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Amer brings us this topic this week, and works quite well off the back of the previous topic about boss kills:

Likely, its a simple topic that everyone can join. What really was your favorite raid or dungeon so far since classic to end game? explain why? screenshots share too maybe? What your thoughts about it. Thanks

I have always been a pretty happy blizzard player, I adore the game they provide and although there have been some instances I have disliked I am going to focus on the ones I really liked!

Molten Core was my first and favourite (which I have mentioned many times) and I will never forget the epicness of the creatures and bosses in my first raid. The dogs scared me – they really scared me!

Onyxia is my next favourite raid. Original Onyxia. Whelps, dots and deep breaths – she is what got me addicted to the dragons in WoW! I don’t like the remake ;(

Karazhan was also fun and interesting which puts it up on my list, Dragon soul was another very enjoyable raid in my honest opinion.

As for dungeons…Blackfathom Depths, UBRS, Blood Furnace, The Underbog, Temple of the Jade Serpent are my favourites just to name a couple. What concerns me of that list is that I cannot think of any Wrath dungeons. They had dungeons didn’t they? What were they? Clearly not any I enjoyed….lol.

After looking through this handy list there are sooo many dungeons I had forgotten about.  So after a quick review of those dungeons, I can also add Zulfurrak and Sunken Temple to that list.  ST was always a case of getting lost for a few hours before finally getting it done :)  It took me years to be able to navigate that place properly :p  Also found the Wrath dungeons!!!  I liked Violet hold and The Oculus (even if people always got lost on that first flight) and even the nexus – had a lot to it, but seemed to be able to get completed really fast.

How could I forget Maraudon as well.  From my shady recollection, I believe Mara was one of the first dungeons I actually run and Princess was one of the first bosses I killed during my levelling process.  I know I had run Deadmines with one of my guilds level 60’s and BFD with another one, but I remember Mara more vividly and Princess.  She was awesome – and deadly!








  1. McTacky

    I’ve always loved the original Shadowfang Keep, but not the remake.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah some of the remakes are good, and nothing wrong with them per se, but the originals have more memories attached to them that I like :) I am a sentimental fool :p

  2. AmerPriest

    Gosh, Im really getting disappointed that its between you and me who are posting topics, and answering them.. I havent posted mine just yet. probably tonight. just frustrated. I dont know what to make it better? maybe suggestions topic for bloggers out there? I dont know anymore. sigh!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      YEah I know…I feel the same way :/


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