Shammy is 80 :)

Pretty excited about both my toons at the moment, my shammy cracked 80 today!!!

I am so excited to be actually seeing her levelled as I knew she was feeling very neglected sitting at the Bornean tundra doing nothing.

Hubby and I will hopefully have those guys finished in a fortnight. He has been enjoying levelling his pally so it has been enjoyable for both of us.

My priest also hit 60 the other day, which was exciting. For some reason I always feel that 60 is the halfway point in levelling, I get excited when I hit that hurdle :)

I am playing her at work for the most part as I have nothing else to do, I spend most of my Monday doing all the work I need to do and then just cruise for the rest of it.

I am pretty excited by the progress I am making on my toons!


  1. Fleetfoot

    Gratz! It always feels good to hit the current content with alt.

    Er…I know it’s a shameless plug, but I thought you may be (a tiny bit) interested to learn that mah blog is back up and running again. Let the ranting begin! ;D

    1. dragonray

      <3 Shameless plugs!!!

      Glad to see you back!


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