Transmogging my own

So, I got sick and tired of never having enough space in my mages bags, since I came back in December, I have been running with under 10 bags slots free due to  my bank, void storage and bags all carrying transmog gear. Yup. All full…well not just transmog gear, tabards take up a huge percentage of space as well, but I can’t bear to part with them.

Either way, I decided to ditch some of the Tier gear that is relatively easy to come buy in game and this opened up some space – I now have like 20 slots free in my void storage, which I can start shuffling gear into!!  WOOT!

Of course during this winter clean, I decided I should probably actually create an outfit for my took me a while to come up with something I liked.  But thanks to Luxy the weapon I needed was pretty easy to come by (she was my own personal cheer squad – telling me I could get the weapon!)  after about 30 minutes of camping; the rare appeared, died and dropped the Pathwalker Greatstaff I wanted.

So here is my mage, all sexy and spruced, what do you think?  The only piece I am still needing is the gloves – which are currently being made by a guildie – they require dreamcloth…Don Tayo’s inferno mittens – yuck!  So the gloves will change eventually..but it doesn’t really change the look much at all anyway.






  1. Cymre

    The set looks great. I’ve always loved that style of dress. I wore it for the longest time, towards the start of the expansion.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I will be honest, I have never been a fan of the style- however I like the chest/necklace area – and since i had that one already in my bank, I did manage to throw something together that I actually ended up liking.

      I really like some of the stuff from Cata…but have found it really hard to make an outfit out of. I was going to ask you though – since you are the Queen, things like the elegant dress etc – they can actually be mogged right?

  2. Cymre

    Hehe, thx. You mean the elegant dress from Noblegarden? Not so much since it doesn’t have stats.


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