There’s a bear in there!

Today – there is nothing I can say.  NOTHING!

I was inspired to run it on most of my toons until I finally won the roll :) Thank the Blizzard gods for account mounts is all I can say.

I tried to get the original one I don’t know how many times, I am still annoyed I never got it – so this has made me somewhat happy.  I could not stop grinning like a madman!  Thanks for those involved and thanks for getting me inspired before dinner to continue doing it until I had it!

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  2. ReplyNinevi

    Yay, congrats!! :D

  3. ReplyJD Kenada

    Congrats Dragonray!

  4. ReplyNavimie

    Grats Dragonray!

  5. ReplyPando

    Woot, Gratz!

  6. Replydragonray

    Thanks everyone for all the grats! I hate ZA, but I ran it on 5 toons after dinner just to get it, so I am happy happy!

  7. ReplyCymre

    Grats on the mount :)

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