So close but so far away

I was having a chat with hubby last night, it seems we are not likely going to get a 25 man ICC off the ground before MoP hits, and I am sad.  I only need a few achievements in there, not even heroics.  So I am going to have to spend today as much as possible trolling trade chat and hoping a group forms up.  I could always start one myself, but I am not that great with a complete group of random strangers…one or two is fine….I am happy with my 10 man version – I am, but the 25 man is closer to the one in the video and what captured my heart all those years ago.

I am going to have to see what I can organise as I only have a little bit of time left.  I also want to find a consistent 5 man group to help get the achievements for the heroics, because I have not done any of them at all.  It would be nice to run a couple of heroics each night and get a couple done for that mount, but you need a solid group who can do it together at the same pace to make it easier for others…or..let me rephrase – screw everyone else I need 4 people consistently who can drag me through :p LOL

Then of course there is ULD 10 – I want that mount as well, I never seem to see a 10 man group running always 25 man.  IN theory I could get both of the ULD and ICC ones done in one day – but the heroic dungeon one will take me longer…do I have enough time and luck on my side? I wonder how many poeple I need to get the Uld ones done – I mean worst case scenario…I think for razor you would need more for the DPS..I have to check which ones I actually need with that meta :)

I have to do the grocery shopping now, and then some laundry when I get home, then cooking of the week’s lunches, so after all that…I may be able to get something done :) heheeh  Sure Sure :)

**Edited to add**

I am not saying I would not love the others done as well, but I came back midway through Cataclysm and I feel slightly undeserving of anything in here, especially since I ran with a guild that couldn’t do the content..I don’t want to be stuck like that again, I want to see it all and do it all in moP.  I want to get the achievements and the mounts and I know once again that won’t happen because we have people now who don’t want to rehash content the second it is no longer valid.  This breaks my heart that I am always always putting up my boots for other people.  I never get to do what I want to do – which is farm old shit until all my achievements are done and collect everything I can and be doing it with people who also want to do it, so I don’t feel like I am dragging them kicking and screaming with me.  OH WOE!!


  1. Cymre

    I know how you feel. I’m in the same boat as there are a ton that I would love to get as well. There’s a 25 ICC set for this w/e though

    1. dragonray

      I could have done ICC but I went to DS instead :) LOL We should organise one then if you need it to!

  2. Pando

    I’m, right there with you. I am only missing a couple of achieves for 25 man ICC and 25 man uld as well, but know I’m not going to get neither before MOP comes out :(

    I would love to obtain the mounts from both of those raids but just dont see that happening
    I hope you do manage to get a group together though so you get them :)

    1. dragonray

      You could get them done easily!! They only take a couple of hours :) I know on our server there are Uld25 man runs almost nightly doing the mount achievements. ICC not so common that I have noticed :(

      We can both get them done by next week!! LOL

  3. Navimie

    I can help you with a few… dungeon ones are the easiest to organise! Raid ones… well, they’re tough, especially 25 mans.

    1. dragonray

      Yeah the dungeons I should start getting done. I might start after Thursday or so, getting runs is going to be impossible with the scenario out tonight/tomorrow. I can’t wait to get into that though and have a look at that!! All my toons!!


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