So what a fabulous night in ICC we had!

Our first run through as a guild and most of us were not really expecting to get past Deathwhisper. But nope we cleared to Saurfang and killed the monkey!

I finally got my damn achievement for clearing that wing!  LOL  So did a few others.

We had a failed first attempt on Marrowgar, and by fail I think we had him to like under 10% or something stupid…we just had blue flame in bad bad places 🙂 eheh  Deathwhisper we one shot, we just spanked the adds as soon as they came out and we did the fight perfectly,  I don’t rememebr if we even lost anyone during the fight?  The gunship we took a couple of attempts on only because we kept losing a tank due to exuberance.  Once we sorted that out, perfect attempt the next time.  Saurfang took three attempts and we were getting him to below 15% the first time, then 3% the second then down the third. 

We just had a really good night, heaps of upgrades, especially for one of our healers, which is awesome and we only sharded 1 item i think, or something like that.  Was great to see so many pieces being used!

New piccies for the website and a great morale booster for our guys.  With the lack of experience we had in there, we did really well for out first night, let’s hope we can continue that!

Here we go again :D

So I left, obviously and it caused quite a stir.

I stupidly thought I would one of only a couple that would leave due to the crap that occurred, but well nope, the entire guild bar 2 people left and came back to the old guild, which I have kept around for the bank tabs etc.

So on the first night we all jumped on our old vents server and just chatted about the whole thing.  We are back to being just a 10 man guild and being part of the family.

One of my mates likened it to putting his comfy slippers back on and sitting on the couch with a beer, I found this heartwarming to be honest.

I felt awful the first couple of days, constantly apologising to everyone for the hassles, but there is only a couple of people I feel really bad about as I know they were really happy there and would have stayed with them.  I need to just deal with the fact that if they didn’t want to be here, they wouldn’t be, and I love them, but I don’t want them to be here if it makes them unhappy in any way.  ARGH, I will talk to them over the next couple of days 😀

We raided on Monday night, just ToC, OBS and Ony, nothing major but it was nice to get into the groove with everyone again.  We had fun, we were just enjoying ourselves 😀

Tonight, shutdown, we just went to trash farm in ICC, which will be good for the people that havent been there much, it means tomorrow night we shouldn’t have too many problems.  I think everyone in the raid wiped us tonight for just oddball things, was fun in an annoying kind of way 😀  but we were all laughing about it.  A couple of us got some ring upgrades due to the rep increase, which was nice, but the practice is good as none of us have been in there all that much 😀

I did not plan to be running a guild again, so am in the process of dealing with all that again.  We have delegated 3 other people to help with the admin stuff and help out, so I might make up a list over the next couple of days detailing what they can do to help etc.  So should make my life easier 😀

The guild as a whole is going to stay as a 10 man thing, but look at doing 25 mans one night a week etc, perhaps even more than one night, but it will just be with alliances so to speak.  We already have a possibility lined up, but will need to discuss it further with everyone and the other guild obviously 😀  We will keep recruiting and stuff, but it isn’t going to be a focus, we are hoping that by pugging more, we may score people that are more like us etc.  So we may get into 25 mans one day, but we are not going to aim for it in anyway at this time.

All in all I think it will be good, this way we can get some 25 man stuff in for those who really want to do it and then 10 mans for us to just enjoy the game and have some fun again 😀  I am basically nervous, excited, ashamed, upset, happy, sad, and scared.  LOL all rolled into one ball!

Let’s see ow it goes from here 😀

Didn’t see that coming..

So talk about guild drama….wow did it get nasty in one day…..

As far as I knew everything was travelling along all fine and then a post was made on the forums by a guildie asking for raids to be organised a little better, so a few posts were made by the GM and others then I made a post about having a raid bitch to organsie raids 2 days in advance and that perhaps we coudl run things without the GM being online…somehow, I am still nto sure how, that caused a major blow up to the point where the GM responded saying my post made him want to quit WoW and that I had not listened to anything previsouly posted and that all our effort was wasted etc…anyway he was pretty nasty….so then a couple of people arced up to defend me – I might add i didn’t post again after my first post….and from there the topic just got worse and worse. 

The whole idea was that we were requesting to have some raid organisation before raid night, but the officers and GM’s kept yelling and screaming about people missing out on raids should stop being such babies?  I am not sure how they got to the conclusion any of us were complaining.

Anyway in the end one of the GM’s called my friend an “illiterate fuck”, that was as far as I was going tro take it so I gquit.  I was not prepared for all my old guildies to quit with me, so we trundled back to MA last night. Upset, tired and a little shocked was I…..

I then got an email last night advising me of a comment posted on my blog, pleas refer to the previous post for that little gem.  I am not entirely sure what this person means as I used to chat to  3 people, and only one had an accent that I used to comment about, but I didn’t realise that talking to people = flirting…I shall have to remember that with my current guild mates as I would not want them to think I was trying to get them all in the sack for one giant gangbang!

Anyway if nothing else I have learnt that no matter what you may think or how well you are playing with others,  some people are cunts and will be that way forever.

Please find below the post I made which if you refer to the comment posted on the previous blog, was be posting shit all over their forums?

No offence meant here, if you want people to take initiative we need to know it is ok to do so?

The other night we we were told a run wouldn’t be going because you and Sere were not online, now I am no expert but we had 2 tanks online with a third who could have tanked the trash/OT in ICC easily enough. IN the end you both came online so all was well, but by then the raid was not started until almost 9pm server time. Granted I am referring to a 25 man here, and not 10 mans.

However the 10 man runs can be sorted the night before, you guys are very particular about people signing up on the forums so use that sign up, or the addon Koli linked. If people are not signed up don’t base the groups on them, end of story. We have more than enough people in the guild with alts all over the shop who can handle almost every situation possible.

I used to be in a guild, a very long time ago, that had one officer dedicated to raid organisation. We had to sign up at least 2 days before said raid and that officer kept track of everything – who was in, out, guaranteed next spot etc.

We had 2 sign ups each night for the 2 different teams and if you signed up for Team Mouse on day one, you signed up for the same team on day 2, day 3, day 4, so you had to ensure you were available for all relevant days (or at least note fi you couldnt make which day).

That officer was then able to approve and queue up people for raids 2 days in advance which meant the raid could get organised within 3 minutes and there was no stuffing about and people were sat out if they were not online.

The issue Muffy is you are being RL/GM/Spec person etc etc etc, you need to delegate and tell people to shove it if they are not happy with that. And use mods and people to help achieve those goals of running more smoothly. Says me who didnt delegate anything :p

This is more diffcult with the influx of people have had due to us joining, we added a 10 man group to the guild, which has caused more headached for the organising of raids, however I am more than happy to be the raid bitch if you need one and set up the calenders etc and approve groups etc so that when you log into game you are ready to go and all the raid leaders can just invite everyone who is approved etc.

I guess what I am trying to say is, you want us to take initiative, but on many occassions things do not go ahead without you and Sere online and that has been noted as the reason, so can there be some discussion about what we expect from the people who are able to fill vital roles, because as I understand it, if you were to take a holiday, we would not be raiding?

you spin me right round baby

Was playing on the laptop tonight and i seem to have burnt my wrist from the heat. I have a scorch mark where is was laying on the computer. Bloody hurts actually, it is all bubbled and red.

Spent the night sorting out all my toons, getting bags and selling things etc, was nice to just get some stuff done that I have been meaning to do.

I didn’t get to raid tonight due to my pc, I don’t want to take a raider spot when my pc cant handle it. It isnt fair to the raid or others in the guild. Kind of a mute point though since I told the officers to demote me since i would not be raiding anymore, but they refused to demote me….so i figure this lack of raiding may lose me a raid position, but in the end i have no choice in the matter i have to wait to get my new pc, which should be in about 3 weeks if all goes to plan. Let’s hope it all goes to plan hey?

warrior stuff again

shield slam > revenge > shockwave > conc blow > devastate.

There are several different hit caps.
The melee hit cap causes all your single weapon auto attacks to always hit and causes all special melee attacks to always hit. This is reached at 8%.
The spell hit cap causes all your spells to always hit. This is reached at 17%.
The dual wield hit cap causes all your dual wield auto attacks to always hit. This is reached at 27%

Hit is almost a pure threat stat, it causes your attacks to hit more, and thus it makes you do more threat. There should be a reasonable amount of hit available on tank gear, but you shouldn’t gem or enchant for it.
The only time you should ever worry about hit caps is if you need to taunt something. If you glyph taunt, and the boss is properly debuffed (Improved Faerie Fire – Spell – World of Warcraft or Misery – Spell – World of Warcraft), you need 6% additional spell hit chance to always hit with yout taunt. This is 158 hit rating.

Note that taunt is based off of spell hit, and that you get more spell hit chance from your rating then that you get melee hit chance.

Expertise governs two things. The chance a mob has to dodge you and the chance a boss has to parry you.
You negate the mobs chance to dodge you when you reach 6.5% dodge and parry reduction at 26 expertise skill.
You negate the mobs chance to parry you when you reach 14% dodge and parry reduction at 56 expertise skill.

A note on hit and expertise.
For both hit and expertise, the general thing to remember is this: “If you do enough threat, you don’t need more of them. It is important, though, to realize that having more of either of them will make your threat less spiky. While this effect is minor, having a string of misses at the beginning of a fight can cause someone to grab aggro.
My advice would be to not worry about getting to either cap, but not completely ignoring the stat either. Gemming or enchanting for hit or expertise shouldn’t be needed

<3 Warriors :D

So I got my warrior to 535 defense and a few of the guilds tanks were helping me get gear etc, one pally in particular made me a fair few pieces of gear, which I cannot thank him enough for. That gear got me to 535, so I went and ran Halls of Lightening….no, not heroic!! LOL but for my first ever real tanking experience I would say it was pretty fucking awesome! I was loving it!

I let a couple of mobs loose accidentally, which I got back as quickly as I could, I only wiped us once as I pulled too many mobs and the whirlwind killed us 😀 The trinket I was after off Loken dropped, so my defence is no at 544, so I can start running heroics…probably not hard ones, but the easier ones I should be fine for..and if I stay within the guild a little I should be ok 😀

We also went to ToC – normal with me on my warrior to get some gear, and one ring dropped…everything else was not any good for me. It was a funny run, we wiped 4 times on NRB, just bad bad luck apparently and people thinking they were out of the fire when they weren’t etc…it was just funny, then on Lord Jaxx, OMG how much a tard am I….I thought I had time to run to the other side of the boss before it started, but no…he chased me, killed me in 3 shots…I am glad it wasn’t a one shot – I have some dignity…but the MT couldn’t stop laughing as he was wondering why the boss was running away and I was pissing myself at being such a retard…basically it was a bit of a laugh fest 🙂 I felt like such a retard!!! But I just couldn’t stop laughing.

We managed to finish it though 😀 I also did the weekly raid on my warrior today as well 😀 I didn’t tank just attempted to DPS. I finally have some money again so will be paying for a DPS spec on her some time this week so I can do a little of both. I basically just want to run heroics with her as much as possible to get some badges for my tier 9 gear 🙂

All in all a very very awesome day! Am very very proud of my tanking abilities 😀

Drinking plus raiding don’t ever mix

So I must have the shittiest roll luck I have ever seen. So far this week I have lost out on 4 pieces of gear which would have been nice upgrades because I can’t seem to roll higher than a 10 😀 Welcome back to raiding with no loot system 🙂 And do you know who keeps winning most of them…..yeah the hubby….damn thief!! LOL Why is he on a DPS cloth class now!! *CRY*

After the belt drop off Marrowgar (or whatever the fuck his name is) last night i decided i needed to drink! LOL

Also had an issue with the guy I put on ignore, he must have tried to whisper me, as he came into vents to ask why I had him on ignore, but I didn’t know because I Had him on Mute as well….he then whispered hubby to ask why he was on ignore and I advised hubby to just say I was pissed and to leave me alone for a couple of days….I might take him off ignore today at some point and see what goes down….It wasn’t mean to be a shit storm. I am concerned I have caused and issue and I really don’t want to have caused one….i am never going to use ignore on a guildie again, it is just far too stressful!

The guild is asking for raid leader to help out as apparently the other night no raids went ahead as no one wanted to raid lead….I considered putting my name down, but after Mr Mage have decided I am not even going to attempt it….no point in embarrassing myself.

Speaking of embarrassing, I think I may have figured out what I am doing wrong in my rotations, I am not using my arsenal all the time. I was starting to use all my cool downs last night on trash and was hitting 16*17k on the AOE trash, with a frame rate of 0. Welshy was hitting 30k or something fucking ridiculous!! Mr Mage would have probably hit 50k…LOL Either way I was impressed with that, so I have to start using my cool downs all the time. I definitely can’t do 25 man content with 0 fps, well it bounced up to 1 occasionally last night. So I am beginning to like being arcane considering the numbers I can pull out 😀

Temper Temper

You know it and I know it, hell probably half the continent knows I have a bad temper when pushed too far, but tonight I barely had any control.

I have always considered myself to be a fiery person, but I am generally able to just let a lot of things slide for the betterment of situations.

Tonight, I have typed a response to a person about 15 times in my head and not one of them is ever going to get posted, as I generally don’t believe name calling, flaming and swearing promote a positive environment.

However this is now the 4th strike for this fellow guild member and he is now on ignore, in game and on vents, something I have never ever done in the 5 years I have been playing this game. I have also removed my alts from the guild as I don’t want to put up with him, I just want to get away from him completely.

I am not going to stick around after strike number 5. I have no need to be placed in a position where I feel uncomfortable or unhappy for 20 bucks a month. I love my guild, I have not been this happy in a guild in a very long time, excluding my own guilds I mean. Someone asked me where I rated this guild and I said top without hesitation. I love being here, I love the people, the fun, the seriousness, the friendship and I do not want to go anywhere else.

So I am hoping this ignore thing will work as I don’t want to leave a guild I really feel as though I have found a home and I respect the officers and GM’s in this guild so much – I don’t want to lose that by going off my head in the heat of the moment and having a go at this guy – publicly or privately. That would serve no purpose, I am new to the guild, I am but one person who has an issue with another – it happens all the time, I have tried to mediate many of those situations in my own guilds, and being on the other end of the stick can see why sometimes no amount of mediation will help.

Sometimes just ignoring them works, let’s hope it does, because it would be grossly unfair to him for this to be made into something it isn’t. I dislike him, the 80 other people in the guild probably like him, so obviously something is amiss with me, I shall persevere.

I am not keeping secrets, I am keeping the peace – for the good of the guild Mr Mage :p

The time has come to say goodbye

So I think I can handle 10 mans, but my computer can definitely not handle 25 mans, I had such an issue last night getting any of my spells to actually cast I was tempted to just log.

We went to TOC, and the screen tearing was insane, i reloaded my UI and vertical sync so many times I can’t remember, then we went to Ony 25 and none of my spells would cast at all, it was fucking stupid.


10 mans seem to be ok, and 25 mans seem to be ok if I do them after the computer has been off for 8 hours or so, and I do them straight away….once it starts to heat up – it’s all downhill.

Anyway, I am annoyed and I enjoy 25 man raiding, so this is a bitter pill I refuse to swallow! I will keep doing everything I can until the point where I break the computer from sheer frustration.

Achievement chasing :D

I went achievement chasing today, was fun to just be getting things done. I got my pest controls done – I have neded like one animal on them for about 3 months and just have not had a chance to finsih it.

I also managed to get my weapon skills and unarmed ones done. I went to searing gorge and beat up some creatures, was fun just running around beating the crap out of things – melee mage FTW! I then headed to Hellfire to start beating things up there, once my unarmed got to about 370 I had heaps of trouble levelling it in searing gorge 😀

I am now on 6k for achievements, which I think is kind of cool 😀 eheh

guild update, overdue i know

So time for a guild update since it has been a little while, Xmas is coming up and NYE so we aren’t raiding at the moment, but I have spent the last couple of weeks getting heroics and gear under my belt.

Have been using the random heroic thing, which is pretty cool, and just running repeatedly. Still prefer running with the guildies I have become rather attached to, however they aren’t always available 😀 ehehhe

I have managed to get my gearscore up and am now ranked i think we counted at 25th? the other day for the guild, which is still low as far as I am concerned, but it was better than being 45th 😀  So will continue to work on that. I need more frost badges to get my next level of tier pieces, but for the minute I am trying to save up my cloth for boots and stuff…..so it ill slowly get up there.

Mr Mage is helping me heaps with making me a better mage, I have improved my DPS from approx 3.5k to over 9k if all my procs are going and on average now in a 25 man raid I am hitting 5k if I am not dicking about with typing etc.  So not only has he helped me with my gear and is still helping me, he has managed to get me to play at a much better level.  I am surprised I even let them to be honest, a few years ago I would have told them where to shove it and I would have left, but he isn’t an arse about it and he isn’t making me feel like an idiot so that helps…  I still have trouble not watching the raid frames and wanting to call out what is going on but I can’t really compete with the current raid leader.

Can I also point out that tanks that can TPS like maniacs are a huge difference as well, perhaps it is the jump in gear, I don’t know but I barely have to look at omen anymore because I know if our pally is tanking he will be so high on threat I will never catch him, I love that feeling, means I can just burn hard and watch my dps increase.  Riding threat was never a pleasant experience and I know a few of our guys appreciate that as well.

After a few more rads with them, I can’t believe how good a raid leader he is. Makes me somewhat jealous I have to say, he is on top of every minute detail that is going on, and is still able to tank  😀  heheh  I have never hd so much fun in raids as I have the last few weeks, I know we seem to be a lot quieter in raid than they are, but i think that has slowly begun to change. We were still new and unsure etc, now people are settled in a little more they are causing havoc.

I am concerned about a couple of poeple, but have been assured it is ok and under control, I have offered my services but they have not been taken up, so i have to breathe a sigh of relief at that 😀  I didn’t want the responsibility anymore, but I can’t help feeling concerned if my guildies – any of them – have issues with me or my friends.  I have developed a few friendships so far in the guild but have not really spoken to many people, I need to make a more concerted effort now that I am more settled into the guild.

What else has been going on?  Not much else really, so many people in the guild are just fabulous, filthy and fun,  I laugh  more than anything with these guys and I feel at home. I have had many ex-MA tell me they are happy and enjoying themselves.

Finally! Fuck yes!

So finally after about the last 4 weeks for running OBS 3D zerg, I finally managed to get it done!!

I estimate I spent about 500g on repairs for the wiping I suffered in that place!  I went a couple of times with guildies, but it just never happened, we kept getting close every few attempts like 10% or under.

But it was well worth it!!  I won the drake that dropped!!!!  SQUEEEEE!!!!!!

Won with a roll of 99!!

Catch up

So a fair few things have been going on and I have not been updating 🙂

Patch 3.3 dropped 2 weeks ago, with Icecrown Citadel raid being released with 4 bosses.  They will release the rest over stages, I think due to the Xmas break there is a break of about 28 days before the next release of bosses.

We have been into ICC a couple of times now, we killed the first boss Lord Marrow something, on our first night in there on about 5th attempt and last night we went back in and one shot it.  It is a very long fight, well for us it was and most of us were kicking almost 6/7 k DPS.

We went and had a go and deathwhisper last night and well, not sure how well that fight is going to work, it seems a tough fight, but I am sure once we have the adds under control it will be fine.  We had about 4 shots on her and we were slowly getting better each time.

Onto other guild info, since we joined with this guild about 7 people have left/booted from the guild and apparently it isn’t us causing the issue, we had hoped that we would have enough people to run a 10 man at the same time as the 25’s this has now not happened as we have lost too many and we barely have enough to actually get a raid running on time.

This is also another issue in that raids never run at 7.30, last night we got started at 8pm I think, which was better than the previous night of 8.30, but it just is silly that we spend so much time waiting for people to turn up before we even start inviting when we have 23 people at 7.00..I know I would have started inviting and clearing trash while we waited for the extra 2 people.

All in all they are a nice bunch, if we can sort out this raid inviting/starting issue it will be really good.

TOC grand style

Last night was supposed to be an Uld 10 man run, sadly it didn’t happen, instead we went to TOC – but heroic 25 😀

We were in there the other night and we were not doing too badly, we were having the same problem last night, in that people were not killing the snobolds fast enough.

I was doing my best to constantly be tab targetting so that when they were out I was on them as quickly as possible, however on a couple of occassions I got a snobold myself, called out my name and ran forward, only to stand there for the entire time watching a hunter, oomkin and a few others continually firing at the boss…..so tell me how can you continously not do what your told and expect us to win?

All in all though it was fun doing something that is a challenge and not letting us beat it.  I think we had slightly less DPS last night as I was second on DPS and I was in the top  few for damage overall until I started dying too often….whereas the other night I was way down on the DPS, barely in the top 10….but we couldn’t do it then either…LOL

We are currenntly speculating that the new patch 3.3 is going to drop tonight, which will be Icecrown citadel 🙂  New content!!  Should be good, mages can go frost!!  OHHH YEAH!!!  and apparently be raid viable, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a good ole frost spec 🙂

Stepping on toes and all

It was recently brought to my attention, yesterday to be exact, that one our new guildies doesn’t really like us and is going to be, if not already, spoken to quite severely.

All because we are apparently FAIL!  Anyway I found it amusing that given alot of our tanks/healers were doing assignments they have never done before, we actually still got through the content. And I know the RL said we got through it in 2 hours should have taken us one etc, I don’t think they took into account all the AFKing the guildies were doing, we spent mor time standing around than actually fighting and that always eats into the time.

Anyway  I am going to keep my eye on this individual and if he so much as blinks crookedly I will be making it known….

I also find it funny they are soooooo pushing the whole gear score thing….I don’t get it and i certainly don’t understand why they are making such an issue of us having less gear, when if you look the entire guild up on the site, we are nicely spread amongst them so in essence our gear is no better or worse than theirs.  That makes me feel better as I was beginning to feel like we were holding them back and in reality we aren’t.  They have just as many people needing gear to get to the 2800 score they want…I might add they only have a handful that are within that 2700+ mark.

Anyway I am being slightly negative about it as I am finding it annoying to be constantly reminded about gear score when it isn’t the sole factor in the game. YOu have to know how to play your class and how to stand out of the fire. I can have every piece of the BIS gear, wont mean anything if i dick around and scratch my balls while raiding…But that is always the issue when trying to convince people that gear isn’t everything 😀

Aside from that, everything seems to be going well, everyone is getting along, we all seem to be making a concerted effort to slide into the guild as quickly and easily as possible 🙂 I shall give it another couple of weeks before I make any plans, but I think it is working well 😀

Ony 25 man and old skool.

Last night was a very interesting raid night for me.  In brief we went to Ony 25, Gruuls, Mags, Sunwell and then OS 10 with 3 drakes.

Ony 25 went well the second attempt, no one died and we got some achievements since I hadn’t done it in 25 man before 😀  So that is always nice 🙂 Have scored a fairfew achievements overall the last week, I am loving it!

We wiped the first time as the guild seems to have an overly excitable character – reminiscent of Tobio – who thinks that pulling whelps and dragging the boss on a false start is a funny way to play the game. Not so for most of us, who don’t enjoy that kind of play time.  We don’t get a lot of time to play so I find it annoying when I have to spend time running back for my corpse.  Anyway after the initial wipe because said person kept going to the caves and dragging more whelps even during the fight, no idea how we even got as far as we did to be honest.  As mentioned second attempt when raid leader went a little aggro at him was much better, nice and smooth.

We then went to Mags and gruuls for those who didn’t do it back in BC. Someone kept agrooing mags and false starting us, which was annoying as well, then someone pulled Gruul while only 5 or so people were in the room, they managed to kill him as well!!  Can’t believe both those fights used to be so hard and would wipe raids for weeks :/  Mags was dead before we even had to click the cubes…that’s how fast he died…..

We then trolled over to Sunwell for a looksie, was fun as, we bugged out Kalcegos due to someone being outside the circle, then we got Brutallis down and were playing on felmyst – she wiped us twice i think and I am not so sure we would have gotten her down, she was tough!  I want to go back to Sunwell !!  I was having so much fun!

A fair few had to leave at that point so when we got back to Dal we got a group happening fro OS 10 man with 3 drakes, we pugged a couple of people who left after each attempt, and we were getting her to 10% each time.

My new GM’s both brought in their mages and gave me crap about having such low DPS, one even commenting that my gear was better than what was being shown on the meters. So I decided to prove to them I sucked and I whipped out my arcane mage talents….and it backfired, I hit 5k DPS on the next attempt compared to the 3k I was barely doing as FFB.  So they both started whispering me tips, hints, rotations etc and I got completely overwhelmed. I have to fix my glyphs and change my gear fi I seriously want to give arcane a shot, but I have to admit I was almost beating one of our best hunters and that was feeling good….the other 2 mages were hitting 7k DPS and i want to do that kind of damage!!  So I guess I am going to have to look through my gear and see what i can change out for some other stuff.  I am also going to have to learn how to play  mage – ie what gear I need to go for, food etc.

So I will be researching today at lunch and then some when i get home!

I am slightly excited – all this in the week when I have been able to just sit back and enjoy the company!  I Love it! I may actually be able toplay my mage again like I used to and be proud of my knowledge.