Nubism at its best

So i was running around on my shammy today and wondered why i couldnt drop any totems.  Stupid me left them in the bacnk thinking we didn’t need to carry them around with us anymore…but um…apparently not, that is only if you have a relic in slot which acts as the totems. What’s worse is… Read More Nubism at its best

Kologarn Strat

Kologarn, is such a fun fight 🙂 Dead easy too 😀 MT attacks Kologarn – funny that :d  Making sure they dont’ fall off the ledge 😀  We have lost so many people down the front of Kologarn’s pants 😀 All DPS is on the Right Arm, we pop heroism when the arm respawns.  We… Read More Kologarn Strat


WOOT!! Loremaster is the suckiest title to get.  Kalimdor took me ages to finish off, simply because quests were so hard to find.  I did however get to having 10 quests left and after 2 hours travelling half way round Azeroth I finally got it!! I am now sitting at 12 titles I think…Shame I… Read More Loremaster

Defense rating

Each point of +Defense skill adds 0.04% to the chance to be Missed, to Block, to Dodge and to Parry. This means +25 Defense will grant you an extra 1% Miss, Parry, Dodge, and Block. The formula is constant across all classes. Critical Hit immunity for a level 80 player against a raid boss occurs at 540 Defense and… Read More Defense rating

Hit rating

Ok, my hit breakdown in english 😀  well my english anyway: So based on the fact we don’t have an Oomkin all the time – i need my hit to be at (for my fire spec) 420 for most raids and  341 for some…LOL…great fun that will be 😀 Arcane spec – 263 hit rating… Read More Hit rating

New Guild

New guild has been created and moved across to a new server.  Approx 10 of my guildies decided to follow me to the new server, so we are just going to focus on 10 man content, as that was my intention with my moving to a new server. It is nice to have my closest… Read More New Guild

old post

Sill obsessed with WoW and a new expansion is coming out for it! WOOT! Level cap will now be 80    tis so awesome!!  still playing most nights, it gives my mind a chance to chill out and not think about anything    Have moved my main to Dath, playing with more aussies makes it a little… Read More old post