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Liebster Award

It seems this blogging award has finally made it into the wowverse.  It has taken a pretty long time to make the skip from personal blog land to Azeroth.  I was handing out Liebster awards (and a multitude of other ones) a couple of year ago on my old personal blogs, it is really nice […]

The Dragonmaker giveaway

When Cymre’s announced this little competition due to completion of her engineering, I was completely sucked in.  A pet to win…more importantly – a DRAGON!!  yes..my obsession with them burst forth and I immediately ran to the cupboard, pulled out my pencils and sketch pad and started drawing.  I continue to amaze myself at how […]

My first podcast appearance!!

WoW!!! I did it!  I was on a podcast and I survived and I only stuttered a couple of times and I don’t think I sounded too much like a fool!  So that makes me pretty darn happy. I was completely nervous the entire time and was sweating from it.  I didn’t want to say […]

Twisted nether!!

Yup!! It is happening today!!  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the joy! For the Aussies – it will be approx 4pm today which is a public holiday in some states so I expect you to all be there!!!   ;)  (Please note I have been advised that daylight savings is coming […]

Twisted Nether – oh my giddy aunt!

I don’t think I have posted this yet on my blog, I know I did on twitter.  But…<insert drumroll>  I AM GOING TO BE ON A PODCAST!!!!! For my new readers this has been one of my greatest ever dreams.  To be a guest on a podcast about the most obsessive part of my life […]

Battlechicken July Challenge

So, I have never done one of Battlechickens challenges, but since I am getting out there a little more in the community I thought it was high time I did I have been considering writing a post on this topic for the last few weeks, about something quite personal and I just never found the […]