Raiding and guilds

Since we last logged on and were advised raiding was being stopped until WoD, we have felt a little reticent about logging into game. Personally mine is guilt based; I could not reconcile the fact that we were gearing up with a guild who were being held back by lesser geared people.

Now don’t get me wrong gearing someone up is very easy, as I have said before I was impressed with my progress on boss kills, but I cannot help the RNG factor of gear.    According to my armory, I have only seen SoO in 10 man at a maximum of 3 times on some bosses. That’s a lot of learning one has to do when they haven’t previously done bosses during the start of the release.

Now given one night we got through 9 bosses – to me…that is huge.  Laugh all you like, but given my gear is still well below the others, I am surprised I was not more of a liability – imagine when my gear is comparable (given my current DPS is not completely horrific compared to the others) how much more I can actually help the raid team.

I could have possibly spent more time online collecting valor points to gather gear that had an increase of 2 ilevels but I just didn’t feel it was worth the time. By time, i mean, get piece of gear, redo entire gems and reforging to get another piece that night.  I burnt through over 6k in 2 weeks with gearing up, because I was constantly changing gems/reforging and doing enchants.  Under normal circumstances you gear up slowly over time and in comparable effort with everyone else in the team, you have to be pretty damn lucky to get all the gear and therefore you just wouldn’t be spending quite so much in such a short period of time.

Anyway, I got a message last night telling me to jump online because “where the bloody hell was I”? Well I logged on to discover all hell had broken loose. I mean it…all.hell.had.broken.loose.

All hell breaking loose!!

All hell breaking loose!!

I looked at our raiding roster and was devastated at the carnage – such is drama – we had quite a few people leave.  My immediate thoughts were it was all entirely my fault for not spending more time getting better gear and holding us back, my fault for not learning the fights better or being more confident on my mage to push out more DPS – irrational – yes (completely!!).  But the world does revolve around me and my insecurities :p  and antyhing that happenes behind the scenes in guild drama is completely irrelevant!!!  Forgetting my craziness for the moment, let us focus on what happens next.

It looks as though we have mostly a raid team to proceed with and they are hoping to get a run off the ground on Sunday night. I will be there because I want us to succeed and prove to all the deserters that I am not a liability and my being in the raid team will not prevent us moving into heroics. I think that is the stance each and every one of us who stayed behind should take.  We have the skills and know how to do it – so we will.

I spoke to one of the GM’s last night about what we needed for a raid team, I figure I could always switch if times got desperate, I would rather not switch from my mage given she is my best and only geared toon, but if the team needed it I would…consider it….maybe…HAHAHAH

Anyway, let’s see what happens this Sunday – fingers crossed we have enough and fingers crossed we can spank the crap out of SoO!  I have all my fingers and toes and bits and pieces all crossed.





  1. Cymre

    Guild drama is always hard. It’s also a shame when you have to play a toon that’s needed over a toon you love. Hope things are a lot better by the time WoD arrives.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I will never understand the point of guild drama..mostly people should be able to behave respectfully to people they are in a team with. Discuss issues and talk things out – just like friendships – if I had friends that only ever agreed with me and never had a different opinion I would be very depressed about it.

      Just going to see how we go, not stress or cause stress and hope we can kick some butt :)

  2. Navimie

    I’ve had to read your post twice to make sure I understood it correctly – your insecurities (totally unfounded btw!) were making me somehow think that you were the cause of the drama! At least now i see why you didn’t come over – your current guild is much better because you did get to raid normals!

    I think because you’re trying to shield us from the nastiness that I’m having difficulty figuring out what happened – mass exodus from the raiders is what I am assuming.

    It’s sad really – this scenario is very common in the last month! I hope that it goes ok, and you get Garrosh and show them how awesome you can be :D

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah Navimie, you know me…I think I am the cause of anything and everything negative that happens :) everything must be my fault!! I will try and reword my post so it makes more sense :)

      Mass exodus is right – lost a lot of people – I don’t know the behind the scenes – but I know there were issues with gearing us newbie raiders up. Such is the raiding cycle I know, it doesn’t make it easier though :)

    2. Dragonray (Post author)

      Let me know if it makes more sense now of if I can still unable to string a sentence together!! :p


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