Winning Week 6!

This was a week of winning!! I am sorry for this announcement coming late this week, but my weekend was hijacked by an appearance on a podcast – not that I have mentioned that AT ALL!!! in the last few days.

My apologies profusely because I am sure you are dying and hanging out to find out who won this week? Well wait just a little longer because I have some sad news to depart first.

One of our contestants has advised they are unlikely to proceed due to all the time needed to become the weekly glamour puss, and I can totally understand that – family and RL comes before any hair gel and colour co-ordination in game. They are more than welcome to continue throwing entries in if they wish and in fact I would love to see more of them, however you now have one less person vying for the awesome prizes on offer!! I am deliberately keeping that anonymous so the judges can’t be biased about the rest of you incase they figure out who is who in this transmog zoo! I am mainly telling you all this so you don’t think I have accidentally forgotten to add an outfit for the remaining weeks :p I know you are all very perceptive you see!

So onwards we go!! This week blew the judges out of the water and although I am yet to see a full score awarded,  this was the highest scoring outfit we have had so far. I struggled to pick a favourite this week, however the judges all agreed on this one!

Here is as usual my super sophisticated video for your enjoyment, incidentally the song in this video was the winning Eurovision entry for 2013!! If you are obsessed with Eurovision like me, that will have given you a clue as to who won!


Congratulations are in order for Syrco for taking out the first spot again this week!
She is incidentally our first double winner!
o.O Pretty heady stuff!!

Syrco and the bobbly sword!

And here was your competition guys Рwhat do you think?  Everything is awesome right??


  1. Linzie

    This is too tough…I don’t know how the judges are doing it!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Neither do I, but honestly, I always mentally gives marks for what i think, I can tell you – mine never match the judges…or even the average :p

  2. Syrco

    Wooohoo! :D Thanks! Glad you liked it cause this was my favorite outfit of those I’ve made so far. Think I have to get it for my warrior and paladin :P

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Glad you liked it, I am quite partial to that sword with the bobbles….quite cute really :p

  3. Navimie

    Grats Syrco!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I like the sword with the little bobbles ;) it is cute!

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