Second Sunday Raid

What can I say, we did a second sunday casual raid, it started a little wonky due to the confusion about the start time.  Last week it was added to the calender as an 8.30 start which was accidental and this week no one noticed it was actually a 7.30 start time.  I think Owl got a little upset with me about it, and I kept apologizing but I am not sure it helped, however a lot has changed in the 4 weeks since I asked about starting this raid so if he would prefer a different raid time I am sure that can happen. Maybe this will?

11662To be honest, I wasn’t exactly in the best frame of mind, I was a little grumpy and I think my casual raid team is not actually for the casuals anymore – and we have only had 1 run!! It feels more like it is a training ground for the heroic team which is not at all what I had originally suggested.  I also didn’t want it to be a fuss to run and organise, it was meant to be just for the people to get interested in raiding with the potential to maybe do combined raiding in WoD.  However Sunday night there were comments about it being a training ground for the heroic team and that we had to user master looter and blah blah blah.  Added to my already grumpy mindframe, I may have, sort of lost the plot a little.

Just a little.


And really it is mainly because I am just being selfish.  I have stopped being online around raid time because I figured they didn’t need anyone else in the heroic team and that they were focused on getting through it quickly and thus allowing more time for other bosses.  I certainly was not going to get into the team for the early bosses.

Apparently this isn’t the case, the main team have been taking people in for bosses here and there, so we had to switch a few people in and out due to saves of bosses from the main team. (My selfish internal dragon wanted to be raiding so I begged to set up a team so we could at least do some raiding on the side, so I got slightly jealous at people being pulled in with the main team – why wasn’t I asked??? of course the answer is because I suck at being a mage – let’s be honest would you want a sub par mage or someone who can do oodles of DPS/heals by just looking at their keyboards :p)

sad dragon

by Elena Sedov

It doesn’t really cause an issue (despite Navi’s recent worries), depending on who gets saved it can cause a slight switcharoo issue, eg our healers got a little messed up this week for a couple of bosses, but really it isn’t anything worth being stressed over because we more than enough people able to come instead.  Everyone has been fantastic about sitting out when needed – which is the single most important thing – we have to be able to switch people in and out without any issues exploding into Ironstars!!

Back to our actual raid though, I was in for Immersius and would you believe a warforged trinket dropped….Crooked rolled on it (as his main spec is DPS – he was healing to help) and then I had the next highest roll of the DPS.  DAMN CROOKED!!!  Stole my precious!! If I had just shut up about him actually being DPS, I would have had a warforged upgrade!!!

my previous

We managed to get all the way to Nazgrim after a delayed start, and it was just on 10.30 by finish, I think we started closer to 8pm so we went slightly faster this week (I think). We had a couple of wipes on bosses, but given we had a few less experienced raiders in this weeks group it was to be expected.  We picked up and kept moving quickly as well, we didn’t waste too much time between wipes and I think that makes a difference.

I got a few pieces of gear, that mostly no one else rolled (except one piece) and I have switched a few bits around based on the new bits, but really nothing all that major.  I discovered I was valor capped so went crazy and spent it on all my new gear!  A few other people got gear and we even got a couple of achievements; one from Dark Shamans:

Rescue raiders dark shamans

We also got the Gamon achievement on Nazgrim for those who didn’t have it.  I think that is a pretty good effort.  Shout out to Drauka who was forced to tank at Dark Shamans as Asuna had to suddenly skipout on us.  He did really well given he got thrown in at the last second and tanked both Shamans and Nazgrim. Thanks Asuna for tanking for us, and welcome to the guild :p (again?)

Massive big thanks to everyone who turned up again on Sunday, and once again massive apologies to those who thought it was starting at 8.30pm.  I really am sorry. Let’s see what happens next Sunday shall we?!!??




  1. Navimie

    Stresshead GM is worried because of multiple saves in heroic for people. Thinking perhaps you guys should continue from Nazgrim! Now that three of the guys who weren’t there last week on their alts to tank and heal for you will be there, it hopefully will be a good learning for you. Yes we have taken it over but it’s just for this week whilst we massacre and demoralise you all in heroic. Next week I am hoping to take you to Immerseus Heroic so watch the video so you can get a chance to roll on stuff and you know you SHOULD PRAY TO RNGesus so you can get heroic warforged like all those other lucky bastards.

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      I have other alts I can take in…horrifically geared of course, but I can always get dragged through :p hahahaha Hardly demoralising – if anything you are making the others want it more…LOL

  2. Crooked

    I’m sorry! I said you should have just taken it…
    But I can understand where you are coming from with this post… I mean, I only had to heal because a healer was saved to the main raid id. Healing is only a pain for me because I’m not committed to it – and committing to it sucks if you don’t have a raid spot and spend your time soloing. I offered to but wasn’t required, but then suddenly two new healers are getting heroic carries doesn’t make sense omg they think I’m shit I hate myself gquit. I’ll form my own raid team, with blackjack and hookers!

    But we know it’s never that simple, it’s impossible to properly prepare for availability changes or whatever raid size changes blizz throws at us and at the same time bring everyone, raid leading sucks more than missing out (I’ve been there) and in the end the next patch comes along and makes most of what you wanted irrelevant.

    The 2nd raid was a good idea for our circumstances, regardless of whether it turns out how you envisioned or not. All you can do is play the cards you are dealt and remind yourself not to stress too much if they aren’t good.

    And then when you least expect it you get pulled into a heroic boss and are unprepared for it :p

    1. Dragonray (Post author)

      Your last line summed it up :p heeheheh

      I won’t ever take loot over someone who wins it fair and square!! It is only pretend outrage, because providing someone uses it as an upgrade it makes the whole team stronger and that is all I care about. But you know I have crap dice, I am always one of the slowest geared people when faced with rolling for loot – has always been that way :) I have made my peace with it…but let’s face it…warforged trinket is awesome!!!!

      I like the sound of blackjack and hookers though, providing rum or vodka is included in the mix!! I think it is just hard sitting around doing nothing when i can see we had enough to basically create another team…we could be doing something useful for the non heroic people, but that changed pretty quickly to theft of the players…LOL

      Blizzard do need to stop changing raid sizes because it does just make it hard to build confidence in a team knowing next expac it will change (or could change).

      and OMFG you read my blog as well !!!!!


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