Heroic ICC 25 man

No, I did not get my mount, it was harder than anticipated :)

We headed in on Sunday evening and we killed everything in heroic mode, but missed the non heroic achievements – not all, but some.  I already had most of them done in heroic mode except for Professor Purtricide, but I had to switch to my pally to heal Dreamwalker, thankfully my mage already had her on heroic so no loss for me.

I think the only achievement I got was boatship.  But I need to confirm.

However Navimie needed two bosses done in heroic for the mount and we got that done for her :)  I was happy.  I had been trying to get her into a run for a few weeks.

Anyway, I am going to try and get another 25 man going this weekend if I can to finish it off for those who were there with us, we don’t need heroic though just normal 25 – spankalicious if you ask me.


  1. Navimie

    I’ll be there to help! If my bloody computer patches!

    1. dragonray

      o.O I was meant to start it up this morning when I woke, but I got sidetracked….must beg hubby to do it for me :)

      Will try and get another run organised ASAP, but need to coordinate with the Frosties who came last time. Maybe we could do Friday night or something?


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