OLRG: Firelands

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be online at the right time to join in one of their runs.

OLRG is run by Matty and they do random raids and just go and have some fun.

I was pretty nervous about going as I only knew a couple of people in the raid and well..I am a little shy.  My only level 90 toon is currently my druid and so I advised Matty and she asked if i could tank.  EEP!  IN theory I could tank – but never having tank don my druid could be a little difficult. I had changed my druid to bear recently because after everyone left my previous guild I thought I amy need to help out, but had done nothing since then.

So, there I was about to tank Firelands on a toon with half tank and half boomy gear….and I was thinking I was going to completely fail and look like a twat! I didn’t fail horribly, however it turns out I can’t tank on my druid worth a damn :)  I couldn’t hold aggro or even get aggro and I had no idea what I was doing, I was button mashing like a crazy person but it was fun.

Here are the piccies of the boss kills :)  My Druid has now been to Firelands.  The only negative from today is that I really really really want to get in there on my mage and get my embers so I can get m legendary!!!



  1. Cymre

    Looks like you had fun. I was up to the delegation part of the chain when I stopped for Mists. Hope to finish it one day too.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Well we went in with 6 people and I barely tanked, so clearly it wouldn’t be hard now to complete if you had a group of like 5 people. Just have to find the group who is willing :) You should do it!!! We have plenty of time to kill now before WoD :)

  2. mataokashaman

    One thing you probably figured out about us OLRG – we never have performance expectations or anxiety. We are truly there for each other to have fun and see content. Now, having said that – if you need to bring your mage to get things from Firelands we are there for you too, all the way! Just say the word, and we’ve got your back! Loved having you there, so anytime!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Sadly all my toons are horde bar my druid at this stage, and doing runs like that are the only reason I am keeping one toon alliance side – in fact I am going to use my boost on an alliance toons so I can move my druid horde as I want her to be my main alt. (or I can boost a horde druid – either way) But it was so much fun to just run around with you guys – shame i missed last weeks – I would have loved doing MSV with you :)


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