Wrathion, flex and ninja pics :)

As I have mentioned perviously, I had been holding out on doing the last of the Wrathion quest chain involving killing Garrosh until I was able to do it with the guild next.  I could have done LFR, but since so much of the previous parts were done with so much guild help, I wanted the last part down with them.

love my guild

So Saturday night, I was not going to be available, but as the gods would have it, I was available by 9.10 and jumped on hoping to find a raid already running, but alas…there wasn’t…so I hung around a little longer and one of our tanks Owl, came online, both he and I had had a few drinks and were keen for a run, so were a few there people in the guild.  After a few minutes organising it we had quite a few people in the raid, then Navimie came online and we actually got a run off the ground.

My friends came with us again and I managed to get a couple of sneaky ninja piccies with them :)

Ninja shot with Drauka, I believe Nav was standing just behind me.

Ninja shot with Drauka, I believe Nav was standing just behind me.

And one with Khalesii, Drauka’s partner.

Khalesii ninja


We had a pretty good run, given it was  a mixed bunch of people, hardly any mains in the run, however I did have a giggle that Navimie decided to do the belts and died.  It isn’t all that easy the first couple of times you do it and I think that has given her an appreciation for it now.

I got my paragon achievement done, which is one less I have to worry about for later, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it because my game dc’d and I was not hopeful of getting back in before the bosses were dead.


Garrosh was a little harder, but we did manage to get him down, and I scored another heirloom!!  I really want an offhand now – I dislike staves on my mage – so my fingers are crossed I will find one after I do some research.

Offhand heirloom


So Wrathion was a little bit of a disappointment, he just sort of, got angry, then flew off.  After everything he put me (us) through, he just has a hissy fit and flies off.  Rude bugger!!  But at least I can say I finished it and now I can focus on my challenge modes and my firelands legendary.

Chapter Wrathion end



  1. Cymre

    Congrats on the kill, achievements and another heirloom.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Yeah I was pretty happy with the offhand to be honest, they are normally so hard to find…struggling to find one hander weapons though…I think I have picked up over 10 staves…

  2. Navimie

    LOL I am going to master that stupid belt! I NEED to understand it!

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      hehe it helps if you hit the spacebar – it jumps you forward…I didn’t know about it recently. but you can see why it is a struggle if you haven’t done it much before…


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