Twilight Highlands vs Deepholm

I am clearly an idiot.  It is written all over my face.  As part of my bucket list I am trying to get some of the rest of my pet collection done, so I have been diligently flying around Eastern Kingdoms trying to get it done.  It has been enjoyable just sitting on the couch watching TV and pet battling, until you realise you have been flying around the wrong area.

The last 2 days I have needed to complete Twilight Highlands – which looks like this in some parts:


I spent all of last night flying around Deepholm thinking it was the last section I had to get done, which looks a lot darker and – SERIOUSLY!!!  IT IS UNDERGROUND!!!!!


I mean really!?  I was chasing the last pet I needed…a Stowaway Rat…thinking how awesome I was going to get my Eastern Kingdom Safari achievement and do you know what I got instead?

Ultimate Trainer

I looked at my screen for a full 5 minutes before I realised my tracker said “Twilight highlands” as incomplete.


Honestly, I was so confused.  Clearly I finally clicked and my brain registered that I was in Deepholm, I felt so stupid!  On the plus side, I don’t have to do deepholm now :p  I headed over to Twilight Highlands and I kid you not, I had the best luck ever!  I got rares on the Twilight Fiendling, Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling and Yellow-Bellied Marmot.  I am not aiming for any particular rarity – I figure at the moment, I will just get the achievements done, then I can go back and hunt if I feel like it (or just do the dailies for the stones to upgrade). After catching a mob in the highlands I got this achievement and that made me so happy!

Eastern Kingdoms Tamer

In the end, I gave up on the last two I have to catch from the area, I couldn’t find them anywhere and I was getting a little over it – a Highlands Mouse and the Highlands Turkey.   My battle team is a pretty crappy one, but I wanted to get some other types levelled to get the achievement for having one of each type at level 25.  I will head back in tonight and see how I go.

Current Team

I spent a lot of time with dead pets because they just suck in conjunction with the others I was using, however my moth is now almost 25 and I have a couple of others almost 24, so I am slowly getting there and I may just move some around again as it was a very close call on any battles that had multiple greens (or a blue). I originally started with my fawn, when I was in the lower level areas, as the healing was very cool, but then I jumped from needing a level 6 zone to needing a level 23 zone – I had to switch out for my lowbie pets.

Well onward tonight chariot!!! These are the animals I am currently missing – The Snowshoe Hare will likely kill me and the Irradiated Roach – both of them – I have been unable to find (I spent an hour on each a few nights ago).  I even created a gnome to get the Roach with no luck what so ever!  Wish me luck on the rest!

Eastern Safari


  1. McTacky

    Good luck!

  2. siandart

    I can’t believe how close you are! After you struggled for a while with getting any pets levelled, you’ve outstripped me. Now do I sign up for WoW again so I can just pet battle? lol.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      No, I have collected heaps, I still only have 4 at max level :/ I can’t seem to actually level any, having said that – I have to start collecting pets in Pandaria now, so I think it might be easier to level them since they start higher and I will need to use them to capture the others I need. I hope. Maybe.


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