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This week I suggested another topic :

I noticed – or could not find – any topics relating to the information about WOD!! I don’t understand!!

So with that in mind, here is one of my first questions: With you being able to build a third profession area – what are you likely to choose? Have you got all professions covered by alts so are just going to focus on money making? Did you take professions specifically for mounts/raiding or some other purpose but didn’t really want to? Is there a profession you want for specific reasons?

I have a plethora of alts – and I would say 80% of them have herbing/skinning – I have 2 toons with them both maxxed out in fact.  The plan when I start on another server is to make money, so I go with easy professions.  So I really have a few professions to choose from that I have never done on a toon – JC, BS, LW, ENG – are all professions I don’t have maxxed as yet.  I have a Pandaria level BS in my warrior (he also has mining at almost max as well), and I have a midlevel LW on my hunter.  I do believe I may choose JC or Eng for my garrison.

My paladin has level 12 engineering or something pretty low and maxxed out enchanting, and I am not entirely sure I am ever going to level engineering on her.  I know they are changing gems in gear and doing other things with JCing, so I will probably wait and see what further information comes out about WoD before making a solid decision but at this point – the mounts/pets I can make with engineering are slightly more appealing at this point then making gems.  I know, the mounts aren’t cheap to make…but I would like to try !!!

My Mage is Tailor/Alcy,  Druid is herb/skinning, priest is inscription (maxxed)/mining (not maxxed), shammy is herb/skinning, Hunter is skinning/LW, Warrior is BS/Mining and Pally Enchant/Eng (not started)….I need some more variety in there!!!  LOL



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