How many fish?

So in the last couple of weeks since hubby has been sick with pneumonia, when I am needed to be near him for whatever reason I have been fishing on my laptop and hanging out with him watching TV.

I have fished up stacks of fish, I have lost count and have yet to fish up the turtle mount!

I think it is going to be my elusive mount! How many fish did you guys catch before scoring the big one?

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  1. ReplyNavimie

    Dragonray... do you REALLY want to know? 12293...

    • Replydragonray

      That makes me feel so much better!! :p Although I don't know what my cast number is, I started in Wrath and have been doing it ever since..but not religiously, sort of a weekly thing, spend about 10 hours fishing for it in total, then give up for the week :) They say patience is a virtue right? LOL

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