  SOOOOO excited!


Dragonray the Dragonmaker

So I have added a page with the story to it here under my events section and it shall forever be a reminder that sometimes if you want something bad enough, you can do what is needed!

Thank you so much Cymre for the fantastic giveaway, and for honoring me with the win and the awesome pet :)



My first podcast appearance!!


I did it!  I was on a podcast and I survived and I only stuttered a couple of times and I don’t think I sounded too much like a fool!  So that makes me pretty darn happy.

I was completely nervous the entire time and was sweating from it.  I didn’t want to say something stupid but I have been hoping one day I would be asked to be a guest on a podcast and I am happy that TNB was my first :)  I loved it and the experience!  I could do it again and again and again!!  eheheh

So below is the link to the podcast from the TNB site (Click the picture).  TNB are also available on iTunes as well if you want.

Please listen and let me know what you think?  Any comments, thoughts, mockery – all appreciated!!

I should have added if you want to add me ingame – Dragonray 1445 is where to find me :)  Just tell me who you are in your request!

Twisted nether!!

Yup!! It is happening today!!  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the joy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.28.31 am

For the Aussies – it will be approx 4pm today which is a public holiday in some states so I expect you to all be there!!!   ;)  (Please note I have been advised that daylight savings is coming into effect in USA on the weekend, so it has been moved forward an hour – from the original 3pm time!)

I would dearly love to see some friends in the chat room since I am so nervous about it.

You need to head to this site for the show!!



Please spread the world and support the Twisted Nether guys!!!! (and me!)

See you at 4pm – ish :)

Twisted Nether – oh my giddy aunt!

I don’t think I have posted this yet on my blog, I know I did on twitter.  But…<insert drumroll>  I AM GOING TO BE ON A PODCAST!!!!!

For my new readers this has been one of my greatest ever dreams.  To be a guest on a podcast about the most obsessive part of my life – WoW.  I can’t even explain how excited I am!!

March 10th is the day I am going to be on, well it is March 10th for the Aussies and March 9th for the US contingent :)  It is labor day in Vic on the 10th so I don’t have to get a day off work to be on the podcast as it is a public holiday.  I am so darn excited!! Although every time I think about it I start getting sweaty palms and nervous twitches!

I am finally going to be able to mark off podcast from my bucketlist.  So if you want to hear a stuttering, stammering and generally crazy person making a fool of herself, please come and listen.  I know it is a month away – but I can guarantee you – I will post this a couple more time simply because I am so completely beside myself with excitement!!

Battlechicken July Challenge

So, I have never done one of Battlechickens challenges, but since I am getting out there a little more in the community I thought it was high time I did :)

I have been considering writing a post on this topic for the last few weeks, about something quite personal and I just never found the right sort of context and this topic has come up, which allows me to kill two murlocs with one stone.

I have put it behind a cut as it may trigger and be hard to read. It is also long winded and waffly, as is my style :D