Puny Mortal

Oh yes, I killed your Sha, I collected your masks, slayed your Mantid, threw your damn stones and farmed your striped Melons!!!….and then I finally – FINALLY got your damn bag!!

August celestials

Whether I pay 7k for a mount in the near future is yet to be seen!  But you my dear August Celestials can go and…well…just go somewhere away from me.

I despise you for providing such crappy amounts of rep and taking forever to get through…the bag is an upgrade of 2 slots…it isn’t worth the hassle you have caused!

On the upside I had made enough cloth for 2 bags, so one for me and one for hubby. I may be able to make another one tonight…we shall see!

I am so glad I have gotten to exalted.  Now I have Kirin Tor/Klaxxi as my main ones next.  Then it’s the horrible Timeless Isle and Operation Shieldwall – if I can bring myself to do them.

I will start doing the dailies on another toon now as hubby is still not exalted, but not on my mage, I am done.


  1. Umlaut Paradots

    Congratulations! I am such a cheater when it comes to rep, having waited it out using Hozen Peace Pipes. Their rep was one of the longest ones to get, but I wanted the bag recipe so badly.

    As for the other reputations, the Warbringers still spawn around Pandaria, and the rep tokens they drop are definitely worth it. I’m not positive on this, but I believe if you drop your guild banner when consuming them, you get an additional bonus to the reputation.

    Best of luck! :p

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I have travelled around trying to find the war bringers, but every time i see one they are already tagged :( I didn’t know about the banner though I might try that next time I get a scout. It is not cheating to use all functions available, you still managed to get it done :)

      Yeah the first time I saw the receipe I had to have it!!! but I am not sure it was worth it…I have only just made my third bag now..I still have a lot more I need to make :)

  2. Zwingli

    Don’t forget the farming dailies! You can harvest crops that give some extra points for the reputation!


    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah I was doing the celestials every single day – but i did forget to do a scenario and a heroic every day for the rep bonus, which I am a little miffed at – that is almost 1k worth by itself :/ I do like that the farm can be used for profession things as well like growing cloth or enchanting mats…that is a cool idea.


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