No raiding….woot?

Basically haven’t raided this week due to numbers, just people offline with RL things, which has been nice I have to admit. A nice week of not being pushed for success.

Next week will be back to normal I am sure, and I think most of the guildies were happy with a couple of nights off so they could do whatever they wanted 😀

Am looking forward to the patch actually, so many new things in this one…well for the pet collector in me there is lots of new stuff 🙂

Crusader :D

Ok, so it took me slightly longer than most, but well, they are very tedious dailies 😀

Am up to 18 titles now….just a little nuts if you ask me 😀  Have to find the next achievement I am going to go for….probably finish my cenarion rep…and my consortium….

Iron Council Strat

So far the best strat that has worked for us, is having our MT grab Steelbreaker and tank him near the front door, and an OT picking up Morogrim (or whatever his name is) and tanking him to the left hand side of the room. (Left hand as you are looking at them).  We don’t even worry about a tank on Brundir until after Steelbreaker is down.

Basically we pop heroism as soon as possible on Steelbreaker so we can get him down faster. We have one healer on Morogrim Tank and 1.5 on the Steelbreaker tank.  We send out .5 tank healer to help on Moro just as Steelbreaker is dying – approx 10% as the tank on Moro ends up taking more.  We all race over to Moro, with the Steelbreaker tank going and picking up Brunir.

Our last good attempts we got Brundir to about 50% before we just had too few alive.

The Runes of Death lived up to their name and just kept killing people.

Seems to work well for us, just hoping we can get some good practice in as I think this is a winner.

Hodir Strat

So basically our Hodir Strat is to remove all the NPC’s from the iceblocks – every time the flash freeze happens…get them out – starting with the mage of course 😀

We tank him in the centre of the circle on the ground and try and keep him as still as possible, so we don’t have to move around as much.  We don’t use a frost tank, and we don’t tank him up the back of the room.

Avoid the runes and priest for Mass dispel is super awesome 😀  We also don’t generally worry about the moonbeams very much and we focus more on the toasty fires.

Sounds easy on paper, much harder in practice 😀  It works for us 🙂

This weeks wrap up!

So Hodir finally bit the dust…no idea why he is so hard, but finally people got it together, so we went to try out Iron council as well and had Brunir to 50% before we all ended up dead…so basically they are doable as well.

For the sake of testing it out, we tried FL in hard mode tonight…all night….and well he is hard obviously, we have concluded though that our gear is just not up to standard of hard modes yet, so we ended the night by just killing him quickly so we have tomorrow and Monday to clear as much as possible.  We were however getting him down to about 39% each time with 9 people (we basically had one person dc every time we started the fight)  so I think for hard mode that is pretty good.  Well I say hardmode…we did him about 3 times on 4 towers up and fuck me!!  so we killed 2 towers and were doing ok…so more bosses and more gear and we should have that 😀  the biggest problem was our vehicles just didn’t have the health to sustain much damage….

So Thursday we clear to Iron council and have Monday for Hodir again – perhaps get him down faster this week 😀

All in all I am pretty happy with the outcomes 😀

Auriya Strat

Crazy cat Lady 😀  Evil bitch this one.

We use a few combos of strats out there, we have a hunter/immolation trap, DK/D&D, Pally/Consecrate etc to pull them over, we stand at the top of the stars and the end of their patrol and we hide 😀  We have an OT for the 2 cats and a tank for the boss. Generally our Prot warrior takes the 2 cats and our feral takes the boss.

We DPS one cat then the other, popping heroism at the start. If we are having a good DPS night, both cats will be down before the first scream, otherwise the second cat will be at approx 10% health and gets burned down pretty quickly once we get back.

We let the OT pick up the feral defender as much as possible and we don’t DPS it all, just let the general AOE splash damage kill it, at about 5% health we try and move it away from the boss and if not possible the tank starts moving the boss away for the void sphere that spawns.  once the defender is down we move the boss to the the other end of the platform not even very far really, enough that if people get feared it isn’t in the void zone.

Generally we get 2 spawns of the feral defender and only one void zone before the boss is killed.

Oh How I hate thee Hodir….

We wiped all night on Hodir, we got much better towards the end, and we were getting him consistently to approx 30% before too many of us were dead to beat the enrage timer.

However I was consistently sitting on about 3.5k DPS all night which made me pretty happy, I have to admit I did very little raid leading as was just watching my own toon more than I usually do, I have to admit though – I don’t think I have a choice in Ulduar.

and my best DPS for the night as follows 😀


Thats my achievement score at the moment, I think considering I don’t do any PVP that’s an awesome number 😀

Need to do the dungeon ones, I have all the outlands dungeons needing to be completed.


My warrior is now 75 😀  

After too many years sitting on the sidelines, she is so close to getting to 80. I am pretty excited to be finally working on another toon.

It should hopefully only take me another week to get her the rest of the way, maybe 2 weeks since I will be raiding as well.

Level 75 warrior

My warrior is now 75 😀  

After too many years sitting on the sidelines, she is so close to getting to 80. I am pretty excited to be finally working on another toon.

It should hopefully only take me another week to get her the rest of the way, maybe 2 weeks since I will be raiding as well.


Talk about months and months of farming furbolgs and getting annoyed with the constant battle to actually be able to farm then damn things I got exalted!

Another title to add to the collection 😀

and yes I have been doing my argent tournie things, I have SW, IF and Darn all done, am currently working on Exodar, probably 3 days left on those.  So almost at Crudaser.

I think I am at about 15 titles now, or something silly, I will check when I log in tonight 😀

Nubism at its best

So i was running around on my shammy today and wondered why i couldnt drop any totems.  Stupid me left them in the bacnk thinking we didn’t need to carry them around with us anymore…but um…apparently not, that is only if you have a relic in slot which acts as the totems.

What’s worse is that I still haven’t yet taken them out of the damn bank!!

Kologarn Strat

Kologarn, is such a fun fight 🙂 Dead easy too 😀

MT attacks Kologarn – funny that :d  Making sure they dont’ fall off the ledge 😀  We have lost so many people down the front of Kologarn’s pants 😀

All DPS is on the Right Arm, we pop heroism when the arm respawns.  We have our OT pick up all the adds that spawn when the arms is killed, and me and a lock generally AOE the adds down as soon as the tank has aggro.

Wait for the arm to respawn then take it down again, we don’t worry about the left arm.

The only other thing is to watch out for the eyebeams…we basically run towards the back wall and then along the wall if we get targeted, it keeps it away from the rest of them 🙂



Loremaster is the suckiest title to get.  Kalimdor took me ages to finish off, simply because quests were so hard to find.  I did however get to having 10 quests left and after 2 hours travelling half way round Azeroth I finally got it!!

I am now sitting at 12 titles I think…Shame I cant wear them all at once 😀

Next Title is Crusader..I have been pretty slack on the Tournie dailies so I figure a new title is all good.

Defense rating

Each point of +Defense skill adds 0.04% to the chance to be Missed, to Block, to Dodge and to Parry.

This means +25 Defense will grant you an extra 1% Miss, Parry, Dodge, and Block. The formula is constant across all classes.

  • Critical Hit immunity for a level 80 player against a raid boss occurs at 540 Defense and requires a defense skill of 140 (689 +def rating) from gear to achieve. The defense minimum for heroic dungeons is 535 Defense.
  • Critical Hit immunity for a level 80 player against a raid boss can also be achieved by a Resilience of 5.6% and requires a resilience rating of 459.2 to achieve.

Hit rating

Ok, my hit breakdown in english 😀  well my english anyway:

So based on the fact we don’t have an Oomkin all the time – i need my hit to be at (for my fire spec) 420 for most raids and  341 for some...LOL…great fun that will be 😀

Arcane spec – 263 hit rating for most raids.

Hit cap is 446  without any buffs or talents

Draenai buff = 1% or 26 points (approx)

SP or Oomkin buff = 3% or 79 points (approx)

Arcane Mage with Arcane Focus and Precision – 289 hit rating. Faerie Fire or Misery – 210 hit rating. Draenei AND SP or OOmkin – 184 hit rating.

Frost or Frostfire Mage with Precision, – 368 hit rating. Faerie Fire or Misery – 289 hit rating. Draenei AND SP or OOmkin – 263 hit rating.

Fire Mage / Torment the Weak  – 446 hit rating. Faerie Fire or Misery – 368 hit rating. Draenei AND SP or OOmkin – 341 hit rating.

New Guild

New guild has been created and moved across to a new server.  Approx 10 of my guildies decided to follow me to the new server, so we are just going to focus on 10 man content, as that was my intention with my moving to a new server.

It is nice to have my closest friends with me, we are hoping to have some fun again and just be happy killing content, without too many screw ups and missing people etc.

We start raiding shortly, and have  a new website up and functioning so at least we can keep in contact with each other 😀 

I am excited.

old post

Sill obsessed with WoW and a new expansion is coming out for it! WOOT! Level cap will now be 80 :)   tis so awesome!!  still playing most nights, it gives my mind a chance to chill out and not think about anything :)   Have moved my main to Dath, playing with more aussies makes it a little easier to get groups in my prime time :)