Transmog for Shay competition

Recently I posted about the Warchief’s competition for an outfit (here).

This was the entry I sent through and although I am not entirely happy with the colour of the headpiece (I would have preferred a more pink/magenta one) they do not exist in game.

I have emailed my entry and Garrosh has confirmed we can post them publicly on our blogs, so here is mine :)


My whole career has been as a mage, I don’t know anything else, from my humble beginnings in Goldshire to my adventures in Pandaria.  My thinking with this outfit is that mages don’t need weapons – our hands are our weapons and I feel anything else detracts from that, especially as a baby mage I don’t want anything that will stunt me learning the most basic skills of shooting fireballs from my hands, or icicles from my finger tips.

As a mage, I also have to have some level of class, we are after all, noble and skilled with arcane magics, we don’t want to be slumming it in horrible browns and greys and itching linen.  I always wanted beautiful outfits so people would take me seriously as I was learning my craft. This is simple yet distinguished.

I can’t wait to see other entries to see how other people see baby mages :p  What do you think??? Too fancy to draw?


  1. Jstmel/Thela

    Looks lovely!

    I really wish Blizz would go back to the whole “less is more” mindset that they had back in the day. A vast majority of transmog outfits I see are made mostly of Vanilla and TBC stuff…because, even though there were some eye burning colors, the designs were simple and easy on the eyes. Now-a-days they just try to cram too many details on too little space.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I like some of the really fancy stuff they have done, but i think some of the colours don’t match very well, different shades etc, which annoys me more than anything. Perfect example, there are so many different headpieces that are purple/white but none that sit behind (like the one i chose) that are pink…any shade of pink!??!? They need a transmog expert in the team to look over things like this!! heehhe

      I am glad you like it though, let’s hope Shay (and by extension Garrosh of course) likes it :p

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  3. khizzara

    Where is that white fan from?! I have to have one of those!

    This outfit looks great — good luck with the people’s choice poll! :D

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      That one specifically is from Inscription….Inscribed fan. There are a few of them in game that have a different colour. I have to thank someone (keeping anon deliberately) in the Mog comp for it though as they used a different coloured one in an outfit and I fell in love with it. I now want to incorporate it as much as I can…obsession!! heheh

      Thanks for the luck – there was some brilliant outfits there!


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