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Shared Topic this week is brought to you by Amerence (we seem to be taking it in turns!! – bring some more ideas people!!!)

I know we heard the word “Throwback” many times around the net, but as part of World of warcraft expansions. I want to know what is the best expansion in game that really highlights a lot of your accomplishments in game especially that the new upcoming expansion is coming its nice to look back it could be the one when you started playing with your main character, getting a cool mount, being in a great guild, or your very first screenshot in game if you still have it or being in PvP battlegrounds or Arenas, even your raiding experiences back in BC or PRE-BC, Cataclysm, etc. You can be creative how you want to do this it could be storyline, poem, screenshots up to you it is pretty much a throwback experiences you can share to everyone.

I have been thinking about this topic since she posted it and I honestly am really struggling to pick one.

So let’s work through this logically:

BC – was awesome, it took my favourite game and made it even better, gave us more content and the storylines were fantastic.  Started our first guild – worked on current content and almost did final bosses for most raids. Karazhan – best raid ever :)

Wrath of the Lich King – Arthas (nothing more needs to be said). Arthas. Frostbrood dragons. ICC. Raiding with Inexorable.

Cataclysm – Deathwing. Firelands – legendary caster weapon which I have never made.  More dragons with the aspects and dragon fights. Ultraxion.

Pandaria – pandas!!!  haven’t really done much in pandaland so hard to call.

I think realistically, I have to say BC.  BC was the start of me getting my feet in WoW, starting a guild and raiding Kara, SSC, TK etc with them.  Finding a home and developing – shame most of them were crackpots :p

BC was fun times and good memories. It was new and shiny after having been in vanilla for so long. It was fresh, exciting.  It was also the expansion that provided me with many many friends -which I still speak to do.  It also inspired me to start blogging more specifically about WoW because of the running of a guild was so mentally and emotionally demanding – I needed an outlet.  BC also taught me about betrayal and how childish adults can be, it taught me that this game is home to so many people that get offended by so many things and you have to be prepared that every day someone will have a bone to pick with someone else.  It taught me that some children can be more mature than some adults and can be an asset to a guild of “only adults” because they take this game even more seriously.

BC was when I felt we were only slightly behind the 8-ball and we were doing current content and feeling the rush of boss kills the most. I felt it more deeply because it was our guild and I wanted it to succeed – and every boss kill we made was proof we had it in us.  That I had succeeded as a GL with 2 best friends pushing people onto new bosses.  It was 25 man content – not as epic as 40 – I admit, but it was cool, and awesome, and I loved every second of it – especially after we killed a new boss.  It made it all worthwhile.

Yeah – Definitely going with BC :)

Here are some piccies of our boss kills which I could find from Kara and SSC :) (Thank god for cached pages is all I can say!!) My hubby did all the artwork for the boss kill shots – they were awesome!


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  1. Zeirah

    I would love to have been around to raid in when BC was current content. Of all the expansion levels that you go through when levelling, BC content is far and away my favourite. Outland has beautiful zones and Kara will always be my favourite raid; I love castles and Kara is the quintessential haunted castle. It would have been amazing to do it at the right level.
    Love the kill picture of the opera boss :)

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah I liked all the raids in BC, but I do wonder if that was because it was our guild doing it…had i been in a random guild would I remember it as vividly? I don’t know.

      I agree with the haunted castle though, it was so much fun as well, the theme and the fights were fun, the bosses and mobs were doing funny things.

  2. Amerpriest

    Yay! Now it’s my time to share my thoughts on this week shared topic. Nicely done hon. Love the screen shots too I’m about to dig on some of my old screen shots that we did with guild. So far my thoughts are about same as yours I love burning crusade it’s the expansion where I really grew up and Learn how to play World of warcraft. Thanks for sharing yours hon. :)

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Always a pleasure!! Nice to know I am not alone with the BC love and the feeling of growing up with it ;)


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