Raiding…can it really be you?

So, after much turmoil, discussion and weighing of our options, hubby and I have decided to just stay where we are. Blizzard really need to come up with a bulk transfer option for moving toons.  Neither of us could justify spending the money to move all our toons back to horde (given we just switched alliance) and to another server to start life up again.

I feel bad for Frosties as I had planned to be with them, but I just can’t justify it in my mind.  I can’t even really commit to a raid team due to my work roster and I would hate to jeopardize a raid team or not even raid very often because of my shifts after spending so much money on moving.

This fortnight is ok, I am on earlies, but the next couple of weeks are late and that means I may not be home in time to start raids.  It will be like this until I change jobs.

Anyway we decided to stay on Nagrand and just raid with some blogging friends of mine.  They are nice and funny and so far in the two raids we have been in, we have had a lot of laughs and boss kills.

We did normal 10 man – killed a few bosses, both hubby and I got some upgrades – Sha of Pride first, I died on the trash :p, Galakras was defeated Iron Juggernaut caused us a couple of wipes due to positioning and really..OWWIES!!!, Dark Shaman was another couple of wipes – positioning and again OWWIES! also lag for our healers was not helping, but got there in the end – I love that fight!!  Love it!! So much crazy in one space! Also scored a groovy achievement on Nazgrim, I died a horrible burning death on that fight.

Defensive stance

We attempted Malkorok, but wiped a couple of times without killing him, I blame myself really, about half way through the raid I lost my focus due to some of the discussion happening and I couldn’t seem to get my focus back.  Really I forgot the problem with being in a guild is the triggery stuff that gets said.

The next night we went back in and did Siegecrafter (I died – as I always do on that fight), I just haven’t got my grove with that one yet, paragons and we then Garrosh – with a cool achievement :

Thrall Flexi

Garrosh, was technically easy, but the strat was different and I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to be in or out, but overall not really bad.  I died because we got told to wait during one of the intermissions but someone in my group went in and I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the purple stuff – I got stuck on the stairwell and had nowhere to go :(

It was so much fun to be raiding again, I still feel bad I am not with the Frosties, but my pally is still there and I do plan on playing her a lot, she is one of my favourite toons after all, but until it becomes cheaper to move multiple toons I can’t justify it.  You would think at this point when people have multiple alts – for leveling or banking – it gets very expensive.  :(  Happy and Sad panda!

We have raided a couple of times since this first attempt and honestly it just gets funnier each time.  I am still trying to settle in and feel really weird after playing the last 2 months alone, to be actually in a guild with people online and doing things.


  1. Amerpriest

    It is quiet hectic when it comes to raiding I give that up a year ago bec of work. Been to hardcore raiding guilds and top guilds pressure was there I admit. I know its fun but its no fun anymore if I choose to play more than spending time with friends and family i realized that if I ever had to come back playing again I will need to manage work schedule better and my play time. I can relate with you moving all toons to different servers did that and spent so much real money. Anyway at least you have your hubby with ya. :) Good luck with your ventures hon. :)

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Thanks Amer :) I think it is great you made the decision to pull back and make friends/family a priority. It is a very important idea to stick to.

  2. Amerpriest

    Oh and grata on the loots and kills that item looks great. ;) take care. :)

  3. Navimie

    Aww Mel, don’t feel bad! I would have loved for you to join us but I am happy with whatever you chose – after all, we will still see each other on btag!

    1. Navimie

      OMG oops! remove that comment if you want!

      1. Dragonray (Post author)

        Naw it’s all good, most people know my name anyway :)

    2. Dragonray (Post author)

      True enough, and I am slowly getting gear on my pally, was going to attempt going into LFR as DPS but actually being tank spec just so I can get gear…not sure how bad of a faux pas that would be though… :)

  4. Cymre

    Good to hear you’re having so much fun on the server and in your raids. I’m in the same boat. I have a lot of alts (at least 4 or5 I would want to transfer) but it’s an expensive exercise.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah I never used to…it was only ever my mage until wrath when I had to have an alt and it went nuts…they really do need an account wide thing where you can move 5 toons for 60 bucks or something….I would so be in for that.

  5. Syrco

    I used to have all my characters on Kazzak EU, but I moved my main to Tarren Mill to join a guild there, which later disbanded, so now I’m stuck there and I don’t have a lot of money to move it back.. And I’m not sure where I want to play, because I don’t have a guild to call home. Wish I played on US, all you guys seem so fun and friendly :D
    I think my boyfriend would like to raid again in WoD, but I’m not sure because we’ll be moving this spring and I’d like to focus on work, friends etc.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I always think the EU players seem fun compared to the US :) hehe Funny that! I feel awful for you, moving for a guild that disbands is horrible and especially if you have nothing much else on that server you can go to :(

      If you find the right guild, raiding shouldn’t become the focus of your life, i say that and always end up becoming obsessed :p Everything will change again in WoD due to the raid you never know what you will find on Kazzak.


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