My blogavesary is coming up soon :D

Yeah on the 14th it will have been one year on this blog 🙂 Feels like it should be more, and I am not sure how I feel that it has only been a year 🙂 I need to do something special, but not sure what? Any good suggestions?

Time to let it go

Yup, this will be my last post about stepping down, it has been 2 days and so far only my closest friends have said anything, a pool of people smaller in numbers than one hand of fingers. Yes I am being very self centered, and perhaps idealistic, in hoping that my guild mates would say …

Around and About

So, I though I should add to the buzz about Cata and add some screenies of areas in the game that may be getting overhauled and changed etc that I really adore, there aren’t all that many to be honest, I like lots of places but, as usual, when trying to remember exactly where, I …

New site I think

I am currently working on moving my blog to a new and sexy version hosted by me 😀 Have requested the web designing husband to create me a site that looks awesome, well in my head it looks awesome – it may not translate to anything so cool once done. I am also going to … gone bye bye, WTF?!?!?

So I went to log back onto,  now that I am playing again only to find the boards are shut down? Anyone in the blogosphere know why or when or what happened? I really like the forums for mages….I need a new place to haunt now… 🙁