All i need now is lotto :)

Awesome day today!

My beautiful warrior finally hit 85 this morning!! YAY!  He was my second toon ever created after my mage :)  He was a she at her original creation but is now a tauren boy.

I don’t really have any plans for him, I just wanted to get him maxxed so I can maybe run some dungeons and just have some fun.  I enjoy my warrior – nowhere near as much as my mage or my druid, but I enjoy thunderclap and Stromstrike far more than I probably should!

Anyway, I logged onto my priest to start levelling her, since I am at work I can’t run dungeons, so am just questing, which can get boring!  I got a message from the hubby so I took a few minutes to read that.


He told me they were sending out more invites and so I logged into my BN account and there was an extra line!!!  What is even cooler, he got an invite as well!!!  We can both jump into beta together :)  I am soooo happy!!!

Yeah yeah, I know over 80% of the blogs I follow have beta already and have been in it for a week, but I am excited :)  I have never ever been in a beta before – I don’t count the SWTOR weekend as I only actually played for about 20 minutes before the servers creashed :(

I don’t really know what I want to do in BETA, I would like to play around with the panda’s and the monks, and I want to check out my mage and druid trees to get a feel for the new talents and the glyphs of course :)

All I want to do is go home right now and start the download :)  We also have to raid tonight – if we don’t get enough people we obviously won’t be and we are already going to be down 2 people, given that it is easter this week and a long weekend, it will be unlikely we will have enough  Such a damn shame I am going to get the entire long weekend to PLAY MY PANDA!!!!!!!!


So, just need to win the powerball tonight :)


  1. Niq

    Grats on your new level 85 and getting your Beta access!

    1. dragonray

      Thanks :) of course beta access is nothing when you can’t download the actual beta due to continual blizzard errors :(

  2. Martha (Perish Twice)

    Congratulations! :D I saw the post about the second wave of invites and I was waiting for the flood of happy dances across the rss feed. :) (Haven’t had a chance to check my own yet, but am crossing my fingers!)

    Pandas for all! :D

    1. dragonray

      There is always good and bad with beta invites…the crowds are immense and the quests area hard to complete :) But I really just wanted to see the panes moving around for myself.

      Good luck on your beta invite – my fingers are also crossed for you :p

  3. beinfamous

    Congratulations on the beta invite and the new 85! :)

    1. dragonray

      Thanks :) I am pretty happy about both, shame I didn’t win the lotto tonight, but I don’t want to be too greedy :)


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