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Gold: challenge modes – Scarlet!


I was hanging about online one night and got simultaneous messages from both Owl and Navi asking if I was doing anything.

It was challenge mode time?!?! I have determined golds are crazy and we managed to get two done. I had never done them before so I was feeling as though I was letting the team down because I was making mistakes and not really outputting the most because I wasn’t sure when the tank would need my spells. I felt completely overwhelmed!


Domination offensive!!

I am having so much fun with this reputation grind. I am adoring the involvement in the actual siege of org storyline for taking down Garrosh.

Razor Hill War

A little while ago I was passing through Razor Hill and noticed that Vol’jin and Baine were there with an army talking about taking Orgrimmar. I was pretty excited about it and listened to them for a few minutes.

Garrosh the Fool

I adore seeing things in the world be affected by quest lines. It makes me fell like I really am part of the world.

A few days later I was helping out the Blood elves and whilst I do enjoy the idea of being a hero of the horde, given the amount of fighting I have done for these people I should be treated as a hero!!

Hero of the Horde

His speech made me wonder if they plan to make blood elves be able to pick a side like pandas. I mean they are not happy about the way Garrosh is treating them and it would be quite possible to have some defect to the alliance on that basis. I will hold further judgement until I get the rest of the quest line done though.

Changing alliances

Then we went off to find out about the divine bell, apparently in Darnassus with those nasty night elves. I admit, I was worried getting through to her, all those statues doing the floor smashing had me worried a couple of times and I wasn’t entirely sure I could make it through unscathed.

Divine Bell

At least Vol’jin is healing and should be able to come help us himself, lazy bugger!!


Now to collect cinders!

1000 of them to be exact.  Just a few weeks work if I can get into a couple of Firelands run with no one else needing the little buggers.

I noticed Owl online not doing much and begged him to please help me open the portal and fight the boss, Aza came along as well! I was pretty excited to be getting this part of the questline done.  This is the three of us at the portal – isn’t it pretty as it opens?!!?

Entering the Portal (more…)

Learning about being an idiot

Every once in a while I discover my stupidity knows no bounds.  In fact this first bit Lominari was quite happy about as he “got to teach me something about WoW” which we did have a good laugh about.


For the past few weeks I have been thinking of taking my pally into LFR, but I want tank gear without tanking.  So people had been telling  me to just go and and loot change it. Me, being stupid thought they meant to go in as tank spec but just choose DPS – isn’t that what we used to do?  I didn’t want to do that though, I felt I should at least try to DPS if I was going to be in there to get some loot.

Finally after chatting about in guild the other day, I mentioned it to Lominari and how I felt bad about doing that,  he laughed at me and said to just change the loot drops.  I stared at him blankly for a few moments, silently thinking he was crazy.

He showed me :

Loot spec

I basically screamed at him : WTFTFTFTFFTFTF!!!!!  Yeah, I missed that one.  Had I known that I would have gone into LFR much sooner.  The entire guild waffling on now makes sense to me.  I understand why it is so easy now and how it is even more impossible for people to be tanking with no gear…there is really no excuse for it –  AT ALL!

However after having finally jumped in there with pretty bad gear – mix of prot setup gear and ret from the timeless isles, I am not sure I am cut out out for retribution.  I sort of suck.  BIG TIME!!

Ret Pally DPS

That shot of DPS was from Ji-Kun – I am number 20.  TWENTY!!!  I didn’t even think DPS went that low.  I am hating questing and I am hating raiding because I cannot kill anything.  We won’t dicuss our time on the Isle of Thunder, Lominari on his rogue killing stuff at 90k DPS and me struggling with one mob.  He generally comes and helps me after he has killed the other 5 or 6 standing nearby.

I will  continue to see if I can get some gear on my pally and once I get some ret gear happening so I can so at least be midpoint on DPS, I will start worrying about my prot gear.    I would like to get enough that maybe I could tank some normals/Flex with the guild as practise or relax runs…just to see if I am any good in a raid environment or if I have lost it completely.

From a stat point of view, I have met all the requirements and I am following what I believe to be a pretty basic rotation (need to do more reading though) but I feel that my DPS should just not be that low.  Some of the guys in the guild say ret pallies are sucking anyway and so I may just always suck with her.  We shall see – a few more LFR’s and maybe it will start picking up.

Another idiotic thing I have done recently, was to sort of, possibly…maybe….forget what buff I was using on my mage.  I was complaining bitterly, in guild chat a few weeks back about why my stats off Ask Mr Robot were not matching with my in game stats.  After much discussion with guildies (and I think they were pretty sure I am mentally challenged) I discovered that I was missing some of my haste because I was using my mage armour and not my frost armour.  Yes, I was missing 7% haste and wondering why things were not working as intended.


And it just keeps on coming, I finally moved my druid over to be with the rest of the family (YAY) and realised I have been playing my level 90 druid without one of our fairly important spells since I reached max – Astral Communion.  I only discovered this as my bars got all messed up in the move and as I was re-adding all my spells to my bars I found it.  I will point out, I had wondered what everyone was talking about when I would read balance guides because I could never find the spell they were talking about.  For shame!!! Made worse by me going into LFR and doing Durumu in Tauren form and not Boomy, funnily enough – all my buttons were fine once I changed forms.  Yes, this would have to be the worst mistake yet.

Midsummer Fun

After having received my Violet drake  ages ago, I tend to forget when the festivals are on, I don’t need many achievements and so I was happily surprised to find I had some available for Midsummer:

Extinguishing Pandaria

which was much easier than I anticipated, I thought perhaps I would get attacked or mobbed or something, but instead nothing happened.  I went, I clicked, I ran away like a little girl – it was easy!

I then flew around and got the rest that I needed for the Flamekeeper achievement.

Midsummer Pandaria

I am pretty sure now, I am only missing the achievements for the Elders…I haven’t done Cata or Pandaria for them, I also have a few Xmas ones I need to do this year if I remember to attempt it, then next year I have to collect the rest of the children’s week orphans. I missed one this year and am unhappy with myself for forgetting to even check into it like I said I would.

My only decision now is whether I try and get enough of the blossoms to get the Brazier of Dancing Flame before time runs out…I really like it and I think I only need another 100 or so to get it, which really won’t take all that long to get if I put about an hour in.  I might do it…



I have mentioned before that I don’t have a huge amount of money, in fact, you could say, I have enough money to pay for my raiding and that is about all.

I don’t do a lot of dailies, or auction housing and I, sadly, like spending the money I do have on mounts and pets.

So after the latest spending spree on my Sands of  Time I decided something had to be done.  With garrisons coming out in WoD I want to make sure we have funds to buy whatever we need between now and then, and mounts are always more expensive and well..everything is more expensive.  We barely ever have the money for all the things we want, I am going to make this xpac different!  I SWEAR!!

The best way I can think of making money is to get my farms active on my toons, that way I can sell vegetables, herbs, minerals etc and not be out of pocket for my toons.

The token you buy for extra reputation for the Tillers is amazing!!  My warrior – who had not even been to Halfhill market managed to get to Revered by the second day. THE SECOND DAY!!!  So he has 12 open spaces and after the second day of doing the dailies, I may only need another couple to open up the farm entirely.

Farmer spirit

My pally is up to the same section as well now, so I have 3 farms working. I have my shammy in on it as well since I don’t really use her for anything else, so currently I have 4 toons with three of them only have 12 spaces open and my mage having the entire farm.  I am not doing dailies on the other toons at this stage, I have too many other things I want to spend my time on, but I may consider it shortly.

Farmer Pally

My plan is to have my mage doing half her farm for the Domination Offensive, whilst the rest do ore/herbs/vegetables so I can put everything on the auction house.

I am hoping that this will allow us a good feeder for money.  My little auction house spends her time running between mailbox/bank and auction house.  My guild bank needs an assistant I have been kept so busy with auctioning.  I may need to get auctioneer again to help make the selling part easier :)

The herbs are selling well, but the vegetables are leaving a little bit to be desired, I think it is just pot luck on what sells and when, so will keep trucking.  I am also making sure I do some dailies every day so I can be getting money without fail.



Continuing the Firelands Legendary

Crooked and I headed back into Firelands to do the next part of the legendary questline called Delegation.

We figured the two of us should be able to handle most of it, and although I think it would have been easier with a more solid third person, I think we ultimately kicked butt.

Essentially you have to collect 3 items, join them up, then use them near the boss during a special attack/phase and then loot it again before dying a horrible death.

We started with Beth – wiped about 4 times before finally getting all the parts done, we lost the lootable item, we mis-timed things, the drones really hurt on squishy mages and it is really hard to loot/cast when things interrupt you!!

We then headed to Alysrazor. Ouch.  OUCH!  OUUCCHHH!!!  That was fun times, the items we need to collect were despawning too quickly, and in fact, I wasn’t even sure what to look for originally because once I stopped the hatchling from eating my face, I couldn’t see any. Then we weren’t sure exactly when to drop the item and we blew it too early, so had to go again, but then Alyzrazor got sick of us and we had to wipe it up, but the next attempt was easy and we smashed it really quickly.

A couple more deaths due to hard hitting mobs and we got to Ryolith. We actually didn’t do too badly on him, but Crooked had switched to healer so he was getting smashed by the adds; I was trying to kill adds and help him, plus kill Ryolith and chase the drops  – it was sort of mayhem, thank god for the heals though is all I can say!

We wiped and then re-did him, however…my lovely healer decided to bail and leave me dead whilst he hearthed out!!!  Just after I saw his body hearth I took this picture :(  Crooked thought he was ressing me… LOL Hearthing and ressing must be all green and look the same :p

Alone in Firelands

I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get the crystal I needed from Ryolith actually, I dropped it at the same time that he stomped and I was sure I had missed it.  Thank god though, I must have had some luck on my side.

We repaired (OUCH) and then cleared more trash for Shannox. I thought he would be hard because he is the only boss that actually hits you directly and he hits harder when his puppy dies.  So, I didn’t think we would be able to do it without a toon that could take more than one hit.  Both Crooked and I managed to pick up a crystal each though on our first attempt and that made it a little easier.  We decided to wait until the raid finsihed and see if we could poach someone to just hold the boss for us.

Owl offered to come (bless him again) knowing he would not want to kill the boss and be saved to a crappy 10 man run was also a bonus. We accidentally killed Rimlimb the first time, and had to wipe, and then I missed the arrow dropping so had to try and get it drop on my crystal…GAHHH.

Finally did that and then we headed out.  WOOT!  Got all 4 of our crystals. Ported back to the Vale and realised we needed to actually do the quest…not just the collection.  We didn’t go and use the crystals to get to the hidden boss to get the actual Branch   DUH!  It was too late by this stage for me though, I needed bed.  I will have to go back in and attempt it another night, but I believe Crooked was going to do it straight away!

So, once I get this bit done, I need to collect 1000 cinders and according to one of the guides I have read, I need to do a lot of heroic 25 mans kills for the best drops.

seething cinder

Just a few more weeks to go then!  Once again, huge thanks to both Crooked and Owl, as I would not have been able to do this without them and their help!




New Mage Forums : Altered Time!!

Since magecraft forums disappeared a while ago I have been trying to find a new resource that I could utilise for help from other mages in a non volatile environment.

So whilst trolling the interwebs about mages, I found it!!

I have registered as well, but haven’t posted anything as yetI am lurking and reading everything I can in the “help me” forums.  I posted and jumped into it!!

My DPS has been medicore at best – and that annoys me – mages are supposed to be kicking arse and I am simply not.  In my mind, I was following my rotation and doing everything correctly, but based on other people’s response to the combat logs – I am doing a few things less than I should be and some things more than I should be.

My uptime on my Living Bomb should be at least 95% – on Sha of Pride – I was managing 75%.  So need to lift that up more.


living bomb

I am also using ice lance too much, I should just work on my movement so that I move stop and cast frostbolt sooner/cleaner than running too much (always been a problem of mine).  According to some tips, my Fingers of Frost and ice lance should be about equal – and my ice lance is much higher – dare I say almost double in some cases.  This is a lot of wasted time that I should be using frostbolt – as you can see below – I have only 25 Fingers of frost – yet I have 161 Ice Lances. Fingers of Frost allows 2 charges, so even if you double the amount – the most I should have is 50 Ice lances – and even then that would probably be too much (and I am not entirely convinced it works that way – some people suggest only using it when it has the full 2 charges, other says it doesn’t make a difference!).  Either way, it tells me enough to know I have to stop using Ice Lances :p

Fingers of frost

ice lance 1

icelance 2

There are also notes that Brain Freeze and Frostfire should be equal and I think mine are pretty close, I have extra as I use Presence of Mind with frostfire, but I am wondering if that is not the best use of talents.  I may need to change it to Ice Floes and learn how to cast and move on the go, I know I was terrible on it with my shammy and chain lightning, but we can see how it goes – if it increases my dps potentially then I should at least try it.

I also discovered that my evocation is not as high as I thought it was – at 79% this should be much higher – at least 90% would make me happy.


Anyway, I am happy to have found this new forum where I can read about and learn how to better my playstyle – little things like the above are things I should have picked up – and yes I should have been reading the logs sooner, but I have been slack and really the only raiding I get is Flex, so it is hard to stay practiced when you don’t actually get to raid much.  So, watch this space over the coming weeks, I will try and see how I go with some focused attention to my procs – and no – I am not even going to start with the slingshotting of Living Bomb…that may be out of my reach….LOL







Becoming even more legendary

or should I say “old school” legendary.

I have been slowly building up to getting all my embers, and it was a very sad moment when I had to pay $2700 x 3 for my sands…all my money was gone and my mage was back down to $2k.  Sucks being as broke as I am in game (which I have been laughed at multiple times already – not that  I am mentioning anyone in particular) but as I said to Navimie a few weeks ago, I barely have 17k across all of my toons, and am now 7k less :P  So I can promise you – this legendary quest line is going to kill me if I have to spend too much more money.

However I headed to Cavern of times to finally had in the first part of my quest!!

Legendary Stave

Anachronos made me a little gift and I then headed over to the Nexus to hand in the next part.


I then had to follow her around in the Nexus and kill some mobs. It was fun seeing an old storyline come back to explain things.  But as I have read the novels this time period was based on it was even more cool to see what was happening.

Pink flames

I liked her pink fire, and she took forever to burn through that wall!!  I am guessing the mob that attacked would have taken more effort to kill back in the day and would have been terrifying at level.  I was happy to be going through now.

I died once on the platform jumping section as I missed a jump. However we continued on after restarting and killed the last boss and then had a lovely cinematic with Deathwing and Malygos (poor Maylgos!!).

The dragons

Somewhere in amongst all my questing Crooked message me and advised he was just ahead of me in the chain, so we are going to try and hook up next week perhaps, once the restart happens, and try to collect everything in firelands that we need.  It requires wiping on 4 bosses so we can both collect items I think, so it will be interesting to see how we go.

I am excited, I have a few more things needing to be done, but I think as we are so much ahead in gear it is a lot less sinful that it would have been originally.  Wish us luck!!  I can’t wait to have that staff.  Ever since I saw it on the back of Aimei/Lushies Druid I wanted it.  WANTED IT!!!

Once again though I am completely indebted to Owl/Aza/Lushen for letting me tag along with them when they do things. I really wouldn’t have gotten as much done as I have without them and their fun and excitement and just giving everything a go attitude makes me grateful to know them.  They are just able to go into content fearless and attack it with laughter and gusto and whatever happens happens.  Aza tanking in Flex – as a perfect example – just seeing how far they can push themselves but having fun with it.  I wish I was more like that, I wish I was a good enough player to do that.  They make me want to be better though and I think that is a fantastic thing.  I really am so lucky to have people like them around me in game that I feel I can call friends.  I owe them so much – there is never going to be a way I can repay them!



I missed last months Green competition for May due to real life, and I am not entirely sure I have really nailed this month, I have seen some other people’s entries and they are just fantastic!!

So here is my entry for  blue!

ROYGBiV Blue June

I really like it, seemed to come together quite nicely, what do you think?

I feel guilty though as I have not logged back into Landmark and I hope Thela forgives me for that.  I have just had barely enough time for WoW, but thankfully it looks likely free time is increasing, so I am hoping to get back into Landmark soon and see if it captures me.

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