guild update, overdue i know

So time for a guild update since it has been a little while, Xmas is coming up and NYE so we aren’t raiding at the moment, but I have spent the last couple of weeks getting heroics and gear under my belt. Have been using the random heroic thing, which is pretty cool, and just… Read More guild update, overdue i know

Finally! Fuck yes!

So finally after about the last 4 weeks for running OBS 3D zerg, I finally managed to get it done!! I estimate I spent about 500g on repairs for the wiping I suffered in that place!  I went a couple of times with guildies, but it just never happened, we kept getting close every few… Read More Finally! Fuck yes!

Catch up

So a fair few things have been going on and I have not been updating 🙂 Patch 3.3 dropped 2 weeks ago, with Icecrown Citadel raid being released with 4 bosses.  They will release the rest over stages, I think due to the Xmas break there is a break of about 28 days before the… Read More Catch up


I started a new blog a couple of days ago, in defence of GC and all the idiots out there 😀 LOL  It is my little way of saying I support him!

TOC grand style

Last night was supposed to be an Uld 10 man run, sadly it didn’t happen, instead we went to TOC – but heroic 25 😀 We were in there the other night and we were not doing too badly, we were having the same problem last night, in that people were not killing the snobolds… Read More TOC grand style

Stepping on toes and all

It was recently brought to my attention, yesterday to be exact, that one our new guildies doesn’t really like us and is going to be, if not already, spoken to quite severely. All because we are apparently FAIL!  Anyway I found it amusing that given alot of our tanks/healers were doing assignments they have never… Read More Stepping on toes and all

Ony 25 man and old skool.

Last night was a very interesting raid night for me.  In brief we went to Ony 25, Gruuls, Mags, Sunwell and then OS 10 with 3 drakes. Ony 25 went well the second attempt, no one died and we got some achievements since I hadn’t done it in 25 man before 😀  So that is always… Read More Ony 25 man and old skool.

Warrior is getting closer

Yeah I got my warrior to 78 on Monday(?) i think! She is now 30% through the level. She is wearing 2 pieces of the heirloom gear and that is helping a huge amount. Just need to ensure i kill loads of monsters!  and not beats or humanoids 🙂 One of the new guildies wanted… Read More Warrior is getting closer

First night

So our first night with the new guild, was different and slightly disturbing :S We almost had enough for 3 10 man teams….but alas we started with 2 and then ran later for a third. So we started at about 7.45 got into TOC and my group wiped on the NRB to kickstart the night. … Read More First night

That’s the end of that chapter

Well my guild is no longer…again….AHAHAH seems to be a theme….we have merged into another guild who is doing 25 man content and pushing through it at a very good rate – even doing hard modes and heroics and such.. I made a split decison over the weekend that this was something I needed to… Read More That’s the end of that chapter

PVE is hard, sometimes you have to use your brain….

So last we went to TOC and let me vent my anger at the stupid shit that was being performed….. I would say X and people would do the complete opposite….I would request A and people would do B…. I am getting to the point where I am seeing the end of the tether and… Read More PVE is hard, sometimes you have to use your brain….

Finally pulled their fingers out

So after treating them like a pack of 2 year olds and telling them exactly what they needed to do and when, we finally got Ony down!! YAY for us!  Took 3 attempts I think..maybe 2 – can’t quite remember, either way we finally got her down, hopefully we can repeat ther performance again and… Read More Finally pulled their fingers out

Let’s play catch up

I have been just sooooo busy lately. Time to get a catch up on here! So we finally cleared ToC as a guild!  YAY!  We got to Anub in on night and had a shot on him, we then spent the next night – all night – working on him.  Our third attempt we got… Read More Let’s play catch up

Ui changes

So after spending a few months without addons, I have decided i can no longer do it 😀 So here is the list of addons I have started with Prat 3.0 pallypower decursive powerauras classic quartz titanpanel xloot Shadowed unit frames Simpleminimap onebag3 LunarSphere bartender 4 Buttonfacade serenity/caith/onyx Sharedmedia loggerhead ORA3 I am hoping the… Read More Ui changes

Talk about gearing up

So tongiht, late, ie just before shut down a few people wanted to drag my pally through TOC, who am I to complain, anyway hubby yells at me to jump online and off we go, after me complaining that I didn’t feel like it. So normal mode we did it, and I scored 2 peices… Read More Talk about gearing up

Paladin info

At level 80, we require 263 hit rating, or 8%, to be hit capped on white swings, specials, and judgements. 1 STR gives you 2 AP baseline, multiplied by 1.15 from Divine Strength (Tier 1 Prot) giving us 2.3 AP per STR when specced you need 214 expertise rating (26 expertise, 6.5%) to reach the… Read More Paladin info

I have an alt :D

MY pally is now 80! Yes yes, I spent all weekend levelling her due to guild dramas and went from 76 to 80! She is mostly in greens at the moment, but will change with a few runs and some rep. I am very excited to have an alt, shame it is on theother faction… Read More I have an alt 😀

Guild Drama

We had guild drama tonight. I am mortified that this has happened in front of our 2 new recruits. The MT had a dummy spit about a peice of offpsec loot that went to a friends ranked alt.  The MT then left the raid and their partner had to log as well, leaving the raid… Read More Guild Drama