Transmogolympics – Hammer Throw!!

JD has done the most awesome commentary on the Hammer throws!!

I have been laughing like a maniac since I started reading…

Here is the post he has up :)  

The winner – Undercity!

Gold Medal Winner!!

From the looks of it, I appear to have a silver medal in the Hammer Throw :)  SQUEEEEE!!  Check out my transmog page for my outfit!  I think I have checked the post over 5 times to make sure I am reading it right, that I won a medal, I am so happy :) I was hoping to win just one, I can die now :)


  1. prettyflydraenei

    Grats on your medal! :)

    1. dragonray

      Thank you, it is a tough comp, I am just happy to have gotten a medal at all :)

  2. red cow

    Grats on your medal! That’s fantastic :)

    1. dragonray

      Thanks :) I was pretty excited to have one outfit that was selected. Tough comp if you ask me!


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