Sticky: Bucket List of Death.


OK, so I am finally giving in and doing a bucket list.  I need some way of working out what I need to get done.

Here we go!


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Crazy Cat Lady

Yup, that’s me!!  I am slowly working my way through all the pet battling achievements.  It is a slow, painful, thing to do, but eventually I will get there.  I am not sure I will get it all done before WoD as some of the pet collection is dependent on their seasons and not ours.

However I am now a Kalimdor Tamer, so I have tamed a creature in every Kalimdorian county.  Pretty sweet because it also means I have most of the pets from the area as well, I didn’t move on until I had all the pets in the one area.

Kalimdor tamer

Aside from the Silithid Hatchling (sandstorm my butt!), minifernal – I just can’t even! and the Showy Owl which I can’t get until Summer (our time), I have every pet – not the best quality but I will upgrade or hunt later. I am glad that the AQ guardians are up though so I scored one of those in my travels due to it being Summer in the US.

World pet Mauler

I also have tamed a pet in 60 different places, which means I maul pets anywhere apparently I can :( Poor little blighters…mind you, they are only poor when not killing my little babies. They get quite aggressive and I don’t like it.

The other achievement I was not expecting to get was my crazy cat one, I thought I needed at least a couple more cats, but turns out a little savannah cub in the barrens tipped me over the edge.

Crazy for cats

So I am happy about that I am slowly but surely getting through my bucketlist – it is just taking a little bit of effort each night, mostly whilst watching TV with the hubby.

Guild Fun Runs


We did a few old school runs the other night to clear off some of the guild achievements that hadn’t yet been done.  We headed to Firelands (YIPPEE) I managed to get a few more cinders.  I have had no  luck with Oqueue at all.  Every raid I sign up for never develops into anything and I never get invites, aside from the one FL 25H I tried with 4 people and we wiped on Beth about 4 times so I left.

I must keep trying though I as I really really need my cinders. I wish I could tag along with Aza/Ex/Lushen when they go, but they don’t follow a schedule so I never know when they are going.

Anyway, we smashed through it very quickly and got to see his little legs again :)  Of course the DPS is too high it causes issues during the actual fight, but it is over very quickly so it is easy to manage.

Guild Heroic Ragnaros

I also managed to get exalted, which I was not expecting. I thought I had another couple of clears before that would happen! I think that puts me at like 62 or something for exalted reputations.

Avengers of Hyjal


We then did Nefarian and Cho’gall on heroic and I got a lot of achievements for them! We also did the Four winds.

And guild achievements for the last bosses was pretty exciting :)  I of course died on Nefarian and was in the lava when they killed him. I got up onto my podium and then blown back into the lava after about 3 seconds and I couldn’t get back out.  :(

Guild Heroic Nefarian

Heroic Cho'gall

Guild Al'Akir

We also did Sinestra, whom I had never seen before. It was a pretty cool fight but overall I don’t think it would have been too hard to get a hang of back in the day, it would have been pretty intense – without a doubt!!

Jump into the hole

I really wasn’t comfortable jumping down a random hole! But the path leading to her little section was pretty nice and fiery…I thought it was very pretty for a den of hell and corruption.

Path to Sinestra

The She-devil herself!!


And the achievement for a few minutes work on her little drakes!

Guild Heroic Sinestra


For some reason we missed out on the achievement for no one dying, we lost one person after the achievements popped and the boss was dead. So we are not sure what happened with that.  It was so much fun to just sit on vents and smash through everything whilst having a joke and a laugh.

Ahoo’ru, you Suck!

A few people that I have spoken to have told me this fight is pretty easy…I beg to differ in the loudest of voices!!

This fight sucks!  I would prefer Hexos…IN FACT I would even prefer NIbbleh!  This fight is stupid and stupid and hard and impossible!  YES – IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!  I have been going off WoWhead’s guide – Ahoo’ru.



I have not given it too many attempts as yet, because it is annoying me quite a lot.  I can survive – that isn’t the issue, until the Beserk kicks in.  I don’t have enough time.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles.  I can’t cast and avoid the bobbles and make sure they stay near him and stay out of the charge.  I can’t do it.  I don’t understand it.

I have understood most of the fights that I have struggled on, you learn the pattern or the how, just need to then practise the execution.  This one just makes no damn sense.

Ordinarily, this post would be filled with swear words and bleeped out sections, but I left it a few days to write it.  I am so annoyed by this fight.

My best attempts have been getting his rebuff off (once) and my health was so low he came over and hit me, I died.  I would have died anyway as the berserk was about to happen.

I have tried single Angels, AOE angels, multiple angels, freezing, them running them and everything in between that I can think of.  I don’t get this fight.  I can’t find the pattern in the glittery things…I thought it would 4 circles, but I think that changes.

They hit me for far too much health, I only have 640k health.  The orbs hit for 200k.  That math just doesn’t add up. I can’t avoid every single one and get to the mobs in time and then try and cast and GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



I just want Rank 10 :(


Mr and Mrs WoW Top 3

I finally decide to track down the original post and contribute.  I think it is a great idea given I very rarely complain about WoW.  I actually still really love it, and aside from the cooking this expac there isn’t much I have ever complained about.  I felt I would have something nice to say about it.

Here is the page where all the information is being collated!!  Is it lovely to see so many people have contributed to this!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.49.38 am

So, here we go my top 3.

1: Fantasy – this keeps me coming back. I love that I can ride dragons, I can shoot fireballs from my hands, I can heal, I can tank, I can be anything I want to be.  I can live a story in game that has nothing to do with bills, work, family and stress.  I can log in and fly around the world, see monsters, save people.  I am a hero.  I am legend in Azeroth.  I enjoy building my story in game.  The stories that control Azeroth are huge and old and there is so much lore.  The fantasy is the best part of this game. I suggest chasing the collections for the weird and wonderful creatures that make up the fantasy of the game – if that is Onyxia or a Blue Drake….or a murloc pet – go and chase it down!!

Pally dragons

2: Social – I have always enjoyed the social side of the game. Yes there are twats, and people who should learn some manners, but overall people are nice. They are wanting to chat about the game, and they have interesting stories to share. I think if this game didn’t have guilds I would not still be playing it. My current guild is one of the best I have ever been in and I have been in some amazing guilds (and i have been in lots).  I enjoy getting to know people online – thy can become friends outside of game. You can support each other, keep each company, have laughs.  The online world has opened up so many options in regards to making new friends, people you would never have met before.  I have lost many hours in game standing in a main city just talking in guild/whispers and not actually doing anything.  My suggestion off this one, is get to know some players, group with randoms and actually talk to them – add people to your Btag, talk to the poeple in your guild – get to know them and have a laugh – sit on vents talking crap and being involved.

love my guild

3: Raiding – My preference is for 25 man, but 10 man satisfies me somewhat.  I enjoy working with a team, to try and take down a challenging fight without all killing each other in the mean time.  The sensation you get when the fight you have been working on for ages is finally defeated, when they collapse with 0% HP after doing hours of wipes and investigation.  The overwhelming feeling of success and teamwork is just amazing.  I love listening to the first time kills and listening to people whooping and cheering – you can hear the happiness and excitement!  It is a big deal.  I always asked Lominari to make up kill shots for our guild because they meant a lot to me.  I wanted them to be special. My suggestion for this is to get into LFR or Oqueue and do the content that you haven’t seen – the developers put in a lot of effort for people to see the content…go forth and conquer the big baddies!


There you go, my top 3 things with a bit of a blurb I know….I waffled a lot because of my love. Check out the post and add to it people!!



I didn’t actually add anything for you to actually do – so ….I have added some bits in :)  You may have to re-read :p

General musings about WoW

Lately, at the onset of another expansion, the general question of should I change toons has loomed large in my life.

I wonder, honestly, how hard it would be to learn to heal on a toon.  Can you spend 10 years playing a game as ranged DPS to switch to something as difficult as healing? Is it difficult?

My healing experience is as follows:

  • 2 weeks on a Shammy in Black Temple
  • approx 2 week in 5 man dungeons (mainly Well of eternity) on my pally with friends only
  • approx 2 weeks in Cata PVP on my Paladin
  • 1 week in LFR Dragonsoul on my Druid
  • 2 levels in Dire Maul on my Priest

That sums it up.  Can you combine that and become an effective healer?  I don’t know.  I am not even sure I want to be a main healer in WoD, but having said that healers are always useful if they are good at their role.  I am not sure I would ever be good.


I also have a lot of history with my mage – not sure I am willing to give that up.I am thinking it might nice to go Fire again, but it will depend on the spec come WoD.

There is also the question of what I will be doing in WoD.  Since the release date is November, I have less time to muse over whether I will be a raider or not.  I want to be a raider…and once we move back into the city I will be able to handle the raid times with the Frosties.  Just…unlikely we will have sold and moved in time.  Beginnings of expacs are always a time of changing and moving though, so I will cross that bridge when we come to it.  I want to raid though.  I REALLY hate missing out!! Being in game now and watching the others raid and having to find other things to do has been a real eye opener for me…I can’t handle it!!!  HAAHAH  I need the raiding fix that LFR just doesn’t give me – I think LFR just devolves into name calling and abuse whereas a guild normally just keeps going. The jealousy is just unbearable some nights…


In the end I know day 1 will rock around and I will jump on my mage and I will start questing, but I don’t want to regret that decision.  Last expac Lominari leveled a monk from scratch, we helped as  much as we could and he was ready before half the other raiders in our guild.  We stopped playing and when he came back, he picked up his Shadow priest again….I don’t want to do that.

I know two things for sure, I love my guild and I can’t see myself ever leaving it by choice and secondly that I want to raid this expac.  I want to see all the content.  I have to make those two things work for me.

I must make a concerted effort to find whatever the money maker is in WoD and be fanatical about it on my toons. I must gather funds this time round so I am not constantly scratching around when I want to buy mounts.  I mean I still can’t afford the repair mammoth (that is half my current stash) and I not even close to getting the 108k Yak….I couldn’t even contemplate buying it…I can’t buy all the other mounts like the cloud serpents (too darn expensive – 7k!!!  pfft)

I need money!



How the mighty have fallen!!

mighty have fallenNibbleh went down last night!!

I actually started off last night collecting more pets for Eastern Kingdoms, I have 3 left to collect – 1 requires me to be up on an early morning to catch it, so I will try and do that Saturday morning and I figured since I couldn’t complete the achievement anyway, I may as well go and work on Nibbleh because I knew it would take me a little bit.

It really only took me about 9 attempts – possibly 10?  The first couple were woefully bad. The next couple were pretty good – approx 50%, then the last couple were better again at almost 20%.  I was just popping as much as I could to start to get him as low as possible and I had some lovely luck with the acid spits being way away from him.

My opener, was Timewarp, then pyro to start, then before he got to me, I had POM/pyro‘d again, hit up Living Bomb, then Inferno Blast which popped pyro again – all of that in a few seconds meant by the time I had actually started walking backwards he had a fair chunk of health down anyway, then just scorched and Inferno Blast for pyro until he died.  I found my Ice Barrier the best shield to use and I have mana shield as back up.

Doctor Fist was next, I mucked up the first time as I was well out of the hammer AOE, but as it was right next to the barrier and there was not very much of a gap I think it got me anyway. So I did him again without too much issue.  I read up on the last fight and decided it was late enough for me to head to bed, so I will give him a go tonight when I get home.

I am excited, one more boss and I will have done Rank 10, got my mount and have one less thing to worry about before WoD! I might try and do the other extra ones, but in truth I really just wanted Rank 10!





Twilight Highlands vs Deepholm

I am clearly an idiot.  It is written all over my face.  As part of my bucket list I am trying to get some of the rest of my pet collection done, so I have been diligently flying around Eastern Kingdoms trying to get it done.  It has been enjoyable just sitting on the couch watching TV and pet battling, until you realise you have been flying around the wrong area.

The last 2 days I have needed to complete Twilight Highlands – which looks like this in some parts:


I spent all of last night flying around Deepholm thinking it was the last section I had to get done, which looks a lot darker and – SERIOUSLY!!!  IT IS UNDERGROUND!!!!!


I mean really!?  I was chasing the last pet I needed…a Stowaway Rat…thinking how awesome I was going to get my Eastern Kingdom Safari achievement and do you know what I got instead?

Ultimate Trainer

I looked at my screen for a full 5 minutes before I realised my tracker said “Twilight highlands” as incomplete.


Honestly, I was so confused.  Clearly I finally clicked and my brain registered that I was in Deepholm, I felt so stupid!  On the plus side, I don’t have to do deepholm now :p  I headed over to Twilight Highlands and I kid you not, I had the best luck ever!  I got rares on the Twilight Fiendling, Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling and Yellow-Bellied Marmot.  I am not aiming for any particular rarity – I figure at the moment, I will just get the achievements done, then I can go back and hunt if I feel like it (or just do the dailies for the stones to upgrade). After catching a mob in the highlands I got this achievement and that made me so happy!

Eastern Kingdoms Tamer

In the end, I gave up on the last two I have to catch from the area, I couldn’t find them anywhere and I was getting a little over it – a Highlands Mouse and the Highlands Turkey.   My battle team is a pretty crappy one, but I wanted to get some other types levelled to get the achievement for having one of each type at level 25.  I will head back in tonight and see how I go.

Current Team

I spent a lot of time with dead pets because they just suck in conjunction with the others I was using, however my moth is now almost 25 and I have a couple of others almost 24, so I am slowly getting there and I may just move some around again as it was a very close call on any battles that had multiple greens (or a blue). I originally started with my fawn, when I was in the lower level areas, as the healing was very cool, but then I jumped from needing a level 6 zone to needing a level 23 zone – I had to switch out for my lowbie pets.

Well onward tonight chariot!!! These are the animals I am currently missing – The Snowshoe Hare will likely kill me and the Irradiated Roach – both of them – I have been unable to find (I spent an hour on each a few nights ago).  I even created a gnome to get the Roach with no luck what so ever!  Wish me luck on the rest!

Eastern Safari

Bruised and battered from all the brawling

Brawling is one of those of things that keeps me on the edge of absolute hair pulling anger and calm patience.  It is a funny dance!

I headed back in to see how much further I could get and my experience was frustrating to say the least.  I was stuck on Anthracite for a long time, wondering what the heck was killing me.  I didn’t read the information properly and it was the ticking dot.  I eventually got the rhythm of burning him down, getting my pet to kill the adds and grabbing the water before he reactivated.  Oh how easy that sounds now.  But it was a pain in the butt!

rank 9 brawler

Big Badda Boom was my next hate fest.  I tried so many different tactics, if it wasn’t the bombs that killed me it was the berserk.  I could not find the happy medium at all. I changed talents and glyphs multiple times, I tried my rune of power (which heals me), I tried invocation, evocation, manage gems, cold snap etc etc etc I tried everything.  I am still not even sure how I did manage to pass that one.  In the end I just used all the AOE I could that was a slow burn or at lease no cool down like Blizzard, trap them, evocate for my health about 3 times, then burn them down again, rinse repeat.  I survived by a whisker!

I actually stopped doing him. I walked away. Then I checked my mail and as I was standing beside the auction house I had a lightbulb moment about evocating to get my health back.  So I went back in and gave it a couple of attempts…I am glad I did because it was my second attempt with evocation that got me the kill. Sometimes you just need to walk away.

Then. Nibbleh.  I had been warned.  He may be the end of me. I spent a few attempts on him, trying various things other people had suggested and essentially it looks like frost mages are not made to do this fight.  I may need to switch to fire just to get this boss down. You can cast scorch whilst moving and providing you can get a good combo off you have a fairly good chance of getting him down.  I haven’t been fire since…well…BC maybe??  Ouch that was a long time ago. I liked fire as a spec…it was fun. But for one fight?  I don’t want to have to reforge/gem, so I might change my second spec tonight and see how I go with just the gear I have on.  I spent more time reading about it than actually doing it.



So I only have a couple more bosses to go- if I can get past this junky tonight I will be ecstatic!! ECSTATIC!!!

I had not ever done much with changing specs/talents when needed for situations, I get caught up in the mindset of it being easier to just stay the same. Clearly that is not the case as some things are meant to be fluid.  That’s why they brought in the first place.  Onward to rank 10!!


Release Date and OMFGWTFBBQ cinematic

Because we are all addicts I am going to assume you have all watched the cinematic – specifically…ALL OF IT!!!  and the last few seconds even more specifically!!  If not  – here it is!!

I cannot adequately describe how much excitement is coursing through my veins! I have watched this cinematic on every single break I have had today at work and each time, my heart has raced and I have gotten so excited!


I have already put my leave request in and had it approved so if they change the date I am screwed!!  I like having the time to sink my teeth into the content and play with no time limits. I like being able to go until the wee hours of the morning without worrying about work.  I enjoy getting to 100 and watching everyone else do the quests and DING – I help out where I can, run dungeons etc and generally just get straight into it! This year I want to get my mage done ASAP and then start on my druid straight after that, depending on how hard the actual questing is I may try for a third – however my plan is to just have 2 toons – and a druid is like having 4 really :p.  I always take leave for the expansions, and I generally go to the midnight launches – but not this year – I didn’t buy a collectors edition (although I was tempted) I couldn’t be bothered driving the 3 hours to and from a store when the digital version is so much easier!

This date now gives me a timeline I have to work with – which means I have to get my CM’s done and finish brawlers guild before then – BARE minimum!

I have PAXAus on the last weekend in Oct, then Blizzcon and then WoD!  What a perfect 3 weeks – which I have off – from the 31/10/14 until the 21/11/2014! I intend on spending a buttload of time in game prior to it – emptying my bags and getting my stuff sorted.  I now really have to focus on getting more money and my toons bags emptied (BRING ON THE TOYBOX!)


Just breathe!!!!

The excitement!!


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